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  1. medevilenemy

    Why are RTS games becoming unpopular?

    I could be wrong, but part of the problem is probably that there's only really one current Triple-A RTS title with any mindshare these days, and that's Starcraft II.  The Age of Empires series has been gone in its real form for years, along with Empire Earth and Rise of Nations.  Thus the genre is poorly represented, providing few *major* options that a lot of people know about, and that one primary option feels very different from the more casual style of AoE.   It should also be noted that Ensemble Studios (and thus the AoE series) was eliminated not because of commercial failure, but because it evidently fit Microsoft's strategy (though I don't really get that), and the IP has not seen a major new entry since (Age of Empires Online was very unsuccessful.  This is what they get for trying to turn AoE into a weird F2P social game thing)
  2. medevilenemy

    DIY NAS, RAID/ZFS questions

    The consensus, then, seems to correspond to my instinct, which is to maintain a separate backup copy in addition to the RAID 5, despite the space inefficiency.  I agree that tape backup doesn't really seem feasible.  Maybe it will be worth looking into in the future, but right now HDD backup should suffice.  I'll re-evaluate my arrangement the next time I decide I need to expand storage (which *shouldn't* be for at least a couple years, hopefully not for a few).  Thus I should have two layers of defense... the one disk of redundancy RAID 5 provides, and a full backup to separate drives (currently in a separate machine, possibly taken offline completely).  Obviously, if my house burns down or something I'm in severe trouble, but I'd have much bigger problems to worry about in that event.   I have a pair of hard drive "toasters", so access to offline drives is not a problem.    So, the arrangement as planned (and discussed with a friend who has been running similar systems for a few years): Fractal Design Node 804 MATX case (Space for 8 3.5" drives, plus a couple SSDs.  I'll be using 4 to start, so lots of space to expand if I want to in the future) i5-4440s CPU (Massive Overkill, but should provide good flexibility... Probably going to run a mumble server and a couple other things for my friends off it) Cooler Master V650 PSU (MASSIVELY overkill... it was on sale!) ASRock H97M Motherboard 8 GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600 4x HGST Desktar NAS 4TB 7200RPM Hard drives 120GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD as main system/server software drive 2x yearish old 4TB NAS drives as separate backup.  When I get into the top 4TB of the array, I'll re-evaluate/get another drive for backup (at which time prices will have dropped)   RAID arrangement:  Standard linux software RAID 5 with the 4 new drives, formatted with XFS (The consensus from google searches and my friend seem to suggest that XFS is best for this purpose, and has fewest questions as to reliability.  ZFS introduces too many questions, and btrfs appears to be couple/few more years from being ready).   Thanks for the comments, all.  I'm feeling rather better about this now.  More than happy to discuss it further if anyone is interested/has further suggestions.
  3. medevilenemy

    DIY NAS, RAID/ZFS questions

    Because I've more or less run out of disk space on my existing small on board RAID, I've decided to build a DIY NAS/Media server (on the advice of a friend, this approach seems to be cheaper and more flexible than an off the shelf NAS).  All the parts are on their way, but I've encountered a couple concerns I'm not sure about, and I wonder if anyone might have any advice:   1) I'm using normal consumer grade parts (with some NAS grade hard drives), including a run of the mill mobo and non-ECC RAM.  A friend suggests I use ZFS as the filesystem on the drives, but a quick google search pulls up lots of examples of people saying not to use non-ECC RAM with ZFS.  Is this really a problem worth worrying about?  If so:  What is a good alternative?   2) I'm trying to decide on a RAID level/arrangement to use.  I'll have 6 drives, all of equal size, including two which are currently in use in a RAID 1.  I want to keep risk of data loss to a reasonable minimum, so I'm currently thinking of setting up the 4 new drives in RAID 5 (RAIDZ?) and keep the older pair as separate drives for backup.  The thing is that if I were to get a 7th drive to cover the full capacity of the RAID, space efficiency would only be around 42% (3 drives for backup, one drive worth for parity, 3 for actual data).  Is this a bad idea?  The general consensus online seems to be that RAID 5 alone isn't trustworthy, and that one should always have some form of backup, so I'm rather worried.
  4. medevilenemy

    Best comment ever

    I ran across that stackoverflow thread years ago I think, and if memory serves my favorite (though there are so many gems in there!) was something along the lines of   // I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.   Sometimes I'm also partial to something along the lines of // What kind of idiot wrote this? bad code goes here // Oh, it was me.   I'm rather satisfied by the fact that the company I work for has a revision control submission tracker thing that keeps track of what people think are the funniest submit comments.
  5. I hope the Age of Empires series gets some love in a later part :)  I, for one, always preferred those.  Though in a way, you can sort of make the Age of Empires is to warcraft and particularly starcraft what battlefield is to CoD...  Good games for different types of players.
  6. medevilenemy

