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  1. Need a Compiler

    windows 95 It means that i eather cant get in or i cant find what i was looking for
  2. Need a Compiler

    I am looking for a DIRECT link to a GUN gcc compiler i cant get any off the ftp sites becouse it is scrammbled arrownd
  3. Need Scorces

    How about a site I can learn graphics at? So my OS is not just text.
  4. Need Scorces

    Thanks a lot those sites helped me alot
  5. Need Scorces

    I'm using NASM. 'I need Code for BIN not EXE'
  6. Need Scorces

    I need to learn ASM easly and fast for OS programming Dose Anyone Have Any Sites that may help me? I tried google but didn't get much useful infomation.
  7. Need Help

    My program works mostly but every time it is sepose to erase the text on the screen while changing possition it usally leaves it. I will show you my Header file and Source code. Header; CP.H #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <time.h> #include <dos.h> #define F1 0x3b00 #define F5 0x3f00 #define F6 0x4000 #define F7 0x4100 #define F10 0x4400 #define VIDEO 0x10 #define COLS 80 #define ROWS 25 void locate(int col, int row); void cls(void); void locate(int col, int row) { union REGS regs; regs.h.ah=0x02; regs.h.bh=0x00; regs.h.dh=row; regs.h.dl=col; int86(VIDEO,®s,®s); } void cls(void) { union REGS regs; regs.h.ah=0x06; regs.h.al=0x00; regs.h.bh=0x07; regs.h.ch=0x00; regs.h.cl=0x00; regs.h.dh=ROWS-1; regs.h.dl=COLS-1; int86(VIDEO,®s,®s); locate(0,0); } Source; HD.C #include "CP.H" void main() { char k; int x; int ox; int y; int oy; x = 1; y = 1; locate(COLS / 2 - 3,ROWS / 2); printf("Welcome"); locate(COLS - 25,ROWS); printf("Press any key to continue"); getch(); cls(); do { ox = x; oy = y; putchar(0x01); k=getch(); if(k=='w') { if(oy!=1) { y=oy-1; locate(ox,oy); putchar(0x00); } } if(k=='s') { if(oy!=ROWS) { y=oy+1; locate(ox,oy); putchar(0x00); } } if(k=='a') { if(ox!=1) { x=ox-1; locate(ox,oy); putchar(0x00); } } if(k=='d') { if(ox!=COLS) { x=ox+1; locate(ox,oy); putchar(0x00); } } } while(k!='q'); } can anyone help? thanks in advance
  8. need help with my computer

    Thanks alot
  9. need help with my computer

    I frogot my Supervisor password for IE 6, can any one help me crack the file to get back on? I had to go to my brothers just to get on this site, NOT GOOD Things I need to know: File password is in Where the file is located What I need to change Thanks in advance.
  10. need help with decompiler

    What is the diffrence between decompiler and disassmbler and i doing it in ASM so i can learn it better.
  11. need help with decompiler

    Tring to make a decompiler, but i dont know what or where the data i need in the EXE's are. Can any one help, tring to make in ASM
  12. Can this work?

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Can this work?

    i want to make a game in basic and run it on XP 64 which cannot rin 16 bit if u did not know! :) P.S. to tell the truth i cant use graphics in c or c++ and i have no good place to learn, thats free.
  14. Can this work?

    I want to make a 16-bit MS-DOS program a 32-win XP 64-bit capatible if this is possible i need some help with it or even a DOS duplicate that can run my programs
  15. a little info

    how can I make a driver inf file, i looked at the 2 that i have but couldn't figure it out
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