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  1. if(newB1 > b1) { b1+=5*time; if(b1>newB1) b1=newB1; } else if(newB1 < b1) { b1-=5*time; if(b1<newB1) b1=newB1; } if(newB2 > b2) { b2+=5*time; if(b2>newB2) b2=newB2; } else if(newB2 < b2) { b2-=5*time; if(b2<newB2) b2=newB2; } if(newB3 > b3) { b3+=5*time; if(b3>newB3) b3=newB3; } else if(newB3 < b3) { b3-=5*time; if(b3<newB3) b3=newB3; } For some reason, it seems like it wont even make them go up, only down :/
  2. ShoeStringGames

    Moving at an angle formula

    Ok assume you know the x and y of the start and stop position, and it moves at say 20.0units*time. What would the formula be?
  3. ShoeStringGames

    Moving at an angle formula

    Hi, Im trying to make an object move at a angle, particularly like this. Assume that you only know its x and y coords, how would you make it arc?
  4. ShoeStringGames

    Pro-Porn Advocates: "Honk If Your Horney!"

    Thats how they wrote the sign, lol
  5. ShoeStringGames


    I got fired today..... Look on Cragslist.org and a few other sites. Chances of me getting another programming job around here is slim to none. Life sucks........
  6. ShoeStringGames


    I played the PKMN card game, I actuially found it funner to play then MTG. I have a stack of around 80 rares I have been wanting to sell on craigslist.org
  7. ShoeStringGames


    It pretty much stems from the fact that I picked a roomate who has bad work history, and a tendency to not pay his bills. Last night around 11 he informed he he got fired which he told me was "bullshit". Apparently they shouldnt fire you if you dont go to work because its unfair.
  8. ShoeStringGames


    Thanks for all of the insightful replys to my last post. I have more to elaborate on that but not right now, just keep an eye out. [sad][crying]Blues[crying][sad] I have a case of the blues... Im fucking broke and the bills just keep on stacking. My roomate hasnt enjoyed going to work much this week and is going on an UNPAID holiday until the new year so it looks like if I want to keep getting heat its going to cost me a pretty penny. On top of that our internet/cable has been turned off, partially because I couldnt collect my roomates share of the money. Ugh, on top of that I have more bills coming in soon. Lemme give you the breakdown: Monthly Pay: $1,590.30 Rent: $500.00 Cable/internet: $96.00 Heat: $152.00 -------------------------------- Remaining : $842.30 Now if you take into account that I have to pay a reactivation fee onto the cable/internet, my phone bill, food, and my christmas fees which come close to 600 im FUCKING BROKE. On top of that I have to pull $200.00 out of my ass to save for a car. I made a deal with Ray that states that in order for me to get a ride to work I have to put aside X ammount of money each paycheck or he wont bring me anymore, which then results in me losing my job.... Add onto the fact that I broke my knee and had to pay a hefty sum to the hospital and an ortopetic sergion*, plus paying back people that I owed, my bank account is like $-500.00 :) Im fucked, plain and simple. Life blows fucking ass. Im so fucked its not funny. Im going to have to result to selling my belongings, which blows because then im going to have nothing, let alone the fact that I really dont own anything. Im fucked, thats pretty much all there is.
  9. ShoeStringGames


    1st: What compiler are you using?!?!?! 2nd: I would suggest searching your WHOLE project for another instance of tempangle because ive NEVER heard of a compiler not catching something like that, not saying its not possable though [lol]
  10. ShoeStringGames


    Mushu: Well if its enjoyable then its totally worth it :) As long as it doesent FEEL like work, its cool to me. ilDave: Yea man, ive been waiting to see something new from you. Pump something out man, I cant wait!
  11. ShoeStringGames

    Project Harbinger

    TinyXML is AWSOME! I am currently using it in my games engine for EVERYTHING! Having all of the files externaly held in a XML file like that is such a good idea as you can test on the fly. Like if you needed to modify the name of an item in a shop or something just open the file, change the name and next time in the game (note not having to close the game to do this) when you open the shop menu, BAM, there it is. Its nice to not have to recompile every time you change stuff.
  12. ShoeStringGames

    Santa Stompy!

