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  1. ricvalerio

    Login screen

    The login screen hasn't really seen any change since the start. Because I want soon to do some tests with volunteers, I thought it was a good time to get a basic login screen background going. Let me know your thoughts on the comments below. My video devlog: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyOt8sPTqNxRseUzpzUEQQg Cheers!
  2. ricvalerio

    Online RPG

    Follow me on the journey of creating an MMORPG. Along the way, I will share my experiences, implementation choices, techniques, decisions, tips and tricks, until the release.
  3. ricvalerio

    Human Male loading with armor

    On the previous post, I showed a screenshot of the human male model in the game, but without armor. But before diving into the update, you can also check my video devlog at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyOt8sPTqNxRseUzpzUEQQg Lately I have been working on loading them with armor. Whenever a player logs in nearby, or comes within range, or even getting close to an NPC, we need to generate the appropriate model. This means getting the right meshes in place, along with textures for the body and those armor pieces. For this, there are two passes. One pass for the body and one pass for the armor. While on the human model asset I got had some code to combine armor and textures and generate prefabs, it had no logic to generate models based on a specific configuration, that is, if I give a set of ids for the armor to create a model accordingly. So I created a generator for it, and so far it's looking OK. I am not yet satisfied, since it is creating them one by one and there is no cache, or pregenerated textures. On my next iteration on this, first thing I want to do is to have the possibility to have textures pre-generated on the standalone clients, so when we get close to an NPC it loads very fast and puts minimal weight on the client. Next is creating cache for players' textures too, and finally improve the generation speed. They wont necessarily be done one after the one, due to priorities. Up next, most likely I will make a script for a boss, to expand the engine capabilities and add do some early testing of more complex fights. This will also serve as a demo for the gameplay trailer, that I want to do soon. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.
  4. ricvalerio

    Human male model in the game

    Here's a very short update. The human models are in the game. Here is the male model, with no gear on and all the same predefined features, like skin color, face and hair. The server is sending the same definitions for every model as it is, and the next step is to allow to change these values in the NPC definition editor and eventually a character creation screen. On the next update I will show the female model in the game too. You can also follow the video devlog at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyOt8sPTqNxRseUzpzUEQQg See you next time!
  5. ricvalerio

    Animations and equipment

    It's been some time since the last update, and there are great news. For new people, this refers to devlog of my MMORPG, which you can see here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyOt8sPTqNxRseUzpzUEQQg I have been working on adding human male and female models, along with animations and equipping items. After I got the human models, I had to setup animations. An important aspect of animating the characters is blending different animations together. For example, attack with a sword while running, or casting a spell while jumping. So I implemented a way to seamlessly transition the animations, so if I am attacking and I start running, or stop running, it will respectively start the running animation on the legs, or return the full attack animation to the full body. It does has it's drawbacks, but it looks a bit better than the other options I explored. Then another major milestone that I have been moving towards is equipment. There are a few challenges to solve with equipment. To start, I need to be able to tell what a character looks like and what is it wearing when it loads on a client, so the client can reproduce it. Recreating a character requires to merge different textures and attach different meshes to character, so it's not a very lightweight event. Because of that, I am having NPCs textures "baked" for the clients, so in runtime it is cheaper to load a given NPCs texture and armor. For the players I can keep a cache perhaps, and that might help to reduce the amount of processing required to recreate a character, but I have yet to implement this. A few screenshots of the latest work:
  6. ricvalerio

    Capture the Flag tests

    Here's the CTF mechanic in the works. The logic behind will be redone, because I want to reuse what already exists and leverage other mechanisms in the engine. I will be talking about this in a video devlog, to explain how it will work, and show the final implementation. Let me know your thoughts. Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyOt8sPTqNxRseUzpzUEQQg Capturing_the_flag.mp4
  7. ricvalerio

    WIP on human characters

    Hi everyone! Here is a work in progress in loading human characters on the fly with the different armor sets and weapons. If you have not been following my devlog, here it is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyOt8sPTqNxRseUzpzUEQQg What you see in the screenshots is the engine generating random human characters with different armor sets on the fly. This is important, as opposed to prefabs, because each player can have it's own customised and equipped character, so it needs to have a mechanism to load these characters as they appear. The human will be available soon, and it will come rich with armor, which the premade Dwarf just does not have. The human will be the first model to be functional (that is, equipping gear, character creation and customisation, etc). Enjoy and let me know your thoughts. Cheers and have a nice weekend!
  8. ricvalerio