    Time for some new headphones

    I've looked at a few sennheiser models... Its hard to get a sense of relative audio quality outside of the models listed on (with their frequency response charts), but the big thing is that the sennheiser models I've seen don't seem very portable.  They generally seem to lack detachable cables and more importantly they're non-collapsible.  This is the same concern I have with the beyerdynamic models I've read into.    Does anyone have a specific recommendation within my preferences? Relatively flat audio -- no overwhelming bass and good mids/highs ~$100-$200 price range Over-ear Closed Comfortable Reasonably portable (so they don't get damaged or take up a lot of space in a backpack, for instance) Detachable cables are a plus (for versatility, durability, and portability)   Of what I've seen so far, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 32 Ohm seem really nice, but they're kind of huge and not portable, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x and M40x have really versatile designs (swiveling, collapsing, detachable cables), but I wonder if the M50x are overkill and they're a bit expensive for what they add, and I can't find any word on the M40x's audio quality (and the impression I get is that Audio-Technica's stock earcups aren't very comfortable, though velvet aftermarket ones are available online)
  7. medevilenemy

    Time for some new headphones

    I'm looking for over-ear not on-ear this time (in the hopes that isolation will be good and comfort would be better).
  8. medevilenemy

    Time for some new headphones

      Yeah, I was turned off to beats when the a beats representative confirmed that they were not an electronics company, but a fashion company. haha.      I was turned off to beats when *THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP <AAH MY EARS>.   the DT770s seem nice, though they're expensive, though I'm somewhat disappointed in their apparant lack of versitility... I use my headphones when I travel and such, and those aren't collapseable and have a static cord (the collapseability is a bigger deal to me than the static cord, though detachable cords are cool), though I hear they are phenominally comfortable.
  9. medevilenemy

    Time for some new headphones

    Beats, at least, does indeed sound pretty bad to me.  I'm looking for closed open ear monitors or equivalent.  Something nice and flatish in frequency response, and comfortable.  Kind of lost at this point.  I'm tempted to attempt the M50s/M50xs with velvet earpads, though that feels like a big risk considering the stock M50s seemed uncomfortable (for about 20 minutes of experimentation with a coworker's).  As always, all suggestions/thoughts welcome.  This is interesting in any case.
  10. medevilenemy

    Time for some new headphones

    I checked.  Unfortunately there isn't a Guitar Center for some distance from here.  Good idea, though.
  11. medevilenemy

    Time for some new headphones

    I'd go for the M50x's in a minute if I were more confident in the fit/comfort (though sound professionals sells them with a free set of velvet earpads which are said to be far more comfortable).  I've also had the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 32s suggested but I'd prefer something collapseable, and the Sony MDR-7506 though those seem to be rather limited in the high end.  Hmm.  This is hard :)   Thanks for the comments so far.
  12. medevilenemy

    Time for some new headphones

    The studio sort seems more my speed, I don't like the overblown bass common these days, and I can hear a lot of the subtleties in music, though not as much as a true audiophile.  I suppose that makes me more of a casual enthusiast :)
  13. medevilenemy

    Time for some new headphones

    So, I'm in the market for a new pair of headphones, sub $200 US.  (I prefer closed back, over-ear)  A couple people have suggested the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 or M50x, and I've tried on a pair of M50s... They do sound pretty excellent, though the earcups felt a little small to me.  What do you all think?  I definitely like the nice flatish frequency response, but I'm overall not particularly an audiophile.  Would you suggest trying them, or perhaps there's some alternative that you think would be better? (I'm also considering stepping it down to the M40x or an equivalent, since they're significantly cheaper)
  14. medevilenemy

    Unity Raycast issue

    Because the interactions involved aren't simple if collided do this.  There are other characteristics and controls involved (though nothing unmanageable).  However, any difference in complexity is probably not terribly big, since I'm already using SendMessage -- the piping for figuring out when/how to send the messages would just be different.  I'll almost certainly end up rewriting bits of the code for greater efficiency as I add more capabilities to it, so who knows what the final form will look like.
  15. medevilenemy

    Unity Raycast issue

    That's an interesting thought.  It would probably be a bit more complicated to code, since it would need to distinguish between the various types of colliding objects and figure out which ones it cares about after the fact, but doable.  I don't what, if any, practical benefit there'd be, but its worthy of some research. <bookmarks discussion for future reference>
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