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    I am late to this thread but I really enjoyed this article. I am actually a C++ programmer who left C++ to code in straight C. I am not sure if this is typical these days, but it eventually happened. In the C++ world I worked (had to work?) with MFC. And the STL, which I still happen to like. Nowadays I believe in separating code and data as much as possible though. I have my structs in C. Yes, my apples are red, big, decaying, too. But they don't know by themself how to add themselves to the AppleManager, or have a reference to the NewtonPhysics singleton thingy to call its Impact(Apple*) method when it hits the ground :) Anyway I am not sure what I'm trying to say. The pragmatic programmer is a great book though, and it did change the ways of how I approach problems, regardless of language.
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