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    Very Basic Project

    Thanks for all that help. There are several people who'd find the simple program I hope to produce useful. Would people need the Express Edition to load the program, or once made, could any windows user use it? What it they had a mac?
  2. Clotty

    Very Basic Project

    I'm looking to create a very simple program. I put a number in, press a 'Calculate' button, and get returned a figure. I know I could do this in just about any programming language, but I want to have it in a Windows frame. If at all possible I DON'T want to learn how to build GUI and am looking for a basic and free program that will allow me to point and click my way to creating a GUI, while enabling me to put a simple piece of code into the 'Calculate' button, so a return value can be given. I know VB6 can do this, but it costs money. Are there any free programs that I can download for this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Clotty

    Looking for advice...

    I think I will go over the C++ book again before I start looking at graphics for games, but I still can't find something that will teach me what type of C++ code to write for what types of graphical details.
  4. Clotty

    Looking for advice...

    Thanks for that input! I've checked out all the links, but I still have one problem in that the tutorials teach how to use DirectX or OpenGL without teaching how to tie that in with C++ (or any other programming language for that matter) and therefore, I wouldn't be able to make any type of game at all. Anyone know a solution that doesn't involve me spending money? Thanks in advance.
  5. I was previously working my way through a beginner/intermediate C++ book designed to teach C++ as a language and not specifically toward games programming. Perhaps half way through the book I was basically forced to move and ended up travelling quite a long distance away from my old house. Anyway, as you can probably predict by now, I left the C++ for the time being while I was busy with the moving and everything it entails. Anyway, I've just finished my exams and have a bit of free time available now :). Now, my main question is what people recommend for me to do now. I still have the C++ book, but have forgotten a large chunks of it (although I expect it would come back fairly easily). However, instead of just motoring through the book, I want to actually start doing what I inteded to do in the first place: learn to make games. I don't want to spend any money on any more books, until I can guarantee that I'm interested in it so does anyone know of any tutorials that will guide me through making a couple of games. I don't mind starting off with 2D games at first, I'd just need it to be step by step with everything (including the code) there to make it easy to follow. I don't care if it's OpenGL, DirectX or anything else, I'd just like to actually start looking at game programming. A tutorial/e-book that covers sound and uses the C++ language would be more helpful to me, however, but I'd take whatever there is. From there when I go to start making my own games I can then use my C++ book as a reference for the coding issues. Sorry it I've drivvled on and thanks for any feedback.
  6. Clotty

    What is this trying to show?

    What is 'SimpleCat&' doing inside of the parentheses of the copy constructor on like 9?
  7. I'm learning about pointers and references. I have the following code... The bracket sections of the comment marks are what I don't understand. Also, you might want to bear in mind that this is the first time I'm being ontroduced to copy constructors. // Passing Objects by Reference #include <iostream> using namespace std; class SimpleCat { public: SimpleCat (); // constructor SimpleCat (SimpleCat&); //copy consructor (why have SimpleCat& inside the brackets? Does the & do anything) ~SimpleCat(); // destructor }; SimpleCat::SimpleCat() { cout << "Simple Cat Constructor..." << endl; } SimpleCat::SimpleCat(SimpleCat&) { cout << "Simple Cat Copy Constructor.." << endl; } SimpleCat::~SimpleCat() { cout << "Simple Cat Destructor.." << endl; } SimpleCat FunctionOne (SimpleCat theCat); // SimpleCat* FunctionTwo (SimpleCat *theCat); // int main() { cout << "Making a cat..." << endl; SimpleCat Frisky; cout << "Calling FunctionOne..." << endl; FunctionOne(Frisky); cout << "Calling FunctionTwo..." << endl; FunctionTwo(&Frisky); char response; cin >> response; return 0; } // FunctionOne passes by value SimpleCat FunctionOne(SimpleCat theCat) { cout << "Function One. Returning..." << endl; return theCat; } // FunctionTwo passes by reference SimpleCat* FunctionTwo(SimpleCat *theCat) { cout << "Function Two. Returning..." << endl; return theCat; } Now the output SHOULD, in theory, be ... Making a cat ... Simple Cat Constructor... Calling Function One... Simple Cat Copy Constructor.. FunctionOne. Returning... Simple Cat Copy Constructor... Simple Cat Destructor... Calling Function Two... Function Two. Returning... Simple Cat Destructor... Now, would someone please be kind enough tell me what is going on and the basic message of this example that I need to understand. Thanks in advance.
  8. Clotty

    Would like advice

    I remembered the last part ... Part 7 - Legal Issues: I know that there are serious legal considerations to take into account with something like this. And I just wondered what my rights would be generally ... if it was freeware or if I decided it was good enough to sell. What programs can't I use if I want to sell this or don't want to release source code? Do any of you know much about the player rights aswell? I couldn't use real player names legally, without permission from whoever owns them ... could I? Please... feedback it wanted.
  9. Clotty

