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  1. georgwaechter

    Installation builder for linux?

    Hello guys, I'm currently searching the internet for an installation builder like Innosetup for Linux. Or e.g. Install wise, but I can't find software like that. Does somebody know such software? greetings from germany georg edit: I need such a software to distribute a Mono application.
  2. georgwaechter

    How to use delete ?

    Hello, you don't have to allocate a char buffer for the string "hello", because the string is saved statically in the exe file. The line "zak.name = "hello";" does NOT copy the string into the buffer. This line is only an assignment of the pointer, which points to the string "hello". So you don't have to use new char[] and delete[]. By the way: If you use new[] you always have to use delete[]. georg
  3. georgwaechter

    Free C++ compiler and IDE for windows

    hm i would say: The cygwin (gnu port) compiler + codeblocks IDE. Or you use eclipse, which is also very powerful. georg
  4. georgwaechter

    Engine Test Request

    works fine with 80 - 100 fps on Intel P4 2,66 GHZ 640 MB RAM Gefroce 4 Ti 4800 SE georg
  5. georgwaechter

    OpenAL tutorials?

    hello, here you can find maybe some tuts, that are interesting for you: http://www.devmaster.net/articles.php (scroll down to the bottom) georg
  6. Quote:Original post by _swx_ If by "commercial" you mean games you'll actually see in stores, then yes, they are almost exclusively written in C or C++. Seeing how most companies already have large C/C++ codebases, and are the only languages really supported by consoles, things likely wont change for a long time. I mainly agree with you, but I think that for exampe C# will be supported by consoles too. With XNA the .net framework will be available for the next X-Box. But of course it can take a long time until this is accepted by game developers. georg
  7. georgwaechter

    New to C++

    or cin.get(); georg
  8. georgwaechter

    Tracking invalid memory accesses

    Hi, there is a WinAPI function, that is able to determine whether a pointer is valid or not. http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/memory/base/isbadreadptr.asp Maybe that helps. georg
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