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  1. I've tried a 6800 U card with the latest driver, but it doesnt work. Anybody can tell exactly which card support floating point fbo blending? anyway, thank for andy's suggestion.
  2. i am wondering... my x800 gto only support floating point fbo for non-blending rendering. or has anybody worked around this problem?
  3. hi,actually, my intention is to implement the paper, not to render something in realtime. any other suggestion? what is more, i m not so clear about what the last statement in the following function do and how i can implement the class RiColorXYZV.(it is from the source of the original paper) Thanks... RiSpectrum RiSunSky::GetSkySpectralRadiance(RiReal theta, RiReal phi) const { RiReal gamma = RiAngleBetween(theta,phi,thetaS,phiS); // Compute xyY values RiReal x = PerezFunction(perez_x, theta, gamma, zenith_x); RiReal y = PerezFunction(perez_y, theta, gamma, zenith_y); RiReal Y = PerezFunction(perez_Y, theta, gamma, zenith_Y); RiSpectrum spect = ChromaticityToSpectrum(x,y); // A simple luminance function would be more efficient. return Y * spect / RiColorXYZV(spect).Y(); }
  4. Hi, i m implementing the paper "a practical analytic model for daylight", currently, i've implemented the skylight code, however, I dont have the book "An introduction to solar energy", thus, i dont know how to implement the sunlight. would anybody here give me some reference material or any suggestion, so that i can finish the sunlight.
  5. suez

    My game engine

    I think i will establish a web site later and post the link here again... i'm now busy prepareing for my final exams, sorry for the troubles....
  6. Mige(mini game engine) is a project of my cg course, it's still under constructed, here is the source code for it, and a demo car race program i hope i can develop it after the end of the course, if you finds bugs in it or you develop it, please send e-mail to suez1224@yahoo.com source code link ftp://mige:mige@
  7. gldisable(gl_blend); for (RenderOperation::VertexBuffers::const_iterator v = op.getVertexBuffers().begin(); v != op.getVertexBuffers().end();v ++) { VertexBuffer *vbuf = *v; if (vbuf->m_texCoords) glEnableClientState(GL_TEXTURE_COORD_ARRAY); if (vbuf->m_colors) glEnableClientState(GL_COLOR_ARRAY); glEnableClientState(GL_VERTEX_ARRAY); glTexCoordPointer(2, GL_FLOAT, 0, vbuf->m_texCoords); glColorPointer(4,GL_FLOAT,0,vbuf->m_colors); glVertexPointer(3,GL_FLOAT,0,vbuf->m_vertexes); glEnable(GL_TEXTURE_2D); preloadTexture(vbuf->m_texture); renderTexture(vbuf->m_texture); Real ang; Vector3 axis; // orient the camera const Vector3 ndpos = (*r)->getWorldPosition(); const Vector3 campos = c->getPosition(); Vector3 ax = ndpos-campos; ax.normalise(); Quaternion qt = Vector3::UNIT_Z.getRotationTo(ax); qt.ToAngleAxis(ang,axis); glRotatef(Math::RadiansToDegrees(ang),axis.x,axis.y,axis.z); glDrawElements(getGLDrawType(vbuf->m_drawType),vbuf->nIndex,GL_UNSIGNED_INT,vbuf->m_indices); } glenable(gl_blend); This is one period of code to draw the particles in a vertex array in my rendersystem(there are also some other objects to render before or after this period of code), however when i run this code with the color_array enabled,the whole screen turn black, and when i comment disable the color array, the particles seem to blend with the background color, what is the problem? thx
  8. i'm currently writing a hieracial z buffer with a octree to do the hidden face removal, however , the hieracical z buffer (which is a more than 1024x1024 array)consumes a large amount of time to initialize it to all zero every frame. its benefit in hidden face removal is now being overshadowed by the memory access time, i dont why.... any other solution about the z buffer, or any good solution to implement the hierachical visibility algorithm....... thx
  9. i don't mean ask ogl to do the culling, i mean i've known which face of the polygon should be drawn before sending it down to the rendering pipeline, but how to tell ogl this information
  10. well, i havent yet heard about portal system, would u pls give me some on-line tutorial or open source code thx
  11. if i have doing back face culling in my engine,how to tell opengl to only draw front face of the polygon
  12. for the terrain, currently is flat, and i used a quadtree to do the culling the other static objects in the scene can be consisted of a lots of polygons
  13. I'm currently writing a car game, i dont know which data structure(bsp,octree etc.) is suitable for the management of the complex and static scene???? any suggestion? thx
  14. suez

    a texture management problem

    en, thx very much, i 'll take ur opinions into consideration, another question is how to tell opengl to lock the texture in the texture memory of the graphic card?? thx
  15. Recently, i'm involved in writing a game engine, and after i finish a primitive of my engine, i try to build a small car game. However ,when i test the car game with a beautifully-made race track(with a lot of textures), i found that the fps dropped dramatically when texture load and unload, anybody can suggest me a good method to manage the texture objects in opengl when we have a large amount of textures objects that the texture memory of the graphic card can't hold thx....
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