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    Electronic vr. Orchestrated

    It really depends on what kind of mood you are trying to set and also what kind of game you are working on. There are certain situations when an orchestral score might not completely cut it for a certain mood or setting, that's where synthesizers come in. There are a few softsynths I use that come close to an acoustic sound, but there is always a little telltale nuance in the sound that automatically tips you off that it's coming from a synth. There are a variety of sampling software and sample libraries out there which contain samples of actual orchestral instruments in a variety of different articulations, even these have setbacks though. They can still sound fake even though they are sampled from the actual instrument. The trick for realism lies in the sequencing itself. If you sequence an orchestral piece in the exact same way you sequence, lets say, a techno piece, it isn't going to sound like a real orchestra (playing wise). The real power, as was stated, is in the hands of the composer.
  2. ElendarSilvermoon

    Who Are your Inspirations

    My influences are all over the place. I'd have to say I draw much of my inspiration at the moment from Howard Shore's works from the Lord of the Rings. The songs never bore me, which is very rare. I also draw some inspiration from the works of Haydn, Beethoven and Handel. Outside of classical alot of my inspiration is drawn from new age artists such as Enya, Kitaro and Mari Fujiwara and industrial/ebm such as Front 242, Front Line Assembly, Combichrist and Grendel. I add different variants of these styles to my music which generates a sound a bit different from others.
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