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  1. Sorry, I'll re explain... I've no trouble actually making the site and the CMS, what I'm needing to know is if there is a standard approach already in use for the interaction between a discount/offers site and the supplier (something similar to the way in which a site such as quidco would interact with amazon). If there is already an established protocol I'd rather adopt that to ensure maximum compatibility with other sites.
  2. This is kinda a random question, but here goes. I've been tasked with putting together a staff offers website/cms in PHP, which will allow colleagues to access a range of discounts from various suppliers. I can think of many different ways of doing it, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a standard approach to this (i.e. what information to pass, variable names etc). I know that many suppliers offer discounts across different staff sites so I'm guessing there is a common approach. While I'm only starting off with about 20 or so suppliers who will only be offering discounts on this site, I want to make sure I don't have to rewrite much of the system if further down the line it has to interact with a supplier who already offers a discount with a different reward site. I hope this makes sense...
  3. One of the great things about PHP or any other server side programming language, is that the client cannot view your code by selecting "view source", all they would see is any HTML generated by your script. If your still worried about it though, place it outside the document root. As for your admin page make sure to username/password that bad boy, and whatever you do make sure its validated server side. If you want to make sure that only you can load that page up in the first instance (and you have a static IP) you can also tie it to that specific address. Hope this helps.
  4. Sonnenblume


    w00p w00p, lets go! I think unless you want to come back a single man, it may be best to give rocket hat a miss this year ;)
  5. Sonnenblume

    [web] Java Script DD Menu

    This may not be the best solution as I just did a quick google, but I'm a fan of mostly CSS driven drop down menus as they give you a far greater degree of control over how you can style them. Try looking at this.
  6. Sonnenblume

    vacation in scotland

    I'm not sure about what city your going to by staying in (or when) but Edinburgh during the summer is pretty expensive, mainly due to the Edinburgh Festival/Fringe/Film Festival etc. Your budget will pretty much limit you to staying in a hostel, it wont be that cheap unless you don't mind sharing a room (It would cost you about 260 euros for a 2 week stay at this hostel in a 20 room dorm - I doubt you would be able to afford to stay in a hotel. Most places in the city put their prices up slightly during the summer to take advantage of the main tourist season, so eating out and going to drinking won't be that cheap either. You could definetly manage it, but you will have to book it in advance fairly quickly as these places can fill up rather quickly. If you cant afford to stay the fortnight, at least come for a few days, its a lovely city to visit.
  7. Sonnenblume

    Managing passwords?

    In most cases I tend to have my passwords following set key "shapes", i.e. my hands always press the keys in a set pattern. I then just alternate it based on the starting key, which is determined by what site I'm viewing.
  8. Sonnenblume

    PS3/Blu-ray regions

    Here is a handy map so you can see the 3 regions... Also remember that generally PS3 games are region free.
  9. Sonnenblume

    [web] PHP Problem. HELP!!

    Also remember to sanitize $_GET["page"], you should NEVER trust any value being provided via a URL, i.e. by using functions such as strip_tags(), stripslashes() or mysql_real_escape_string() if your going to be using it in a database. i.e. $page = mysql_real_escape_string($_GET["page"]);
  10. I felt really let down by Fable 2. I was a huge fan of the original, and while I was really impressed with the visual style and sheer array of powers you had in the second, the combat essentially involved hitting the attack button as fast as you could, at least in the first I had to block occasionally. While its hard to pick a fav out of Oblivion or Fallout 3, for me Fallout 3 just edges it. While the world isnt as pretty or the missions as varied (I particuarly miss the guilds), Fallout 3's levelling system was a vast improvement over Oblivion, there was a much wider array of NPC's (who were voiced by more than 3 actors) and the combat system involved a bit more than run forward/wave sword/retreat/repeat So for me its Fallout 3, Oblivion, Fable 2.
  11. Sonnenblume

    [web] Need fast short feedback

    For most webgames I've played, I'd say a 500x500 game area (not including menu's) should be plenty of space. It would say though that a lot depends on what sort of game you're playing, and the control system your going to be using.
  12. Sonnenblume

    [web] Refreshing a page in an iframe?

    If you're using javascript, why not just use Ajax? Have your form and comments in a DIV with a specified ID. When the submit button is clicked, update the comments database table and refresh the contents of the specified DIV asynchronously, thus reloading and pulling in your newest comments.
  13. Sonnenblume

    Battlestar Galatica finale (spoilers)

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel Quote:Original post by Sonnenblume I just pressumed their conversation continued off screen, with Six revealing to him there are only 12 models.It makes sense for Six to tell him that there are sleeper agents, since that sows discord and would have been revealed eventually anyway, but it doesn't make sense for her to tell him accurately how many there are, because that would eventually have the opposite effect. Besides which, there weren't 12 models of sleepers, only seven. I suppose it's possible that she inflated the number from seven to 12 to increase the confusion and discord and it just happened to be the same number as the sleepers plus the final five, but that seems like a stretch. Besides which, Baltar obviously didn't know how many there were when he injected Tyrol. It just doesnt make sense for it to by Tyrol though, the note saying there are only 12 models appeared at the end of the mini-series - before Tyrol was ever injected.
  14. Sonnenblume

    Battlestar Galatica finale (spoilers)

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel Quote:Original post by jbadams I still wanna know who tipped off Adama that there were only 12 models way back at the beginning...It was Boomer... Baltar injected Tyrol with poison to force her to tell him. It's never really made clear what Boomer knew when, so either she was holding it back, or she didn't realize she knew it until placed under that stress. I always thought it was Gaius Balter who left the note for Adama. One of the final scenes in the mini series is Caprica Six telling him there may be Cylon sleeper agents within the fleet, programmed to think they are human until their switch goes off. I just pressumed their conversation continued off screen, with Six revealing to him there are only 12 models.
  15. Sonnenblume


    If you haven't got one already, give me a shout and I'll hook you up with one, I've got a gew IDE hard drives of various sizes that I can switch with you.
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