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    What are ROPs & TMUs?

    The ROP is the unit that performs the final procedure in displaying your screen. When pixels are computed, for example, via shader, they must be blended according to their associated depth and associated blend functions. It's the ROP's job to perform this blending and then place the pixel value at its location "on the screen" (which is actually just a place in memory effectively). TMUs I know about are Texture Mapping Units, and they're fairly old technology. I can't find anything on Texture Memory Units. I can tell you that nowadays textures are loaded into GPU memory instead of RAM. Otherwise, I'm not sure what you're asking about.
  2. dbzprogrammer

    Google Wave

    Anyone else got developer accounts? I'm looking for some people to test it out with before I start designing my wave robot.
  3. dbzprogrammer

    A naive economic, recession fixing question

    Quote:Original post by LessBread You're not the first to post about the fairtax on these boards... Thanks man!
  4. dbzprogrammer

    A naive economic, recession fixing question

    Quote:Original post by Naurava kulkuri Quote:Original post by dbzprogrammer Do you have statistics to back your claim that the wealthy just play in the stock market? Are you aware that they are inclined to play in the stock market because of a lower rate of taxation? Perhaps if the cost of investing in productive endeavors went down, which is what the FairTax... To me it looks contradictory to ask for statistics to back-up a claim, but then to go on by yourself to give an opinion piece why it is so – that is if you are opposing and consequently asking for statistics. Anyway, Krugman wrote related to playing in stock-markets in his article Rewarding Bad Actors. I have a strong feeling that investments to high-performance computing have soared during these past few years. Not least because those were the assets that were instantly sold from bankrupt companies to other financial institutions. Thanks for the link. Yea, I asked those questions in a weird way. I actually don't disagree with him on the point that wealthy people tend to play in the stock market, but I personally haven't seen any statistics for what he argued. I'm genuinely curious about it. Guess it's not good to ask that in the middle of a claim. =\
  5. dbzprogrammer

    A naive economic, recession fixing question

    Quote:Original post by LessBread The fairtax is another gimmick to fool people into going along with massive tax cuts for the super wealthy. You want a fair tax system? Jack up the top rates to the 70% rate they were back in the 1960's. Then pay down the national debt. Once the debt is paid down, bring the top rates down to 50%. Do you want to know why that's fair? It's fair because the wealthiest make their money off the backs of everyone else. When the wealthiest get tax cuts, they don't invest that money into productive endeavors, they use it to gamble in the stock market. Tax cuts free them up to take unreasonable risks. Easy come, easy go. Tax hikes on the other hand force them to behave as sober investors. The fair tax raises rates on the poorest of the poor while massively cutting rates for the richest of the rich. It's a total sham pushed by charlatans. Except for the fact that basic needs are non-taxable. Do you have statistics to back your claim that the wealthy just play in the stock market? Are you aware that they are inclined to play in the stock market because of a lower rate of taxation? Perhaps if the cost of investing in productive endeavors went down, which is what the FairTax would do, they would be more inclined to do so? Let's not forget the mass amounts of foreign investment that would be attracted to the country. Would you be happy paying 1% less on your mortgage? HostileExpanse, could I see the source that came from? There are many factors that change in the system, and I'm curious to see which ones they considered.
  6. dbzprogrammer

    A naive economic, recession fixing question

    FairTax. Everyone has more disposable income, including the government. Cut out the lobbyist bullshit which Washington has plenty of. Encourage people to earn more. Cuts down interest rates on loans and makes our nation the most popular place for investors to furnish their money in. Encourage people to be more thoughtful about their spending. Did I mention that at the end of the day everyone has more money?
  7. dbzprogrammer

    [C++] bask in my awesomeness.

    I'd love to see this for LOLCAT too.
  8. dbzprogrammer

    Trying to Compile a New Linux Kernel for Debian

    See if this helps: http://kerneltrap.org/node/2318
  9. dbzprogrammer

    Goodbye 4th Ammendment

    Quote:Original post by francoispress I agree with freedom except for civilians being able to have weapons. I think that amendment should have never been created. Really? Increasingly, more and more gun crimes are being committed with illegally trafficked guns. If you stop the legal sale of guns, the only thing that's going to happen is those individuals committing crimes are going to get a break. Guns can be used malevolently, but the proper response isn't throwing out all means of self-defense. You and I should be entitled to the proper equipment to defend ourselves.
  10. dbzprogrammer

    My IQ score

    Quote:Original post by shurcool Is it possible to see which questions you got right/wrong after you complete the free test (at iqtest.com)? Or do you have to pay $10 to do that. Ideally, good tests won't have right or wrong answers. The only thing they'll have is answers which match more complex patterns. It's called matrix recognition, and honestly, don't worry about it.
  11. dbzprogrammer

