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  1. Quote:Original post by BeanDog Here's what I think about personal websites. Google still remembers
  2. Vyper_uk

    Managing multiple domains & billing

    Quote:Original post by AndreTheGiant Damn, thats really not what I wanted to hear, but thanks for the info. I really dont want to make the client go off and figure out their own hosting and domain names, and then come back to me for the actual site development. My clients are very small and non-technical, and I'm sure that if I force them to go through that process, that they'll lose interest and I'll lose the client. Also, even if they do go off and procure their own hosting, what guarantee do I have that they'll come back to me for development once theyve got their hosting package? They could drop me at anytime and choose another developer. If I got the hosting and domain name myself, they have to stick with me. I think you're going about this the wrong way. A few points, in no particular order: - Clients certainly don't have to stick with you if you are doing their hosting etc, they can still move elsewhere. Yes it is a bit of hassle, but if their site is down for a day because you did it on the cheap they might think its worth it. - The best way to stop them going elsewhere for dev work if they host it themselves is to do a good job for them. - It may be better for you to handle the technical side of setting up hosting etc, but have the bills go to them. That way you aren't liable for anything that goes wrong with the hosting. - 10 years is a long time for a domain to be in use. You might be better registering it for 2 years initially and then they pay each year to renew it
  3. Vyper_uk

    Climate Gate

    I don't believe much of what NASA says about climate change tbh
  4. Vyper_uk

    What would you do to make $5000 in 9 months?

    Rather than making extra money, have you looked at ways to save what you already have? A few ideas: Cancel any subscriptions you don't need/use See if you can switch any of your utilities to a cheaper provider Don't eat out as often Sell old crap that you no longer use
  5. Vyper_uk

    I need food now...

    Check the bins behind supermarkets at night. Most of them throw out perfectly good food just because its hit its sell by date, and its all sealed so no need to worry about catching anything. My housemate got £50 worth of perfectly good cheese plus a bunch of other stuff last time. I also know someone who shared a back yard with a supermarket's waste collection point, and he lived for a year solely on what he found in the bins
  6. Vyper_uk

    What the... Can't Invert Anymore???

    On PC I only invert for flight sims. On a console I will normally invert for FPS games too
  7. Vyper_uk

    Network infrastructure for game studio

    I think people are vastly overstating the cost of PCs here. You can get a decent desktop for < £1k For servers you'd probably only be looking at around £20k max. You can get a decent server (2x Quad Xeons, 12GB RAM, 1.5TB disk) for about £5-6k, including OS, redundant PSU, remote management card, rails etc etc. You could also look at virtualising your servers, meaning you just buy one or two big boxes and then pay for OS licensing. The above server would do this no problem. Server rack, tape backup, UPS, KVM add another few grand For networking just get a couple of decent 24 port switches, not these little 4 port things. Get Cisco if you don't mind spending a couple of grand, or HP Procurve if you are on a budget. Preferably have gigabit links, at least for the server(s). Your router/firewall will cost a few hundred to a few grand depending on how good you want it to be You also need to think about your phones and PABX, I don't know how much they cost After that its licensing and salary as Sirisian says, which will dwarf your infrastructure costs
  8. Vyper_uk

    Dreamcast remembered

    I've still got mine, great little console. Unfortunately around the time of the DC being phased out was also the time I started uni and my gaming time has pretty much disappered in the 6 years since then. Not that I'm too bothered - I get far more enjoyment out of digging out my old consoles every now and then than I do from the high-in-graphics low-in-character games that are on consoles today
  9. Vyper_uk

    Troubles sleeping

    Quote:Original post by samoth Quote:Original post by Richy2kProbably some of the worst advice, but I've just stated what 'seems' to work for me [smile]Not necessarily, although it is surprising that it works for someone at your age. Caffeine has a well-known paradox effect in the elderly. It's not an uncommon medication used by the night nurse to make granny sleep when she's walking (some prefer haloperidol, but a good coffee is cheaper, she doesn't have to call the doctor, and it often works the same). Not that surprising. If you have that much caffeine in such a short amount of time your body has to shut down to deal with it all. This is more pronounced in some people than others - I have to drink coffee slowly as if I down it it just makes me tired. Once you get to 4-5 mugs in 30 mins I can imagine it would make anyone tired, not to mention all the potential health risks
  10. Vyper_uk

    how can online bullying be real

    Quote:Original post by Anddos cant the victim just turn off the pc or not browse the site the so called bully is on lol They could, but what if they've spent a couple of years building their reputation on the site, getting to know people etc?
  11. Vyper_uk

    Anyone Know the Game King's Quest?

    Go for The Longest Journey
  12. Vyper_uk

    Considering my future (long post)

    With regards to getting noticed after you graduate, one of the easiest ways is to get some professional qualifications. They have these for pretty much every topic under the sun, and they don't take a great deal of work to get. We get CVs all the time at my place, and this is the easiest way to stand out from all the identical looking graduate CVs. We will almost always take someone with profession qualifications over someone with just a degree, because frankly the stuff you learn in a degree has almost no relevance on what we do day to day. Of course to do this, you'll need to have some kind of idea of where you want to be heading. Theres not much point doing Microsoft exams if you think you'll end up in an open source shop. Let me know if you're interested and want to know which exams are relevant for which career path. Personally I did a stint in development before moving onto networking and servers, so I know a fair few of the useful ones
  13. Vyper_uk

    "Stealing the Network" and Computer Security

    There are loads of websites which set up challenges in sandboxes for you to test stuff like this. I've even ones which run servers specifically for you to try and break into. If you Google stuff like "hacker games", "hacker challenges", "hacker wargames" etc you'll find quite a few. By their nature these tend to be challenges based on hacking websites rather than servers. If you want to look at server-wide security, you could check out the following tools for a quick and easy intro: Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer Nessus Metasploit Just point them at a machine you own and see what vulnerabilities they come up with. Some people would call these 'script kiddy' tools, but as a starting point they're fine and if you just want to ensure that your own machines are secure theres not really a lot of point spending loads of time and effort going really deep down with this stuff
  14. Vyper_uk

    GDNet at the Movies: Transformers: Meh

    Just seen it, it was ok but just didn't quite gel. I think my main problem with it was the way they kept switching from slapstick comedy to serious destruction of the world stuff. It just didn't seem right when there were robots and people dying left right and center, and then everyone takes a break to goof off for a bit before going back to the killing
  15. Vyper_uk

    BA will let you work for free!

    Quote:Original post by OrangyTang I'm confused - if you were offered the choice between one months unpaid leave and one months unpaid work, why would you ever take the second option? Maybe if you wanted the company to still be intact at the end of it, and for yourself to still have a job. Besides, the people who took the unpaid work rather than the unpaid leave will be in a much better position when it comes to layoffs, promotions etc I know someone who works for BA, and they have taken the strange standpoint that they'd rather leave and have no job at all than work a few weeks for free
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