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  1. poss74

    Just Death coming to Steam!

      Yea if anyone has experience w google maps API and can say, if it's that easy I think it's a great idea :-D    - Dan   Unfortunately, I think Google's got some language in the API against commercial use :-(
  2. poss74

    Just Death coming to Steam!

    Like Aardvajk says, good to see you back here :-)   Is there anyway you could randomise the splines, rather than having to manually generate them?
  3. http://sylvester.jcoglan.com/ Remember: Google is your friend...
  4. Quote:Original post by Shael This thread made me LOL. Ditto. Especially since the post from the chap in Romania was better written.
  5. poss74

    while loop which doesn't end

    Quote:Original post by spaceJockey123 I've modified the code by including an if statement, which exits the loop as soon as position equals to -1. It works but it seems inefficient because I still have the condition for the while loop. Everything works as I want now, just optimizing it! Or you could move the position = x.find() to immediately before the while loop, and copy it to the end of the while loop: position = x.find("hello", position); while (position != -1) { position plus= 1; counter plus= 1; position = x.find("hello", position); }
  6. poss74

    E3 2010 - Pictures & Stories

    Quote:Original post by dgreen02 they said it was the most impressive thing they've ever seen by a single person [grin][grin] Anyone who's been following your journal could've told you that! [smile] Congrats on the successful meeting, and really looking forward to playing the finished game!
  7. poss74

    Basic aircraft physics

    How complicated do you want to get? At its (very) simplest, I'd have four vectors: a constant one for gravity pointing straight down, one perpendicular to the wings for lift, one parallel to the direction of flight for thrust, and an inverse one for drag. Adding these four vectors together should give you an overall direction vector that the airplane moves.
  8. poss74

    RTS (features and story)

    [snip] Aargh, triple post... make it stop!
  9. poss74

    RTS (features and story)

    [snip] Oops, double post somehow...
  10. poss74

    RTS (features and story)

    I can't really say I'm a big RTS-player (AoE 1 & 2, Warcraft 2 & 3, and (as of last week) Red Alert 3), but I always thought it'd be neat to be able to have some kind of attack planning a la Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear. You could pre-position your units, then send attack commands to the units (or groups of units), without having to scramble over the map to find your unit of cavalry...
  11. poss74

    J2ME to BREW porting

    I did an internship last summer (that's around December for us, not June like you northern hemisphere weirdos :-P ) with a company that had an application that automated the port from J2ME to BREW. I worked on translating the lcdui packages, and for the most part there was no direct A->B mapping. What I found to work best was to read the BREW documentation, find something that was roughly similar, and mangle it enough to get it to work (real fun when it came to translating the DateField class). If it sounds a bit of a hack, it is. BREW and J2ME have different approaches, so we had a lot of workarounds to get the translator working seamlessly.
  12. poss74

    widgets on J2ME

    You're right -- the Swing and AWT classes were not copied over from standard Java (have a look at the CLDC specification) -- but there are some free J2ME user interface APIs out there: let google be your friend! Or you could write your own.
  13. IIRC, there's a flag in the linker options, something like "include default libraries" -- try changing this. It worked for me when I had a similar issue with SDL. poss.
  14. poss74

    [Java] Weird Error

    Quote:Original post by Tigernado Doh, should of known that from C# lol, Hate it when I spend hours trying to track down a bug, when it's something simple like that. Been there, done that, tore the T-shirt in frustration. poss.
  15. poss74

    [Java] Weird Error

    Hmm.. the call to create the new CheckBook object should be: Checkbook myCheckbook = new Checkbook(); // brackets important Of course, if the constructor needs parameters, you should put them in the brackets. Hope this helps, poss
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