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    Who uses the gamedev Classic Black layout?

    Black of course. [grin]
  2. GDKnight

    Game Packaging

    I noticed a lot of the games I have bought recently no longer come in CD Cases. Now it seems like a lot of companies package the cd's in these paper plastic things. I was wondering why this is, I can assume its to save money. I am not sure if that is the reason though seeing as some companies still use cd cases. Why would they switch to paper cd cases? I always liked the normal hard plastic cd cases with the images on them and stuff, seems to make the game live longer in desktop area that is moved around frequently.
  3. GDKnight

    Space probes...

    I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on a concept. Now they send probes into space to search planets. I was wondering are these probes remote controlled or purely AI based? How do they know where they are going without bumping into a rock for instance? I think remote controlled seems inefficient due to the time lag to mars for instance. Could someone explain how this is achieved? I couldn't think of where else to post this message but I assumed here would be a good spot.
  4. Quote:Original post by Raduprv To make a MMO non repetitive you'd have to remove the whole concept of skills and experience. Not going to happen. Ultima Online had an MMO system it was somewhat repeative but it was at least fun, I really liked its design.
  5. I think a suspension and banning for repeated offenders is better then instant banning. I believe other people have ran into this situation in other games (Ultima Online), it has just never achieved much attention. Overly excessive punishments should be reconsidered to some extent, or perhaps they should devise a new system that is better prepared to deal with such issues. Not to mention they are getting paid to let you play, therefore they should deliver better service to there customers.
  6. GDKnight

    2D animating

    you can use a set of images.. and iterate it I guess. :p
  7. Clicky What do you guys think?
  8. GDKnight

    Win32 Exercises

    This site might help, it is not as much exercises, unless you count the exercise of analyzing the code. If you do analyze it though, I am sure you will have a better understanding of win32.
  9. I was wondering if anyone could explain this structure in more detail. Wikipedia has a brief summary of them. I just can't seem to understand why this is important. Why I would ever use this and when I would come across this? Why wouldn't I just store something in an array list or something why create a set? I guess I need to know also where would you use this, and how would it help in that situation.
  10. I get this warning: warning: [unchecked] unchecked call to set(int,E) as a member of the raw type java.util.ArrayList In this function: protected void swap(ArrayList array, int index1, int index2) { Object temp = array.get(index1); array.set(index1, array.get(index2)); array.set(index2, temp); } Is there any way to get rid of it?
  11. GDKnight

    Array lists in java.

    Here is the hidden "swap" function I made as you can see it just swaps them. private void swap(Card c1, Card c2) { Card tmpCard = c1; c1 = c2; c2 = tmpCard; } Card temp = (Card)m_Cards; m_Cards = (Card)m_Cards[randomIndex]; m_Cards[randomIndex] = temp I would of done this but java gives an error. array required, but java.util.ArrayList found Card temp = (Card)m_Cards;
  12. Im trying to swap things in an array list using java and its not working at all. It is really getting on my nerves. public void shuffleDeck() { Random generator = new Random(); Object [] cardArray = m_Cards.toArray(); for(int x=0; x<generator.nextInt(1000)+10; x++) { for(int i=0; i<52; i++) { int randomIndex = generator.nextInt(52); swap((Card)m_Cards, (Card)m_Cards[randomIndex]); } } } As you can see I was expecting it to swap the references in the array list and its not doing this. Can someone show me how to do this?
  13. Quote:Original post by Talroth What I dislike is it needing me to actually TYPE things. I want to draw UML and have that as the final thing, rather than me personally translating it to code. I dream of programing not with a keyboard, but a pen and tablet!!! This is actually quite a new trend in programming, (so I have read) you can probably expect to see that very much in the future. Automatic code generation from simple UML diagrams has come to be wanted. I believe Visual Studio 2005 already has a class generator for C#.
  14. Quote:Original post by Yann L Quote:Original post by GDKnight I know you can use java without the IDE, but when your doing serious work your most often going to be using an IDE, it just makes your life easier. Unless perhaps your a masochistic programmer. Do you compile C/C#/C++ using the command line ? Or did you get an IDE ? See ? That's not a Java problem, it affects all languages equally. That's not even a problem, it's just common sense. In that case I can't stand every single IDE I have ever seen for java, I have yet to be impressed by any of them. The difference is I don't believe Sun Microsystems supplies an IDE when you download the SDK. This may be also true for versions of C# and some of the C++ packages as well. You would think the maker would make a better IDE, I just don't like any I have seen. Quote:Original post by Yann L Quote:Original post by GDKnight Quote:Original post by Kevinator Quote:and does not have a default debugger. What language does? Visual Studio contains one. Visual Studio is not a language. I knew I would get this response. Yes, its not a language but it is a set of languages setup for an IDE capable of debugging in an elegant way. EDIT: For the record keep the thread on topic, I think I have made my point clear, I don't want a huge "be extremely specific thread."
  15. Quote:Original post by Kevinator I'm no Java fanboi, the language annoys me as well, but these statements are just wrong... Sorry for being so untechnical about what I mean. I shall be sure to include long declarative statements in the future. Quote:Original post by Kevinator Quote:...I dislike it because I had to download an IDE to run it... javac.exe and java.exe... look 'em up sometime... (hint: download the JRE) I know you can use java without the IDE, but when your doing serious work your most often going to be using an IDE, it just makes your life easier. Unless perhaps your a masochistic programmer. Quote:Original post by Kevinator Quote:and does not have a default debugger. What language does? Visual Studio contains one. Quote:Original post by Kevinator Quote:it gives unspecific errors Okay, this is just absurd. Java gives amazingly accurate and descriptive compile-time errors, exceptions, and full stack traces. I don't know wtf you're smoking. It's like you took Java's greatest strength and decided to complain about it. I don't find them very great, perhaps you do. Personally, I see the languages greatest strength as being cross platform.
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