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    Music Organizer?

    I recently switched from iTunes to Realplayer. I like Realplayer's interface alot more, and it's not slow like iTunes, but there is one feature I miss. This would be the organization of music files. In iTunes, all of my music was copied as soon as I played it in iTunes to the iTunes folder in My Music. It's organized by Artist, and then under each artists folder, it was organized by Album. Now, I loved this, as it kept all my media in one place. So, I'm wondering if theres any tools to organized music, like iTunes does, but without the media player and everything else included?
  2. MrWeet

    Hard Drive Problems

    All working now! Thanks for the help guys, and especially Nemesis2k2!
  3. MrWeet

    Hard Drive Problems

    Well, I can browse all directories in the drive fine, except for Documents And Settings/Owner. The owner folder says "Access Denied" and there is nothing I can do to open it.
  4. MrWeet

    Hard Drive Problems

    Well, I just got back from vacation (click here). Upon return, I salvaged an 80GB HD from my old Compaq Presario. But, with my luck, the folder which contains the documents folder (My Music, My Pictures, Etc as well), is locked. I have no access to it. Any ideas on how I may fix this?
  5. MrWeet

    Opinions on flying

    I'm leaving from Albany, NY to Atlanta, GA to Valdosta, GA where a family member is going to drive me to FL from.
  6. MrWeet

    Opinions on flying

    Quote:Original post by gavco98 Quote:Original post by python_regious Quote:Original post by The Frugal Gourmet But, it's also very safe. Hmmmm... Depends on how you interpret the data. I read a report once that stated if you take the distance travelled, then flying is by far the safest way. However, if you take the time taken travelling, then it's about as safe as a motorbike. It doesnt matter how you interpret the data, more people die every six months on american highways than have EVER been killed on an aircraft! As for the other questions, your free to walk around the cabin if you wish, but whats the point, theres nowhere to go. Also the TV depends on what airline your flying with. If its a low cost then you wont have a TV at all, although JetBlue does differ from other locos and offers a TV service, where I believe you get a choice of what you wish to watch. Other lagacy carriers will offer tv on longer flights, New York - Florida will be 2 hours so they might just show a few episodes of the simpsons or something similar. Where did you get two hours from? It's gonna take well over seven hours for me to get there. Quote: Depart: Thu 24-Nov-05 at 12:40 PM Arrive: Thu 24-Nov-05 at 7:39 PM We have a three hour layover in Atlanta, then we go from Atlanta to FL. Its only like 3 hours in the air, but a 3 hour layover. [sad]
  7. MrWeet

    Loosening a screw

    Theres stuff that comes in a spray can called "PB Blaster", it will loosen anything you need it to. WD40 is like water compared to this stuff. [lol]
  8. MrWeet

    Opinions on flying

    Quote:Original post by The Frugal Gourmet Quote:Original post by MrWeet Woah woah woah. Why do they roll over and nosedive. Are you serious?! Sorry. Just teasing. Oh good. [lol] I was starting to get just a bit nervous there.
  9. MrWeet

    Opinions on flying

    Quote:Original post by The Frugal Gourmet Quote:Original post by capn_midnight I liked takeoff, especially looking out the window. Of course, I drive way too fast on the highway, so it was normal for me to see trees blurred like that. It's definitely the most fun. But if you're nervous, I'm sure it's the scariest part as well. My least favorite part of flying is when the plane rolls over on its belly and nosedives 10,000 feet. Woah woah woah. Why do they roll over and nosedive. Are you serious?!
  10. MrWeet

    Opinions on flying

    Thanks for replies. [smile] I'm looking forward to the trip, its a whole seven hours long! Probably gonna bring a Gameboy or something with me. Wish I had a PSP or DS to bring, but unfortunatley I dont [sad]. I've also heard that as soon as you get off the plane, its good to go straight to your next plane so you don't miss it, as t he stations are quite big, and it takes alot of time to get from terminal to terminal. I was also wondering if you guys have any advice? The more advice I get the less things I will do to get me lost/in trouble/hurt. [lol]
  11. MrWeet

    Opinions on flying

    Well, tomorrow morning I'm flying from New York to Florida. I'm sort of nervous cause I've never flew before. I have a friend who flys all the time coming with me, so I won't be alone. But, I have no clue what its like on a plane. From what I've gathered from movies: - Planes are less cramped then buses. - Take off and landing is the scariest part. - You can't get up and walk around or anything. - They have TV's to watch if your bored. - The seats are uncoftorable. So, I was wondering what your opinions about flying are, and are my guesses (taken from movies) accurate?
  12. MrWeet

    I love the new layout

    The new GDNet layout kicks ass. I love it. Good job GDNet!
  13. MrWeet

    DNS Error

    Does it work in another browser, Mozilla, Firefox, etc?
  14. MrWeet

    Halo 2.5?

    GMR (from EBgames) said that they had confirmed Halo 2.5 was coming out. I believe it was in the GMR issue with the Halo 2 review in it (has Master Chief on the cover, long 3-4 page review of Halo 2 in the middle of the book). If I find it, I will scan it and upload it for you.
  15. MrWeet

    The Ultimate GPU

    This wont happen. Companies have the technology to release much faster GPU's, but release them slowly for the money (my opinion). Whether that is true or not, I'm not entirely sure. But, it dosen't seem reasonable to release this "ultimate gpu", as it would put other companies and even the company who made it out of business.
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