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    SDL and why I don't like it

    SDL is a great GFX API, I cant imagine life without it, and it hooks right into GL, doesn't get much better than that, I do admit that I dont like SDL_ttf, or SFont/BFont(do people still use those?), but everything else is great, never used SDL_gfx, or SDL_Input, and what is this about it being slow? I just could never learn directx because I couldn't stay awake past the PRESENTPARAMETERS. The DirectX API is HUGE and Windows Only, SDL is small and portable, it wins anyday.
  2. clockwise

    SDL under VC++ .NET 2003

    I have VC6 so I dont know if it applies but I have to use the old winmain declaration in my SDL apps. I do it like this: // Link SDL Libraries #pragma comment( lib, "SDL.lib" ) #pragma comment( lib, "SDLmain.lib" ) #include <windows.h> #include <SDL/SDL.h> int APIENTRY WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPSTR lpCmdLine, int nCmdShow) { return 0; } Works fine for me, you can link from project settings too instead of using pragmas.
  3. I dont think politions, or lawyers or whatever are so concerned with video games, it just seems like an easy way to be heard, get into the public and get parents on their side. Video games arent anymore controversial than movies they just sometimes wrongfully reach a wider, unintended, audience. People seem to make games out of a good scapegoat for explaining something somebody did that was stupid. With all the video games in the world you can have an excuse for every crime possible and people would probably buy it. I dont think it will ever stop, parents probably wont wise up and polititions will keep attacking companies and evildoers will keep using them to try and garner some sympath e.g "The Devil Made Me Do It!" I just hope developers dont become too frightened to create whatever. P.S. I haven't seen it, but this feature actually sounds pretty stupid
  4. clockwise

    Fading effects

    You could try alpha blending, if you draw a black surface over everything and then decrease the alpha value it would create a fade in effect and you could do the same in reverse, I've always wondered about how a proper fade in/out effect was done but that method has worked pretty well for me. What I cant do is fade-to-color [grin]. Hope that helps
  5. No prob, I think you can still get the same functionality by making a window for the menu and another for the keyboard to hook into, then detect your key presses in the keyboard hooked window and use ShowWindow(hYourMenuWindowHandle, SW_HIDE) to make the menu disappear, and do the same in the menu's window proc. Then when you press it again, just call ShowWindow(hYourMenuWindowHandle, SW_SHOW); SetForegroundWindow(hYourMenuWindowHandle); SetFocus(hYourMenuWindowHandle); I'm no Win32 Ace either, but hope that helps, good luck. [grin]
  6. putting both progs into one sounds best, is there some reason you wrote it differently? I've never used CBuilder, the problem might just lie within your code somewhere, but combining seems like the best solution and you can still have floating toolbars and menus.
  7. I'm a little sketchy on what it is you're trying to do but look up SetFocus and SetForegroundWindow in MSDN I think they might be what you need
  8. clockwise

    SDL Bitmap loading problems

    I'm sorry to OT but I was very curious as to why you do this: for(int i = 0; i < strlen(SDL_GetError()); i++) cout << (SDL_GetError()); Would you mind explaining? [grin]
  9. clockwise

    Darkbasic vs. Blitz Basic

    Well I liked BlitzBasic, way back when I was just starting out I tried both, I thought the DarkBasic interface was dark and kind of ugly. It was in fullscreen and the command set seemed kind of awkward, I didn't like the examples, and it seemed to have a focus on 3D and demonstrating what you COULD do with it. BlitzBasic on the other hand had a very simple interface, a big tutorial set to guide you from beginner to making your own games, and a ton of really cool examples and some nice soundfx/graphics you could use in your test projects. It was clean, everything felt great, the best thing back then was the trial had no time limit and you could use it as long as you wanted. You couldn't build executables with it though, but it was still better than now because you only get 30 runs or something like that. I had enough time to get used to it and learn to write games with it. In short I LOVED BlitzBasic, didn't like DarkBasic.
  10. clockwise

    Found: C# - Managed DirectX Tutorial

    OMG have any of you guys experimented with this SDL.NET I didn't know anybody had creating a binding for it in C# [grin]. I was thinking of doing this myself, I didn't know it had already been done. Clicky
  11. clockwise

    Why is it called nFunsterStil?

    Quote:Original post by Dave Hunt Well, I guess technically, minimized, maximized, normal, etc. would be considered styles. Maybe thats the misconception, because those are all identifiable as window states not styles.
  12. clockwise

    Who wants a tutorial to make a game

    No console tutorials [grin]
  13. clockwise

    tutorials for sdl Dunno how good they are. Howcome there are so few SDL tutorials?
  14. clockwise

    Do you have to sneeze if you're asleep?

    Quote:Original post by CJWR Quote:Original post by clockwise have any of you guys ever been in a sleep state where you are aware of your environment but the paralysis is still going on, or you know you're sleeping and cant wake up. This happens to me alot and I'd love to know why. Sometimes I can hear whats happening and see something I think is my room, but I cant get up. Other times I can think pretty clearly(no vision this time) but I cant move. that used to happen to me all the time. but it hasn't lately. Used to happen to me almost everytime I went to sleep, but not lately thank goodness.
  15. clockwise

    Happy Birthday Me!

    My birthday is on the 25th, but happy birthday you guys.
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