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  1. Wavewash

    Can you get the High Score?

    Quote:Original post by EmptyVoid I got to 23.724 but it does not let me type my name in. Yeah it only lets you if you rank in the top 10. But I should change that to 25 since the list on the page goes to 25.
  2. Wavewash

    Can you get the High Score?

    Quote:Original post by AndreTheGiant Im just beginning to develop with flash and I must say I am really enjoying it. Im learning AS3. I have never touched AS2, and from what Im reading, Im lucky for it. I also hope to get a game or demo or something up and running some day soon! AS3 from an engineer standpoint is much cleaner and easier to handle then a AS2. I'm a fan of strongly typed languages too so that's a plus for AS3. I just find it easier in AS3 to separate code from assets. In AS2 you have the library within the Flash IDE which can get messy if you don't plan and stick to some convention. Evade was made in Flash Develop, AS3, and Inkscape for the SVG graphics for the menu and such. Everything else is, of course, drawn with the native graphics. Good luck! I look forward to seeing your game! Send me a note when it's done.
  3. Wavewash

    Can you get the High Score?

    Thanks for all the feedback! @Jarrod1937 - You're right. I need to move the square to the center. I think it's throwing off lots of other people too. @Samith - I did some test and noticed that too. I'll check it out because I'm not sure exactly why it's happening. It's a pretty simple box to box collision. Thanks for pointing it out. It's good to be back. :)
  4. Wavewash

    Can you get the High Score?

    Hi all, I haven't posted to GameDev in years. I'm an old member back from 1999 and just fell out of touch. I guess I had a 'bout of Nostalgia for the fun times I had on these forums. So to make my grand re-entrance I've made a simple game. It's a clone of a javacript game called escapa written in AS3. http://workshop.blabberize.com/evade/ I hope the conversations here are as vibrant as when I left years ago!
  5. Wavewash

    A tool to spread smiles

    Oh wow. Well thus far, no one has Reddited our Digged the site. That article was a very interesting read. Interestingly enough we also intended the "Try without Signup" as well. I had no how big of a difference it could make. I'll get on implementing that tonight. Really Gamedev.net and a couple of my friends are the only ones the site has been made live to. We'll see where it goes from there. I very much appreciate the article link. Very informative! Thank you!
  6. Wavewash

    A tool to spread smiles

    So awhile back I had an idea to make a website where you could upload a picture and then select the mouth area and then record a sound and make the mouth move in synchronization with sound. It seemed like a cute idea and might be fun. Essentially a tool to spread smiles :) so fast forward to now. I've actually made the site. http://www.mobouy.com I've been using www.gamedev.net for such a long time and I've always got such great feedback on all my projects. I would really appreciate if you guys could check out what I have and play with it. Thanks so much!
  7. Quote:Original post by Salsa ? I clicked your link, and the name of the islands was right there. Wikipedia for Pitcairn Islands. I had wikipedia for " Uninhabited Islands" and then I was just searching for them on google maps. That was one of the islands I had searched for, and then I moved the camera to look at another area. For some reason the text in the search box stuck.
  8. I was just browsing google maps and looking at various uninhabited islands when I found these weird formations. They look like islands with their center scooped out. Anyone know what this place is or how this formed? I'd guess it's possibly a reef. Click here to see Thanks!
  9. Wavewash


    You're wanting to create clouds for a 2d game? I don't understand what you're going for. Can you elaborate? Or show some pictures of something in the direction of what you're trying to do?
  10. Wavewash

    Stupid VS 6.0 problem

    Check to see that an include is not including itself so like file Stuff.h: #include "Stuff.h" And check to see that you have your #pragma once are set like everyone says. [Edited by - Wavewash on June 21, 2006 10:08:29 AM]
  11. Wavewash

    JOGL nehe code problems

    Yes I am using an ATI card! Also I was wondering why you would go with LWJGL over JOGL. I'm at the start of my project and am very open to suggestions. I'd like to hear your opinion. Thanks! ~Wave
  12. Wavewash

    JOGL nehe code problems

    I'm running the nehe tutorial JOGL code through eclipse and I'm having a weird problem. The programs run fine as long as I don't put my mouse over the window. As soon as I put my mouse over the window it freezes. You can't close it or move it or resize it and it's unresponsive. I've tested with lesson04 and lesson05 and both have the same result. Both froze as soon as my mouse came over the window. If anyone could point me in the direction to look in to remedy this, I'd be thankful. ~Wave
  13. Just looking at the flipcode website. Seems they've shut their doors. www.flipcode.com I remember there was comment a while back how gamedev did not want to step on flipcode's toes with an Image of the Day. Do you think we could have something like that now? I loved it on flipcode and would love to see it continued here. ~Wave
  14. Is it giving you an error or is it just not evaluating to true? ~Wave
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