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    Shady Lake cont.

    now that model is pretty kickass. good texturing too. And it has outlines, (which is cool to have if you intend to use cellshading - tho they are not necessary). The thing is everything needs to have outlines or everything does not. I say this because the current state of half and half does not seem to work. in the picture at the top. you have two groups, the pine tree trunk, the tree leaves, and that bush. and then you have the character, the ground, the water, lillypads/flowers and the grass patches in the water. These two groups are not visually working together. If there is a stylistic or gamerelated motive for having these two styles im totally open to it. That would be very cool and is done in some games. (Oblvion's inside-the-painting watercolor world vs its normal rendering for instance. Or the cellshading used for game and watch and Kirby with game and watch's powers in smash bros melee)
  2. Shingtime

    Shady Lake cont.

    Yo. My comments are about the art. It really bothers me that some objects/scenery has a black outline and some doesnt, and that the characters do not. The buildings are very well done, but they do not match the ground textures at all. They also do not match the style of the characters (which are done fairly well in their own right). I just looks like you have alot of different styles going on. Your futuristic tram thing in a previous post looks great, but almost looks cell-shaded, and thus completely different than the rest of your game. In your pics of the beat scene. The tree trunks look like sprites, and do not have as much detail as the ground and sigh or tiki bar. In other pics with other buildings/ojects you seem to be using black outlines for somethings and not for others, and because the characters do not use them it just make them look out of place. I would say to try and nail some standards to use across all your artwork. like will they all have blackoutlines? what level of detail should everything use? etc. and if you do give everything a black outline you have to ensure that the ground textures are done in such a way so it doesnt look like everything is just placed ontop of the ground. This can be resolved with doing alot more of those environmental objects taht you seem to have already. (grass clumps, bushes, etc). I would say make many kids of that and decorate the ground with them. Barren land is not good. This is not an attack, but hopefully a tip. No one seems to be giving very many art tips around here. So I hope I can help.
  3. Shingtime

    Quick Question: how many total vide games?

    i meant like individual games. not copies sold. as i think more about it a couple of 10 thousand isnt probably that far off.
  4. Does anyone know a site that shows how many total video games have been created ever? if not what is a good general estimate "hundreds of thousands"? "millions"? thanks :)
  5. Shingtime

    I heart the new style

    Quote:Original post by EDI however what else should I expect from Thinking Impaired Studios. WOAH. do you see what this guy did? he called you what you call yourself. amazing. i have to sit down. [quote]original post by GDKnightLets take a look shall we? Half Life, Splinter Cell, Doom, Resident Evil, System Shock, Silent Hill, Swat 4,..plenty of other hardcore games that all feature dark colors blah blah blah.[/qoute] and then you have games like The Sims. There is more to gaming than gothic, dark, machismo violence. Besides looking incredibly sloppy this site was stuffing itself in a 1337-only niche just by its color scheme. the new design is miles more welcoming, and isnt that what this site is about? encouraging game developement? and providing lessons and know-how to aspiring gamedevelopers? last time i checked it was called not Quote:Original post by ildave1... Are you serious? "unwilling to accept change". In this industry, it is NOTHING but change You're joking right? believe it or not dark colors have a stigma of being rebelious, against the norm, unwelcoming, and because of interweb geek culture - elitist. (they also have a sprinking of gothic, horror, males-only thrown in there too.) To a professional site this is not the way to go. I will also point out again that on top of this, the old site was incredibly sloppy. Everything is much more organized, professional, and (most importantly..) VISIBLE.
  6. Shingtime

    Common misconceptions in Christianity:Part 1

    and for those that are too cheap to buy books. learn ye here: linkage and if you are really bored, there's more links here: linkage2
  7. Shingtime

    Birth Control - The Patch.... not that good afterall.

    Quote:Original post by monkeygrrl18 No...we just know that if we had to rely on men to take care of precautions NO ONE would be getting any. If you are a woman you know you have to take care of it yourself or it will never be done. properly trained i see. tax dollars at work! its good to be a dude.
  8. Shingtime

    Birth Control - The Patch.... not that good afterall.

    Quote:Original post by monkeygrrl18 Ummm...hello?! What do you think women have been dealing with for years with Depo-Provera and Norplant? Btw...while we are on this subject...why the hell is it that the women have to go through all of the funky hormone crap when two people want to have sex? Be lucky you guys only have to deal with condoms. No weight gain, blood clot risk, increased blood guys get off very easily [insert Mr. Right & Mrs. Left joke here]. awwwww cupcake. /gives cookie ps: im laughing at you.
  9. Shingtime

    Birth Control - The Patch.... not that good afterall.

