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  1. tcrock

    Program Help

    Thanks, for the help.... However, I still am getting errors pertaining to the call to board says "board is undeclared" any ideas??
  2. tcrock

    Program Help

    Ok, this is my source code for a Connect 4 game, however I am having trouble getting things to work correctly Firstly... I need help passing a 2D array into a function..How can that be done? >>> shows where the problem lies Any help is greatly appreciated! #include <iostream> using namespace std; //Function Prototypes void Player_Turn(int&); void The_Board(int, int, int, int, int, bool&); // Draws Board To Screen void Drop(int, char[][7], bool, int, int); int main(char board) { // Intializes board const int MAX_ROWS = 6; const int MAX_COLUMN = 7; int player=1; bool blank = true; //Used to keep track of # of moves for high score int drop1=0; int drop2=0; Player_Turn(player); cout << endl; >>>>>>Drop(player, board[][7], blank, drop1, drop2); The_Board(player, drop1, drop2, MAX_ROWS, MAX_COLUMN, blank); // Keeps screen up to display board int hold = 0; cin >> hold; return 0; } //Function determines which players turn it is to play piece void Player_Turn(int &player) { if(player == 1) { cout << "Player 1's Turn " << endl; player = 2; } else if(player == 2) { cout << "Player 2's Turn " << endl; player = 1; } } //Function displays the board void The_Board(int player, int drop1, int drop2, int MAX_ROWS, int MAX_COLUMN, bool &blank) { char board[6][7];; char bottom = '='; char side = '|'; int tick = 0; //Clears Array of garbage for(int clear_row = 0; clear_row < 7; clear_row++) { for(int clear_col= 0; clear_col < 6; clear_col++) board[clear_row][clear_col]; } for (int row = 0; row < 7; row++) { cout << side; for (int column = 0; column < 6; column++) { cout << board[row][column] << side; } cout << endl; } for(int loop = 0; loop < 13; loop++) cout << bottom; cout << endl; } //Function determines where player chooses to drop piece void Drop(int player, char board[][7], bool blank, int drop1, int drop2) { int choice; cout << "Please choose a column (1-7):"; cin >> choice; choice = (choice - 1) ; if (choice > 6 || choice < 0) cout << "Invalid Column Choice, Choose Another" << endl; do{ if(player == 1) { for (int i=6; i > 0; i--) { if(board[choice] != '\0' || board[choice] != ' ') { blank = true; drop1++; board[choice] = 1; } else { blank = false; i+=1; } }} else if(player == 2) for (int i=6; i > 0; i--) { if(board[choice] != '\0' || board[choice] != ' ') { blank = true; drop2++; board[choice] = 2; } else { blank = false; i+=1; } } }while(!blank); }
  3. If I would like to have a career in Game Development (either a Game Designer or Programmer), is it a must to a degree in either Software Engineering or Computer Science? Seeing that Math isnt my strong suit, I would not fair to well in either of the previous fields since, they both require a high level of mathematics. Also, what other fields are involved with game creation portion of Game Development that can be a career field? Thanks, Any help is appreciated
  4. tcrock

    waves hello to everone.

    I took a quick glimpse over it, looks fine to me, I see no glaring problems. Good luck with it... ~tcrock~
  5. tcrock


    any answers?? need to know, please thanks
  6. tcrock


    anyone, please...
  7. tcrock


    I have an internship coming up in a couple of months and I want my resume for appliance to look nice What are some good certifications that I should get as a programmer that can be beneficial?? Such as Microsoft Office and things like that Thanks a lot..
  8. tcrock


    Me and my group are creating a game, and once it is done we plan to put it up for shareware can anyone tell me how to go about doing so?? In depth, I really dont know much about it... Thanks alot
  9. tcrock


    Ok, I plan to create a simple yet entertaining game but what engine should I use?? Is the quake engine going to assist in a 3-D game? Most likely the game will be a 2-D game programmed in C++ so what is the best engine to use if not the quake engine?? Also can you explain what a engine does? Other than jus saying it is what displays your graphics I am stuck understanding this! thanks alot
  10. tcrock


    what are/is the "suits"?? Thanks for the replies
  11. tcrock


    Alright here is the situation.. I love games, I plan to get into the world of Game Designing so I need to know what posistion I should strive for! =I want to make the concepts for the games =I want to dictate what the graphics look like =I am in the process of learning C++ =I want to be able to make the A.I. realistic So what job in the gaming industry would suit my taste?? any questions ask any comments appreciated Thanks A 1000GBs
  12. tcrock

    A Lil Advice

    I know a little Python about as much as the average american knows spanish not that much!! I was thinking about learning C++ but is a hard language to learn??Is it something I can learn quick and then build upon it later?? Also I plan on learning this because Starting in Novemeber I have an internship and I would like to learn now so I dont have to hold them back waiting to learn! SO what are the easiest languages to learn that are used in the programming industry other than C++ that would be beneficial?? Thanks :)
  13. tcrock

    A Lil Advice

    I plan on becoming a Game Programmer, as of now I know only how to program in Basic so what I wanted to know is what do you suggest I learn now??(In terms of prgramming languages geared towards game programming!)? Thanks for any help!
  14. tcrock

    What is......

    What do you use the Quake engines and other game engines to do?? What types of games can you make with them? Thanks alot!
  15. tcrock

    Starting Out.......

    thanks, does any1 else have more??
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