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    LookAt rotation matrix computation

    If you use the up vector from the last frame, you're quite unlikely to bump into the degenerate case. That is unless you can spin 90 degrees in a single frame, which I find unlikely in any game. And if it did happen, you could then use the forward vector from the prior frame to construct the matrix.
  2. Quote:Original post by Kylotan How to make money is a topic for other forums. However you will improve your chances simply by writing games and demos. Good demos + no degree beats good degree + no demos. Not necessarily. If you can prove you know your crap in an interview, you can get a job without a demo. When all else is equal, a good demo is definitely a significant bonus. But all else isn't always equal.
  3. Troll

    Intellectual Property...??

    Quote:Original post by Stev Studio Computer game genres cannot be patented... Though you'd probably be surprised at what can be: two-player split screen, changing cameras in a racing game, handicapping, ...
  4. Quote:Original post by snk_kid Also you should be aware of the fact that haskell is a purely functional language where as other functional languages like SML and lisp are impure functional language. A purely functional language is one where all expressions/functions are referentially transparent meaning no assignment, no inplace update, the result of a function is always the same with the same input, in other words no side-effects. So in a purely functional language, if I call the routine GetScore(), it should always return the same value throughout the lifespan of the game? What about GetPlayerPosition() and GetHealth()? So how can I write a game in a purely functional language?
  5. Troll

    Populous spherical world

    Are you sure the world was completely spherical? I only played the game a little bit. I don't remember ever seeing the world as a complete sphere. I remember them having a close-up that looked spherical. That could be done as a trick though. I suspect they actually had a 2D map the wrapped around on both axis, thus it would be the same topology as a torus. It would be really easy to draw a close-up that appeared spherical but wasn't.
  6. Quote:Original post by ApochPiQ This - combined with issues like copy protection and obfuscation as mentioned earlier - is what's keeping MDX from taking hold faster. It has basically nothing to do with the merits of MDX itself. This has very little to do with adoption in the world of AAA titles. Any cross-platform project has its decision made without even getting into any issue beyond the fact that .NET is not available on any console currently. In a world of economies of scale, any gain in efficiency on one project in .NET is more than countered by any loss due to a loss of an economy of scale. In addition, given the lofty quality requirements of the console manufacturers, there's no chance in hell any publisher is going to use a VM without a guaranteed real-time garbage collector; otherwise, the game has very little hope of getting approved as a the pause of the garbage collector will almost certainly result in failure on a QOI test.
  7. Troll

    3D Model Rotations

    I would use a 4x4 matrix or quaternion + point to store the orientation information. I would not use Euler angles as this is one of those situations where their use results in much more programming effort and many more bugs than other representations.
  8. Troll

    Understanding Matrix Views

    I don't agree so much with that advice. Almost all of what I learned in my linear algebra class would be of little use in understanding what the OP is confused with. Gaussian elimination is of little application in a scene graph. Knowing the mechanics of multiplying one matrix's ith row with the ith column of the other really provides me with no "feel" of what's going in the geometrical interpretation of matrices used in 3D games. Here are the two books I found with the best discussion of the geometric application of matrices: Mathematical Elements for Computer Graphics Jim Blinn's Corner Most of the Blinn's book isn't about matrices specifically, but I found his discussion of building the look-at matrix to be a very, very valuable discussion of matrices in 3D graphics.
  9. Troll

    expansion on an idea C++

    The setpos/setframe example above is long-winded and unhelpful. On the other hand, the stream system isn't long-winded for setting hardware-level render state options, e.g. enable zbuffer, select shaders, etc. And I have seen an API or two that modeled render state operations with operator overloading like streams, so it's not unheard of.
  10. Quote:Original post by Dave You will find the standard here, as a PDF i believe. Actually, you won't. The free PDFs there do not include the standard. They include drafts leading up to the standard but not the standard itself. Legally, those must be purchased from the appropriate standards bodies. When I purchased it a couple of years ago 14882:2003 was only $18 - very well worth the investment.
  11. Quote:Original post by Dave a = *o; If a is declared as an object of the same type as that pointed to by o then what is pointed at by o is shallow copied to a. Whether the copy is shallow or deep depends upon function that does the copying. From that single line of code you can't tell one way or the other. Since you don't even know the type of a, you can't even tell which kind of function is being called: assignment operator, conversion function, or conversion constructor. There's really very little you can say about this line of code without any context.
  12. Troll

    What is a real time program anyway?

    I believe most games fall into the category of soft real-time, especially on the consoles. If input has to be gathered, AI run, and the scene rendered in 1/30th of a second, how does that not classify as real-time?
  13. Troll

    New Genre of Game!

    Here's a 17 year-old commercial game from the people that brought you Ultima: Omega.
  14. Troll

    where can i get shaderX?

    Quote:Original post by JohnBolton Being unable to obtain it legally is not a very good justification for stealing it. Suppose it were available but you still couldn't obtain it because you couldn't afford it. Would that be a good justification for stealing it? You don't know that he is stealing it. The OP said he is in China. Chinese law might be different on this topic than American law. My 5 minute search turned up this quote from Chinese copyright law: Ch. 1, Sec. 4, Art. 22: In the following cases, a work may be exploited without permission from, and without payment of remuneration to, the copyright owner, provided that the name of the author and the title of the work shall be mentioned and the other rights enjoyed by the copyright owner by virtue of this Law shall not be prejudiced: (1) use of a published work for the purposes of the user's own private study, research or self-entertainment I'm no expert in Chinese law. There might be other parts of the law that supersede the quoted part. But you are quite premature in branding the OP a criminal.
  15. Troll

    JIT compiling for C++

    It would be easier to do without the virtual function calls and instead do something along the lines of the relocation table to patch up the pointers.
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