    Assembling the intellectual elite

    Quote:Original post by Dmytry Quote:Original post by Yann L Quote:Original post by dbzprogrammer How high of an IQ must you have where you could read an 8 1/2 x 11 page of information in 2-3 seconds? None at all. It's called eidetic memory. It is a capability that has nothing to do with intelligence. Back when I was in school, there was this kid who was a complete moron, but he had an exceptionally good memory. He blew everyone away at subjects that required simple memorization of large amounts of information, while 'reading' the material half an hour before the exam (although he couldn't keep the memory for much longer than the exam itself). However, he completely flunked all exams that required actual logical and combinatoric capacities, because he didn't understand what he was memorizing. And he was a royal pain in the ass to deal with. Last I heard from him, he was unemployed and living on welfare... Precisely. Stuff that computer or other stupid device can do, with like billion or trillion times less computing power than human, is obviously bad correlate for intelligence in general. Playing chess for instance is borderline case. It is good correlate for intelligence in humans, but overall, it is not good, because chess computer plays really well while having millionths of human capacity (that being said, to some extent chess computer is a projection of the combined intellect of developers; but then human brain is a projection of about two billions years of evolution, which wasnt evolving chess players. I imagine with enough time (many millions years) you can breed mouse, with mouse sized brain, that beat human at chess). Regarding this whole eidic memory thing... Yes, in and of itself, it proves NOTHING. But this 8 1/2 x 11 page - he didn't just "read" it and remember it. He comprehended it. He could read it as he went, he could decipher it with incredible speed. I had him read a couple essays of mine. About 11 pages in total. He came back less than a minute later (about 40 seconds), and started responding, with detail, to the arguments I made. I realized I asked one question - one specific question. With what I had said before though, I think it's clear that "Tom" is quite intelligent. I have no proof that he could play chess blind. He simply told me, and based off the other things he could do, I had no doubt he could do it. Like most intelligent people though, he was definitely quite arrogant, and there was no room for error for him. I put up with it though, as he had other redeeming qualities.
  12. dbzprogrammer

    Assembling the intellectual elite

    Yes, I know very well that IQ measurement is based on a normal curve. The more deviation up, the growing rarity of your kind. Tell me this though... How high of an IQ must you have where you could read an 8 1/2 x 11 page of information in 2-3 seconds? Yes, according the standard definition of how IQ works, he's off in his statement. But looking at IQ as a measure of mental capacity, instead of relative placement, I think it would be safe to breach the standard limit of 160. While this is my opinion, I would say that "Tom" is probably the smartest person alive. If he is not, I could safely say I've never met a more intelligent person.
  13. dbzprogrammer

    Assembling the intellectual elite

    Quote:Original post by ApochPiQ I'm partially in agreement about labels... I detest the majority of labels that people apply to me, for instance. I certainly know a few perfectly intelligent people who have no interest in things I find fascinating - philosophy, logic, mathematics, the study of human thought, and so on. I would certainly not want to deny them the attribute of "intelligent" on those grounds. However, I do find that with a certain type of intelligence - the kind of knack for synthesis and combining existing ideas into new ones - there is a strong correlation with interest in things like philosophy and the study of thought in general. I suppose that it is primarily this type of person I'm looking to encounter. Hi! Add me to AIM, MSN, or Yahoo - I'd love to chat. Anyways... I love these kinds of posts - look at all the interesting points being made by so many people. Someone made a comment about changing the system... They said you need to change the base, and the top will change thereafter? Certainly sounds like a Barrack Obama idea. What happens when the base only has so much mental capacity? I have met several people who, no matter how hard they try, cannot wrap their heads around certain ideas. I mean, you try explaining to them that certain functions create hyperreal planes with real function similarities, then prove it mathematically - there's only so much you can do in your head. And as you increase the difficulty, you find that less and less people are able to figure out the complexity of the problem. I believe there are limits on how much a person can "naturally" understand before they must be given crutches and process "hacks" to make sense of an idea. Even then, these crutches have holes, they do not guarantee an foolproof method of comprehension of more complex ideas. Why do I think this? Well, let me introduce a very special individual I met a while back. I've been blocked from further communication, but I must say the time I did get to spend with him was incredible. I've never learned so much so quickly. Substituting his real name, I met "Tom" when he was 19. He had a double doctorate in math and computer science and a masters in physics. His IQ was unmeasurable, he estimated it to probably be around 230. He understood differentiation and integration at the age of 5. He was a pain in the ass to deal with at times, but he was incredible insightful. Can I verify this? Well, I verified the doctorate and master degrees, along with the age. But what about the IQ? What about the self-evident calculus capacity his mind had? Well, I can't give you definite answer on that. But I can tell you that when I gave him multi-variable equations to integrate, he could give me an answer in about 3 seconds. I can tell you that he's never lost a chess game online. I can tell you that he's played chess on a cube (virtual), not just a square board. He can also play it blind. Being around someone that smart... I comprehended more and faster than I ever had before. I can only suspect that Apoch is looking for individuals that he can relate to. I understand this "intelligence" he seeks for - the desire for objective, rational truth appeals to many of us. I can only say that should such an organization be created, send notice - I don't want to miss out!
  14. dbzprogrammer

    Obama or McCain?

    Quote:Original post by visage Don't you see that by not voting for either, I am casting my vote against both? Just thought I'd let everyone know that Obama's done quite a bit of this in order to keep his record clean. I have no doubt that he's going to win the election - I think he's a pretty good guy. Just too focused on winning though. On the issue of McCain... There's a true hero! Let's vote for him because he got stabbed some over in Vietnam! [/sarcasm] Nice guy. Really, served our country well. Don't agree on all his policies though. Too bad he doesn't know when he's lost... The sucky part about being a Libertarian is that no one agrees with you, just your foundations... Barr ftw!
  15. dbzprogrammer

    Learning HDR ...

    I've got a quick question, to make sure I understand HDR as it's used for video games... You basically render as if you could render a larger range of luminance, then just scale it down to the actual range?
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