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    A lot of AAA games are developed with consoles as the lead platform. So the static GUIs are often ported directly to the PC leaving a less than efficient experience for the player. That said, game genres like FPS and fighting games don't usually need more than buttons and sliders for either platform. MMO/RPG are probably the last bastion for configurable GUIs. Although it's nice to have them, I don't mind if they're not movable/sizable as long the layout still works.
  2. Jack Sotac

    Time's up!

    Congratulations on finishing the game. I've ran afoul the accursed Ninety-ninety rule many times also. This is the kind of project I like to follow when reading developer journals. I downloaded and compiled your project with only a few minor issues using VS2008 Express. I couldn't play much since it looks like the game wasn't meant for my 1440x900 screen:(
  3. Jack Sotac

    Progress report

    It looks like things are moving along quite well overall. Keep up the good work! One small thing though, the journal entry's backgrounds color is dark when you have the old black theme enabled. Dark background + Black text = :(
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  5. Jack Sotac

    Blender character animation

    GameDev.net Launches Four Elements Game Contest
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