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  1. I'm trying to develop a 2D app with OpenGL, and I'd like to use 3x3 homogeneous matrices (since there is no third dimension). I was wondering if there was a way of turning the MODELVIEW matrix into a 3x3 (other than just copying values to the x,y homogeneous spaces) - something like a glSetMatrixSize(GL_3X3)??? I don't mind rolling my own 3x3 matrix lib, but it would be nice to use OpenGL's built in matrix.
  2. sevensevens

    Opengl noob, need help.

    Try removing the 2 lines //Reset model view matrix glMatrixMode(GL_MODELVIEW); glLoadIdentity(); and see if that fixes it. Modelview is orthogonal projection, which throws away the z value.
  3. sevensevens

    xml and dynamic loading

    XML is just a way (a good way) of formatting your files. If you want to dynamically load your map, then you probably want a "Map Tile" tag in your XML that would look something like <map_tile loc="x,y">filename</map_tile>. Once you have this, just load/unload each map tile as it is needed.
  4. The theoretical "best" solution would be to save each event with a time-stamp and play it back, but sometimes you've painted yourself into a corner (maybe you added a random number generator and didn't bother to save the seed :). I'd save the path that players (and objects) take thru the world at some descrete time interval, and see if that fit your needs.
  5. Accumulation buffers are pretty standard - it is possible the the macbook doesn't have one, but I'd be surprised. I can't help you more without a rundown of the hardware specs on each machine - I would look at what type of card your windows box has vs your macbook. Another potential source of slowdown is the way you're drawing code works. One common mistake is to use glVertex to send each point or vertex to the video card - doing that will cause your code to run horribly slow.
  6. sevensevens

    Rendering light trail

    I'd render the scene with no trail first, remember where each light was in SCREEN COORDINATES, change the projection matrix to an orthogonal one, then draw your trails.
  7. sevensevens

    How to creat a wall clock

    Look at the NeHe tutorials.
  8. sevensevens

    Storing Game State Efficiently

    Its difficult to say if its right or wrong based on the code snippet. The idea behind delta compression is that most of the world state doesn't change that often. Stuff like player position and velocity will change almost every frame (if not every frame), so you have to resend that data as much as possible (cubic splines are your friend here). Where delta compression works is for stuff like inventory, stats, etc. Keeping with your MMO idea, you'd send your entire inventory and stats at login, and then have special messages to update as you played. So delta compression wouldn't be appropriate for stuff like player position, but would be useful for something like the players in a zone, or the stat of the quest your in.
  9. Are you using radians or degrees? The C++ math library uses radians, which could be your problem.
  10. sevensevens

    Motion Blur

    I think it'd be easier just to make sure that the player didn't get too close to any one polygon. Motion blur is just a way to make transitions from frames look smoother.
  11. sevensevens

    Full Sail: Is it worth it? (Please help!)

    I usually just read post like this (its pretty entertaining sometimes:), but I actually have something simi-constructive to add to this one! Some of the larger CS universities have programs in Human Computer Interaction(HCI). You have to take all the required CS courses, but you also have to take courses in Psychology, and a few HCI specific courses. The idea being that you'll make software less annoying. While this is not directly related to gaming, it does so how seemingly unrelated classes can actually be very beneficial. Right now Carnegie-Mellon (CMU) and Georgia Tech (GT) have two excellent programs. Both schools also offer courses (and in CMU's case a degree) in game design.
  12. sevensevens

    Multiple Fullscreen Windows

    I've never played with mutliple monitors before, but you could create WS_POPUP windows, and align them on the screen boundary (i.e. if the screen res is 1024x768 for each monitor, make every window that size, and tile them across). That would probably be easier than finding hardware dependent solutions, and might actually work better if one screen is a HUD and the other screen is the game.
  13. sevensevens

    Quick Question about Cover Letters

    Your cover letter should state your personal motivations for wanting the job. I'm a CS grad, and I generally don't bother putting a cover-letter on my resume (and yes, I do have a good job now). A cover letter is a good place to go into detail about things in your resume, but don't lie or get really sappy on them. Once you get work experience in your field, the cover-letter becomes much less important as people can see that you'll work hard (hopefully). Back to your original question, I would not say anything about contacting them in the cover letter - most companies won't let you talk to hiring people directly, and even if they did, most resumes will get culled by a computer filter, so theirs a good chance that no one would have looked at it. The company has already made its decision, so a follow up call will, at most, get you a "Sorry."
  14. sevensevens

    Abstracting a game engine

    That will be dependent on features, but the Ogre3D engine is a great example of how to use OOP.
  15. sevensevens

    First time Post and questions

    I'm not that familiar with tinyXML, but it looks like your code will break if the XML is nested more than 2 deep. You might want to consider using pointers so you can dynamically add nested nodes. Like Replicon, I'd also discourage stuff like <code>GameObjectMap["someObject"][1]["someAttribute"];</code> as null pointers and implicit object creation bugs hide in lines like these.
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