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  1. ukdm

    GLBasic - My next game development tool

    Glad I could help!
  2. ukdm


    I thought you'd like it :-) I recommended it because not only does it fit your needs based on what you said in the post, it also has a really active community. For example, the guy who developed it is on the forums daily answering questions and implementing bug fixes. I agree, worth the investment.plus you can publish to iPhone and sell on the App Store.
  3. ukdm


    I do find it more difficult to keep track of the journals and updates. The old style used to present them as a nice grid so it was easy to see the updates at the top. The new style is a lot more messy, but still usable.
  4. ukdm


    Welcome CoffeeCoder. I've heard a number of DarkBasic users are making the switch to GLBasic and not regretting it. Did you take a look at that package too? It's got a very active community. http://www.glbasic.com/
  5. ukdm

    Being a Lone Professional

    I agree there are a lot of similarities, but I think the author has it a little easier than the indie developer doing everything themselves as a lone wolf. I'm talking about skillsets here. The author can teach himself the subject matter taking on board the prerequisite knowledge from multiple sources. He then uses that knowledge for his skill of writing. With an indie developer you also need to take on board the knowledge, but there isn't just one skill required to produce the final outcome: the game. There's design, programming, art, and then the business side. So I'd argue it's a lot harder for the indie, especially when some of those skills may be out of reach, or at least in a manageable timeframe. I'm talking producing art for someone who really can't draw, or a designer who isn't great at coding. At that point you get help, but then you stop being the lone professional I guess. I'm in agreement with what you say above, I just think its important to point out the differences in complexity and skills between the two disciplines.
  6. ukdm

    My latest phone game

    I thought I saw a bug at around 1:55 in the video where 3 blue disappeared, but 3 other blue pies seemed to remain. Then I looked closely and they are slightly different shades of blue. Maybe that's just the video quality, hopefully they are quite different colors in person.
  7. ukdm

    I'm not dead!

    Just ordered my copy £89.97 from Amazon yesterday for the Pro edition or £219.99 on release day, no-brainer really.
  8. ukdm

    Level Editor Alpha 4.1

    That's looking quite nice. I think the flashing selected object would get annoying after a while, but that's just a personal opinion. I'd prefer a rectangle outline around the entity to depict selected. Another nice feature to have would be a list of active objects on the right of the screen. That way you could click objects in the list to give them focus. If you end up overlapping items on screen it makes for an easy way to select objects that are covered up. You could also allow naming in the list to make it even clearer what an object is. Good work though :-)
  9. ukdm

    New job

    Congrats on the job. A change is as good as a break so hopefully it will be rewarding and leave you with even more energy to carry of with your game.
  10. ukdm

    Organizing handheld pains

    There is also Shiva which I think is a lot like Unity, but cheaper. Not sure about putting their logo up before the game. I think the Haxe option has got legs, but it could be a while before it is in a usable state in terms of performance for a full game. Torque would be my top choice right now.
  11. ukdm

    Remote controlling Windows the Sony way

    Thought you'd appreciate this Ben: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2009/05/homebrewed-cpu/
  12. ukdm

    Handheld pains

    Isn't Unity setup for just 3D so in order to do 2D you end up making a 3D game anyway? I think that's the only issue with using Unity for 2D games on iPhone, but please don't take my word for that, it's just what I have read in comments on a few sites.
  13. ukdm


    Well Windows 7 is almost certainly going to come out in October, if you can hold out till then I'd wait for 7 and give Vista a miss. or try and find a cheap XP license if you can (or Vista for that matter). Can't you re-use what you had on your old machine?
  14. ukdm

    Handheld pains

    It looks like they may have removed the $100 per title release from iTorque John which is great news.
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