    MMORPG devlog - AddOns part 2

    Yesterday I published the second part of the AddOn integration with Lua scripting. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.
  9. ricvalerio

    Buffs + AOE spells preview - MMORPG devlog

    The next video of the devlog is taking some time to come out, so here's a preview of what I have been working on. On this video, you can see the buffs addon working, and on the second half there is a bit of a preview of AOE spells, with I have been working on. You can see the video below, and if you want to see more, check out my youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyOt8sPTqNxRseUzpzUEQQg Preview Buffs + AOE.mp4
  10. ricvalerio

    How I am making an MMORPG

    Hi fellow devs. I am doing a video devlog of my journey doing an MMORPG, and along the way, I am sharing my progress, tips, tricks and techniques. I will also be posting tutorials on some aspects of the development, like from example client-server networking, leveraging scripting, creating tools, and a lot more. If you like these topics, make sure to take a look at my channel and subscribe, and I will see you in the next video. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyOt8sPTqNxRseUzpzUEQQg
  11. ricvalerio

    Buffs now displayed

    Just a short update before I publish the video on AddOns, part 2. While the client and server were aware of buffs and debuffs, there was no visual representation of them, and so, it was not possible to see what buffs and debuffs the player character had. But by exposing only a few functions to the Lua scripts, in fact only one to get the buffs while others are for UI, it was possible to very quickly create UI elements to display buffs. It's already a win from having added AddOns support. Most likely some of these internal AddOns will be open source, to both be updated by the community and also to serve as example for AddOn creators or anyone wanting to have a go at creating an AddOn. Make sure to subscribe my channel if you want to follow the updates, where I share the journey of developing my MMORPG, along with tips, tricks and tutorials. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyOt8sPTqNxRseUzpzUEQQg
  12. ricvalerio

    Addon support + video devlog

    One more video published, this one on adding support for AddOns. I also demonstrate by creating two simple AddOns. While these are very simple, and the support is a bare bones one, it serves as a starting point for supporting complex AddOns. Take a look at the video, and let me know your comments and questions.
  13. ricvalerio

    Still working on addon support

    I am still working on addon support, by adding more UI elements and event registration. You can take a look at the screenshot below to see how an addon could now replace the default UI. Moving forward, the default interface might also be converted into an addon. The great part is that part of this effort is common to the NPC scripting, which will come after the addons video. You can subscribe to the devlog channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyOt8sPTqNxRseUzpzUEQQg Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Cheers!
  14. ricvalerio

    My MMORPG devlog

    The most recent video, Networking part 1, is out. You can check it out at Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!
  15. ricvalerio

    Supporting Addons + video soon

    I have been working on supporting addons in the game. By allowing players to create addons, it opens up a lot of possibilities and can in fact improve the game experience. Because players might enjoy the information laid out differently, like a minimalist UI, or a more complex one, it is important to give them the space to change the interface. The devlog video on this topic will be published soon at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyOt8sPTqNxRseUzpzUEQQg so stay tuned and hit subscribe + bell icon if you want to follow the devlog. Lua was a natural choice, because it's a very popular scripting language for this purpose, it has a big community around it, and therefore it is easier to get help. It also makes it easier for existing addon creators to contribute in a familiar, established ground. So I set forth, and added support for basic addons, and currently this is what is supported: get player status (id, name, hp, max hp, energy, max energy) get target status register for experience gain event register for player status update register for target status update (including changing and clearing target) create basic UI elements, like containers, rectangle and labels Now obviously, this does not allow for spectacular addons, so things for the near future: register for chat message events register for combat activity events register for quest activity events (accept, cancel, collect X, etc) allow use of textures in the UI elements clickable UI elements draggable UI elements drag spells into UI elements (for example, I want to revamp the action bars) And there is a lot more to it. Here is a short piece of code for an example addon that will appear in the video: And the resulting addon in the game: Looking forward to have the support for addons more complete and see what comes out from addon creators.
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