    Would like advice

    Firstly, I think I should warn you this is quite a long post ... I'm learning C++ and would say I'm bordering the beginner/intermiediate line. Once I get conpetent I'm going to attempt to make my first decent game, a football management simulation. I'd say I'm half-way there. I'm progressing steadily and am beginning to picture mental images of how things could piece together. However, I have some questions that have arose in my learning. I'll split this into seven different sections. Part 1 - The Database: Obviously, for a soccer management game I'll need a stable database and I was thinking what database utilities would you recommend me to go into? SQL? Oracle? Then the question is how hard would it be to learn? Are there any other suggestions on how I could (or should) build the database. I was also thinking of just using .txt files and using file input/output. It would be a lot simpler and easier for others to go in and edit the in-game database themselves. Do you think this would be a good option to take instead? Part 2 - Graphical User Interface: The other question I have is where to learn about building a GUI for my game and what would be the best language to use? Again, how difficult can this be to learn? I was thinking of using OpenGL, SDL or DirectX as opposed to Win32 or something like that. Graphically speaking, I'd be able to achieve a lot more. What do you recommend? Part 3 - The Game Engine: The most difficult thing I think the game will bring will be programming the match engine, especially if it's going to be in 2D, like I would eventually hope (otherwise it will just be a running commentary). I expect to start with I'll just use commentary or even just a generated match result. I already have source code on the commentary (i.e a list different possible statements to print in every situation) Any suggestions on how I could tackle this? The actual programming of how each player responds it particularly what I'm worried about. Part 4 - Assembling a team?: Finally, I have expectations to really get this simulation to a good standard. Would you recommend that I get some other people to work with me on this project so we can spilt up the tasks. Maybe someone would work on the GUI, someone else organizing the databse and another person coding the actual game (with the others helping complete this task when their assignments have been finished) - something like that anyway. Part 5 - The graphics: I doubt a football management simulation is going to require a lot of graphics, but if I used a 2D match engine, I think I would need to use one. What would you recommend? SDL? OpenGL? DirectX? How difficult will this be, roughly? And this match engine brings me to another section ... Part 6 - The AI: I need to look into the AI for not only the match engine, but also the computer's handling of non-user managed teams. I don't know much about the AI so any general comments about this would be appreaciated greatly. Part seven has skipped my mind ... maybe it will come back to me and I'll post it afterwards. Also, tutorials, articles and any generally relevant addition information would be recieved gladly along with any other general feedback. Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm looking into a project that would see a game made and then available for sale on the internet. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a simple break-down of what I can use/do and what I can't use/do if I want to make money from this project. I will be using C++, which causes no problems. A text files for the database (as I thought I might run into legal problems if I used SQL (or one of it's modified programs), Access or Oracle. Where I have the real issue though is with what I use to create the GUI and other graphics. I was looking at the SDL license and think that I'd have to release source code if I used that and wouldn't be able to charge more than the costs of distribution for the game. What about if I used DirectX, Direct3d ... and other Direct constituents? Would I have legal problems then? Can anyone recommend a place where I can read on this stuff without being bogged down with irrelevant information? Finally, are there any other legal issues that I should take note of?
  11. Clotty

    Help on Win32 programming

    I'm in a similar situation, too. If I learned SDL, would I be able to make a GUI for a game I want to make? For any of you who have played it, I'd be particularly hoping to make a GUI similar to Football Manager 2005 or the Championship Manager series. Thanks in advance.
  12. Clotty

    Graphical User Interface

    Quote:Original post by Motz Attractive graphics are fine in full screen applications like games, but if you are writing a Windows application, make it fit in with its ecosystem so that the end user doesn't have to relearn his intuition just for your application. I was wanting a make a GUI for a game, thats why I wanted to know about skinning. Anyway, any more input/advice/suggestions anyone can offer me?
  13. Clotty

    Graphical User Interface

    Thanks. I've been looking at things and, even if it's not the easiest option, I think it would be best for me to build a GUI using Win32 and learning the programming commands that come with it. I do have another question, or two, though? How difficult will learning an API like Win32 be? How difficult will it be to learn about skinning so I can spruce up the look of my GUI? [Edited by - Clotty on July 16, 2005 11:45:11 PM]
  14. Clotty

    Graphical User Interface

    Thanks... I'll check those all out! Can these programs all be used with C++ and create windows programs?
  15. Well I saw "Design" and thought this would probably be the most relevant place to start my thread. If I'm wrong, I apologize. For a program/game I'm planning to make, I'll need to create a very sound GUI. I don't really know an awful lot about it apart from that I think I should start with an API instead of an MFC. I've looked at a few (rather poorly written) tutorials and seen that for me to make a good GUI, a lot of code (it looked like a lot of code anyway) would need to be learned by me. If that's the only option that comes with making a GUI in C++, then I guess I'll have to deal with it, but I was wondering whether there is a simplified way to make GUI's, similar to what VB6 offers - it just makes things so much easier. Any links you think I should look at to learn more? A recommended tutorials? How hard will it be to learn in comparison with C++? Thanks in advance.
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