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  1. The Art of Dying has been released!     Thank you for the interest during development, now go over here to download the game, play it and let me know how you liked it!
  2. Here's my fourth video that shows off the level editor that is included in the game. Take a look please:     As always, please let me know what you think and, especially, if you could see yourself using this editor. Also, ask any questions you might have, I'm sure there is plenty of stuff I fotgot to explain. If you have improvements on user friendliness (that are reasonable, considering the scale of the project and given the limited engine I am working with) please let me know as well.
  3. Hey, thanks Hyperplane!   A level editor exists indeed and it's going to be available for everybody from within the main menu! In fact, I'm planning to record a fourth video explaining how the editor works!   A jetpack sounds interesting but it would complicate level design greatly :P Dinosaur enemies? Haha, I don't know!   Thanks for taking a look!
  4. Ignoring the complete lack of response whatsoever, I guess I will still post my new third video? This one talks a bit about enemy design and then goes on to show a selection of enemies from the game.     Please let  me know what you think, or if you have any questions.
  5. Here's a second video in which I talk about how attacking works in the game:     Take a look and let me know what you think! It's getting a bit more interesting now! The next video will introduce the various enemies in the game!
  6. Hey there!   Long time no see, GameDev! I wanted to share my new project "The Art of Dying". It's made with a software called "Adventure Game Studio" that I've been using and abusing for non-adventure game for ten years now. This is a solo project, meaning I'm programming the entire thing, I'm drawing all the art and animation and design the game. The music in the video is used with permission and is by the amazing Tom Woxom - found on the equally wonderful freemusicarchive.org!   The way I want to present the game is with short video segments: each one focuses on one particular aspect of the game. This first installment talks about the most important game play mechanic in any platformer: movement! Please take a look:       In the video I demonstrate the way I implemented movement, acceleration/deceleration on different surfaces (solid and slippery), jumping, double-jumping and ducking.   Let me expand a little on two of the points made in the video:   - Featuring smooth movement (with acceleration and deceleration) as opposed to hard fixed-pixel movement is very important. The former gives a much more modern feel to your game, the latter is more precise and exact. I went for very subtle smooth movement and put a lot of effort into finding 'correct' values so that you would just barely notice that there is smooth movement in the game but still keep the controls as tight as possible.   - Jump systems are a second, fundamentally important aspect of platformers. There are several different styles that you can follow: There's the simple way. You hit the jump button and it results in the same exact jump every time no matter what. Then there's the Mario way: the jump starts when you push the jump button and gets an upward boost for a limited amount of time if you hold the jump button. That gives the gameplay much more complexity as you can now have jumps that players need to be careful not to overshoot (down-facing spikes over gaps anyone?) and you need to master the regulation of the jump. And then there's the double-jump system that I went for. It's like the first-mentioned primitive jumping system except that you can, well, double-jump. I went for this latter approach because it allows the player to regulate the jumps and makes the gameplay more complex and, at the same time, it looks really cool to double-jump all over the place. Don't ever underestimate how important it is for core gameplay mechanics to just be straight-up dumb fun (and complete unrealistic from a physics point of view)!   I will be releasing a second video right into the thread here very shortly from now which will focus on the various attacks in the game! Please let me know what you think of my project, the ideas I talked about in the video and in this post and ask any questions you might have!
  7. d h k

    Try a pre-pre-pre alpha demo of my game!

    It works fine, looks good and all but the controls really ruined it for me. You drift like CRAZY, it's like you're on some kind of ice surface in other racing games constantly. Steering would need to be a LOT tighter for me to have any fun with it! I do like the setting, I loved Death Rally and I'd like to see a remake, so I will keep my eyes out for your project!
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