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  1. I've actually had 2 people ask for a VS syntax highliter with better functionality then user.dat last year.
  2. Just out of curiousity, how much would you be willing to pay for such a commercial UI package?
  3. Screen Capture

    Its quite easy. Once you know have the window handle you want ( Which you might want to use WindowFromPoint() to get ). Then use GetWindowDC() with that handle and BitBlt the contents anywhere you want. Note, the DC you get will be to the main video memory so you'll get whatever is on the screen at that windows coordinates. J
  4. Windows Programming

    Or wrap your strings in _T(), like _T("Some String")
  5. A bit of DirectX Help - Solved!

    Is d3ddev == NULL perhaps?
  6. I think that the serialization error had less to do with DX and more to do with .NET, maybe in the the managedDX wrapper, maybe just how you were using the objects involved, I couldnt tell you for sure. Try creating your device with D3DCREATE_MULTITHREADED as see what happens... I still think you would be better off building your vertex buffer ( as a System.Collection.List of points, indexes and UVS ) in the other thread then pass them back to the thread with the device for dumping into a buffer.
  7. Well, I know that there are problems with using a device across threads, and an app domain would fall under that. You could setup the device for multi threading, but there is a lot of overhead. Your best bet is to send back your vertex data from the other app and fill in the buffer OR lock the buffer, hand the pointers off to the other app, wait for it to finish, then lock the buffer and continue.
  8. Technically B still holds a reference to A, you might want to add a "A = null" in the dispose. I really dont see a problem here, the reference to A in C after B is disposed is still valid. Dispose != finalize, finalization will only happen after all references are gone, supressing finalization simply tells the GC that yes, there is unmanaged data but I have already take care of it so you dont have to call finalize ( or the deconstructor ) which adds some overhead in the GC when actually destroying an object. Try putting some debug output in both the dispose and finalize functions of all your classes to see the order things happen.
  9. [.net] Delegates in c#

    That code is really messed but here is what I think happened.. when you call : a[5](5) it is jumping up to the function definition inside the for loop where i had been left defined at 100. I dont know how you expected i to equal 5 but thats clearly not the case. Unless you copy and store the value its not going to magically store the states for you. Why dont you use a class like: class D { int _multiplier = 0; D( int multiplier ) { _multiplier = multiplier; } Execute( int j ) { return j * _multiplier; } }
  10. Theres been quite a buzz about this on the GDAlgorithms sourceforge list. Currently its called "swizzled 2D array access (was: Megatexture)" ( Apparently it (MegaTextures) is what Carmack is using on his next game for terrain. I've been skimming over the posts but havent investigated further because of the hardware requirements ( and its a little complex ;). Anyway there is a lot of info there, or you can cross post as there are some sharp folks lurking there. In either case let me know if you actually get something working, if I can see it in action and it amazing I might be inclined to figure it out :P Jason
  12. How slow are draw calls?

    Well I am trying to design it similar to WinFX. That is an element can be made up a multiple sub elements but technically each element is either a container( containing other elements ) or a single draw element made up of a vector path and a texture. Having said that I do plan to have 1 or more big texture maps that are bascially all my UI textures fit onto a large bitmap ( or possibly making a system to automate it in the future ). I had been thinking of switching to OpenGL, maybe this is the straw that breaks my back... I dont want to wait for D3D10.. unless its not Vista only, but I belive it is. Jason
  13. I am wondering just how slow draw calls are? I am making a UI system and I am batching then into vertex buffers, but occasionally I want to redraw a small subset of the UI but its going to take some reworking. If I draw the elements in order of texture so that I only switch to each texture once shouldn't it draw each element using the same texture about as fast as if they were all in the same vertex buffer? J
  14. Faster alternative to ArcTan?

    You could use a lookup table, precalculate a bunch of numbers and when you need a value find the closest pre calculated. You could also only recalculate that angle when the cone changes, otherwise keep it cached. Or even better make a SpotLight class where you can set the InnerCone property and you always have it.
  15. I assumed that GPL means that it comes with source and you are free to modify it as long as you publish the modifications. Whats the GPL doing for you if you arent releasing any source? J