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  1. Rain 7

    Another composition contest?

    Hey sure why not?
  2. Rain 7

    Obama Next President of the United States

    Quote:Original post by Chris Reynolds Countdown to "Country in Shambles" thread.. 10...9.. Yea. America is doing SO WELL right now. The economy is great, foreign relations is great and everything is just peachy. Obama basically won't even have to do anything as conditions for being president are basically advantageous from the very beginning, given the current and outstanding condition of America.
  3. Rain 7

    Obama or McCain?

    Quote:Original post by kevtimc Quote:Republican state Sen. Gary Stevens "I would encourage people to be very cautious, to look at this with a jaundiced eye." The same goes for the recent attacks on Obama right? Well it's kind of hard to ignore when there are people jeering in a crowd. Especially when they are saying things of Obama like, "KILL HIM!" "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" "KILL THE ARAB". Some of these people are fucking nuts. I am a recovering Republican myself and this is one of the reasons I'm not any longer. Things are getting too polarized and tensions are high. We've seen a lot of hateful/ ignorant things said this election. Hell, even McCain told supporters to tone it down. "We do not condone this inappropriate rhetoric which distracts from the real questions of judgment, character and experience that voters will base their decisions on this November." Quote:The anger is getting raw at Republican rallies and John McCain is acting to tamp it down. McCain was booed by his own supporters Friday when, in an abrupt switch from raising questions about Barack Obama's character, he described the Democrat as a "decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States." This, of course, was entirely political, but it sounds like McCain is starting to get a bit bewildered with the very people he's trying to get votes from on the conservative front. I really don't think he likes Palin and her neo-conservative type, at all. I am almost obliged to feel sorry for him. Like he is the sport of opposite forces...
  4. Rain 7

    Obama or McCain?

    Now I see why Palin's team were so eager to show their own findings with this case. Pfft. "I think there are some problems in this report," Republican state Sen. Gary Stevens. "I would encourage people to be very cautious, to look at this with a jaundiced eye." Problems? No problems. We are looking for solutions here Gary. We are already one step ahead of you. So, no thank you GARY. I think it's about time we stop turning a blind eye to the process and to the people the majority rely upon to speak their plights. We need to really examine what is going on in this country in order to fix it. This starts with seeing with eyes unclouded. We can't really do that if we take your advice, GARY.
  5. Hey man, no problem! It's clear you have a lot of insight into music-making and getting your foot in the door for music making opportunities. I find that kind of information a lot more relevant to composers than a stickied thread that hasn't been updated, literally, in years. ;) I just don't want this thread to disappear into internet limbo.
  6. Rain 7

    McCain picks Sarah Palin

    ... Palin scares me. As if it weren't bad enough that our information is controlled as it is. Now it is brought to light that she is FOR book-burning. Hmmm, another maligned mind in the annals of history thought book-burning was OK and controlling information flow was key to keeping public knowledge at a minimum and therefore ensuring a docile public that is easy to control... Now who does that remind me of? I just don't know. :D Maybe someone else can fill-in-the-blanks. I'm sorry, but anyone who says that the iraq war is "God's will" has no business running this country. That is such an imbalanced position and shows absolutely no respect for the line between church and state. We don't need any religious extremists running the country. We need someone who realizes there are big problems going on in the United States and in other parts of the world. Obama and Biden seem like a better fit both domestically and abroad. I just don't understand how people rally behind someone they know virtually NOTHING about. Granted, she's a good looking woman who knows how to give a speech. So what? What is the relevance of being able to sound intelligible if there are no ideas behind it? From what I do know, she's far too radical and seems like one of those people who doesn't compromise on anything. That kind of stance will go over like a wet fart in church as the Senate and House (comprised mostly of democrats) are not going to stand for antics which involve personal religious fulfillment and prophecy over real domestic and international issues which threaten to cripple the fragility of both our economic situation and subtle tensions towards America already brought about by thoughts of religious elitism and complete intolerance towards other cultures. Palin = Gungho- Christian who wants to take us back instead of forward. THANKS, BUT NO THANKS.
  7. Nathan, KILLER thread. Great info. Is there anyway you could stickie this thread? It certainly deserves it as the information inside is absolutely essential to composers starting out, getting going and staying on top of things. Thanks for the in-depth information.
  8. Rain 7