    Stompy, I think you should DEFINATLY do home made sound effects. I would love to do some voices for the game, maby donate a sound effect or two. Also I was thinking about this. I think you should add the intrusive omni-voice into the game that dictates what you do. You know what im talking about? Like when you pick new game you get this overly deep voice with some echo going "NEW GAME!!!!" or like if you get killed you get "GAME OVER!!!"
  13. Yepp, here comes yet another tedious post by myself, debating my future. Lets get this thing underway... Lately i've been reaching a point where ive had to sit down and think, is it worth it for me to dedicate X ammount of hours a day to a game just to put in my journal for ten people to download? Theres alot of variables to consider: Day Job: This takes presidence over ANYTHING I do as a game developer. I do this for a LIVING! My boss pays me to sit in my office and code 8 hours a day, five days a week. I will not allow myself to slack on that if I am working essentially overtime on a game while im at home. Bills: The salary I make is good for my age and my experience. The problem is that with the situations im involved into in my life bills become pretty outstanding. Living on my own I have rent, cable, electric, phone, internet, gas, and trash removal bills that have to get paid. That and I dont even own a car to get back and forth to work so Ray has to pick me up every morning and bring me to work. Fortuantly I dont live far but its still an inconvience for the both of us. Time: You have heard me and countless others talking about how the time that they have in a day is limited to what they need/want to do. Its hard to want to take time away from lets say my GF to work on something that chances are nobody will play. This brings me to a set of crossroads. I can walk the line of making a game which can be fun and entertaining and enjoyed by myself and the people that choose to download it. I can also walk the road more traveled and design, code, and market a small indie game. Lets weight the options here: Hobby: - Quality isnt a 100% necessity - Art isnt so much of an issue - Making sure im providing a bug free, error free product isnt necessary - No real benefit besides the name sake of having a completed game Commercial: - Quality MUST BE 100% to the best of my ability - Art must be paid for out of my own pocket - Making sure im providing a bug free, error free product IS necessary!! - Gives me the opportunity to possably make some small ammount of additional income I see myself more or less leaning towards a commercial product on an indie scale. Something small, simple, yet addicting to play. Ive seen countless puzzle-esque games become profitable to some indies that if I had the resourses I could produce in less then a month. On top of that with the engine that I am using my back end code is nicly handled and is great for this type of project. On top of everything I could really use some additional income to help me ease my worries. If I chose to make a small scale commercial game I would buget out of my own pocket, potentially around $500.00 to buy some music, art, and marketing. Theres also TONS of sites around the net where I could get free exposure. The gameplay would be smooth and efficient, the art would be professional (or as professional as my buget would allow) and the quality I would put around it would be something that people wouldnt fret paying for. All fees would be small, even compaired to what would be my "competitions" prices. Ive seen games on this scale selling on average $19.99 for a download copy of a game. I would more then likley sell for around $5.00-$10.00 and provide the same quality and content value. Additionally I could also design the game to be expandable, allowing for large content to be added for a small price (20 more maps/puzzles for $2.00, additional character to play as $1.00, etc...) In my eyes its pretty much a necessity to produce a game that I would intend to sell. I could use the money, I know I am capable of producing a quality product, and I know that I would enjoy trying to market the game. The challenge would be fun and the potential payout is definatly alluring. If I weight it out. If I provide myself with a $500.00 buget and plan on selling at lets say the minimum of $5.00 per copy, I would have to see a minimum of 100 copys of the game just to break even. Even in my eyes would be worth it. Even would get my name out there, it would allow people to see the quality of my products, and it would provide me a base to produce other products. The scale of the product would be small in terms of time spent on it. 1-3 months. It would sell for cheap, and I could definatly use the potential benefits from it. Whats your opinions on this, if there are any?
  14. ShoeStringGames

    Ascension approaches...

    "Im sorry sir, I think a dingo might have broke your 360." That seems to be the problem with this generation of hardware. Wiis seem to be ok, no real breakdowns or anything just cheap straps. PS3s seem to be doing ok, except for the lack of them actuially existing. Now 360s, Ive seen roughtly a thousand or so messages around about peoples systems bricking. That seems to be how microsoft makes there money. They sell you something for an arm and a leg, it breaks, then they make you pay even more. I wouldnt doubt it if its some cheapo part that is easily replaced. The only problem is, if you do it yourself no more xbox live :(
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