    OH NOES, what will I do with my pen15 now??! All I want to do is have sex! Its bad enough I have to actually talk to girls and pretend to respect them, i dont want to have to worry about KIDS. LAMMME. dont worry though, someday someone will come up with the perfect tool that will allow us to have orgasms with one-another and not worry about anything else. we will never have to be threatened by responsibility or commitment ever again. -_-
  10. Shingtime


    hey. *shifty eyes* in my completely unbiased opinion this game rules. I do not think you should ever give up on it. I think after the current project you should go back to it and refine it. a version 2 as it were. there are some complaints, but they are straightup dumb and only the block drop speed thing actually hinders game play, but most CERTAINLY not in a way that makes the game unplayable. -games like this should be played in a window. (as a coworker noted "so i can hide it from the boss). but espcially now that people can go all over the internet and play games just as (if not moreso) complex in a window while doing 15 other things. -refine the save feature to save while in the level. also, this isnt your doing at all. people have a tendancy to screw up saving/loading. perhaps an auto-save when you get to a new level. infact..doing this completely takes the trouble of having to deal with saving completely from the player. in the same sense, put a load in the main menu. -i suppose that blockdrop speed would be like a toggle. either by holding down "down arrow" or hitting a button, the block will quickly drop to the bottom of the current column and be done. i can see that helping out. even though Ive beaten the game easily. -plus if you make a newer version theres a chance you can put in all those extra things were thinking about from the beginning. (custom levels) I say wait because after you complete the current game there will be a large marketing push for it. a new tusstoss can be incorporated into your general marketing efforts. seems like it would just be easier that way. also of note is the fact that this site is NOT a central indie game portal, as much as it would like to be. dont think this game blows because its only been download 50-some times here. Look at that RTS "Trash". Its a full fledged GAME, and even then its only downloaded 600 times here while EpochStar version 1.0000000454634534 is downloaded over 3000. Thats a clear indicator at the marketing uselesses of the showcase. There are tons of sites out there for indy games. Plus there was no marketing done on tusstoss at all. Dont read that as a blast, im more saying it has nothing to do with game design, or even with that guys comment.
  11. Shingtime

    VoIP with MMORPG's

    i use vent. its fine.
  12. yo, the controller will be able to rotate on all 3 axis's. (it can be used as a mouse/pointer so thats 2 axi, and both ign and 1up have said that it can be twisted - the 3rd) also, nintendo has said that rev will ship with the remote control and the analog nunchucku (one set)
  13. i actually just watched that vid. that was nintendo president Satoru Iwata (my personal hero because he and his team at hal invented smash bros). the people in the video were other game developers commenting on the controller. i guess they had seen it previously. first guy was some higher-up from Square-Enix. he was pretty much like "this controller offers new possiblities, it will be an exciting challenge to utilize it" 2nd guy was the guy from konami in charge of Metal Gear. he went on and on and on and on about how excited he was. (the translater had to talk really friggin fast to keep up, i lost track) i forget who the 3rd guy worked for. but he was like "this shoulda been made years ago" they were all really excited. iowata didnt really say anything new. its all been said in the various articles - like on ign. hope that helps! :)
  14. also on, the reviewer said he was able to sit in his normal videogame position (resting his arms on his legs) and still work the controller pefectly. this controller is great. this industry does not need more of the same shit despite what sony and microsoft think. moreso, this controller FINALLY gets first-person-shooters RIGHT on a console. dual-analog is RETARDED and never held a candle to keyboard and mouse. this setup is right on par (and they know it - retro already got it working with metroid.) it also finally opens up other mouse-based games in consoles like rts. i am only worried about how adventure games will play. only because i cant think of how it can be done and i dont have the controller in front of me. but geez. its friggin nintendo. they dont do shit without thinking of how mario is going to play on it. they make there shit FOR mario. i agree about the incredible need for there to be MANY games for revolution for it to work, and i hope to hell there are tons! im excited by the fact that i look at revolution and DONT KNOW what games are going to be like. think about that. its about time.
  15. Shingtime

    The old SF masters: Any stand the test of time?

    david gerrold is a GREAT scifi author. He is very intelligent and has many great series, most noteably "The War Against the Chtorr"
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