    Composition advice

    Quote:Original post by mambafia Hi All, Started making music again after a long absence and keep on running into the same problems with my music and wondered if anyone had any ideas? Basically I'll come up with something I like the sound of and just keep adding layers to it - bringing the layers in one by one until I can't add anything else and then just stop and not know what to do next. I then find I abandon it and start something else and run aground again - any advice?! Cheers! Andy I think a main problem you are running into is giving a composition tendons and muscle without realizing where the skeletal frame begins and ends. ... let me explain. I am going to utilize the idea of music as a fully functioning body. Each 'piece' has different fibers, organs which construct a greater whole. Think of a complete melody as a complete skeleton, and harmony and orchestration as muscles and tendons which fill the structure out and give the melody a sense of body. If the melody isn't thoroughly realized in its entirety, then the skeletal structure is incomplete and the muscle structure (harmonies and orchestrations) really have nowhere to go. (So the muscle is being added to a structure which can't support it.) I sometimes run into this problem with my own writing because I tend to add too many small elements into concentrated areas without defining the nature of how the entire piece is constructed. Thinking ahead and thinking of the work as an entire principle with a beginning, a middle and an end beforehand will help prepare a composer for fleshing things out later. Find the form of the melody first, get that completed from beginning to end and then perhaps try to fill out the 'body' with a bit of tlc. :) (... I hope that wasn't too ridiculous a comparison)
  9. Rain 7

    [Help] Incrementing a piece of music

    Right on man. :) You got the right idea. Good luck to you!
  10. Rain 7

    [Help] Incrementing a piece of music

    Quote:Original post by KylotanHmm, although I see your point, I disagree with this somewhat. To move from apprentice to master, you need to pick up knowledge about the subject and learn how to apply it to your own work. This might be by listening to specific suggestions, or it might be just from using some standard procedures, the names of which might not yet be known to you. Each person can go off and study individually and in isolation, perhaps coming out with a masterpiece, or perhaps struggling because certain avenues never make themselves apparent. Or we can all benefit from sharing ideas with each other, and still inject plenty of originality in the way we select some ideas and reject others, and in how we choose to develop upon them. Fair enough, but this scenario obviously doesn't account for a master doing the apprentice's work FOR them. ;) Sharing is one thing, but asking someone to do the work for you is kind of self-defeating for an artist. There is very little sense of learning that takes place within that. IMO, a master can really only become a master when he learns to take full responsibility for his ideas. Not to single you out at all Kryzon, but I think experimentation and listening to one's inner voice is far more beneficial than simply asking someone else to fill in the blank for you. I was primarily responding to this... Quote:Original post by KryzonIf you get inspired about this and try your own take on this melody and\or variations, please go ahead and post it! perhaps I can create something new from it. That's kind of what I was getting from the opening post, that the OP simply wanted a quick way to complete the composition via help from an external source, but it is hardly ever THAT easy. Making music is NOT easy. It requires labor, craftsmanship and patience. It is only through failure that success can be reached. Apart from that, I agree with you very much.
  11. Rain 7

    [Help] Incrementing a piece of music

    No one can really tell you what to do. It's your own ideas on music (as any other potential artist) that bring a sense of individuality to what you do. Taking that out of your hands kind of defeats the whole purpose of making music in the first place, doesn't it? That is, if someone were to offer stylistic suggestions and you would use them directly, it just wouldn't be YOUR ideas crafting the piece. Making music should be about expressing oneself as an individual. If that weren't the case, why would you feel the BURNING DESIRE to CREATE music at all? ;) That being said, I think you are off to a good start with the melody. It's indeed a very eastern sounding piece. (very japanese sounding) The melody kind of reminds me of something Joe Hisaishi might write. I think for this type of piece, this sense of sparcity in the orchestration actually makes it more authentic. If you were to add other instruments, be sure to exercise a certain degree of moderation. There is much to be said about the beauty of simplicity. :) A japanese flute and a few woodblocks might work very well for an additional section. As for the mix itself, the drums could use a bit more reverb trail. It sounds a bit metallic at the moment because of a sharp cutoff in the reverb amount that doesn't really blend into the sound stage, atm. Btw, when you say "something usable", what are you implying? Is this something that you would like to eventually put to use inside of a game?
  12. This seemed like a very cool contest. I'll have to check out the next one. :) Quote:Original post by Music Composer It's with extreme bitterness that I announce my disappointment in losing this competition. It was quite obviously fixed, I still can't comprehend how an entry of my quality could have lost first place. I specifically crafted my piece as I quite clearly knew it would be the winning entry, but oh not so...not so, it shall not be. I'm appauled by the judging to be quite frank, it must be on par with boxing judges at the olympic games. lol. funneh.
  13. Rain 7

    Trigger Instinct menu music

    Hi there Bassman. I fondly remember some of your soundscapes you showed us a while back. (The loader pad # 2 is one of my favs!) As always, you have a very commercial-ready sound. With the mix, it's a bit distortion heavy for my taste, but for a menu theme it will probably work out nicely because it won't be heard for extended periods of time. It's a nice 'attention-getter', that's for sure! For Crits, the piano could probably stand to be a little softer starting out and slowly gather intensity until the drums enter. That's my preference as the piano kind of jarred my ears a little at first. Some pianisimmo dynamics and softer playing might be really nice. A crossfade might be nice! I would agree with Jaap that the mix overall sounds a bit over-compressed. However, it's a very cool mix and I wish you good luck!
  14. Rain 7

    10% off! Tsaiko: The Taiko Drum Library

    Lovebump. I'd LOVE to buy this as some point. The samples sound absolutely incredible! How'd you go about recording these? TOP NOTCH work.
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