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  1. I want to implement such projects that capture any text on the screen no matter what process it belongs to. What should I do? Originally, I want to HOOK those text-out APIs, but I found that, sometimes my function is not invoked, and sometimes, I need to force the control (or somthing) refreshing which will be far more difficult. Hence, I have to determine the exact word that right under my cursor, instead of a whole sentence... Any help will be appreiciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. VSS is widely used in the world, especially for those VS programmers. There are also some commercial souce code management software, such as perforce, souce offsite...etc which extends the functionality of VSS or something. However, my question is why not choose opensource software, such as SVN/CVS which are pretty good and easy to use?
  3. OMG, all my private conversations will be intecepted!!! That's really sounds terrible!!!!
  4. Do you know whether your IM conversation / Email / Website is monitored by your boss? In our country, some companies do have such software installed.
  5. KevinLee

    About different culture?

    yes, alnite, you are right. It's not about "West" and "East", but viewpoint of each person. So, i guess, when i have child, i will try my best to communicate with them one day.
  6. KevinLee

    About different culture?

    Thanks ordered_disorder for sharing your experience. In China, parents seldom talk about this topic with their children, even if when they grow up. People consider this topic is dirty or somthing. It's really hard to discuss it in public.
  7. KevinLee

    About different culture?

    Hi, you guys, I am an Asian developer, as u know, people here are not as open as those in west countries. My parents will kick my ass if I was found watching some SEX pictures/movies/website...etc untill i am elder than 18. So, how about this in your countries? If you have children, do you concern about whether they watch these kinds of stuffs? Do you think it's harmful for them? Is this question very silly? [Edited by - KevinLee on April 27, 2006 4:15:29 AM]
  8. Thank u guys! So, is it possible to determine whether a packet is ougoing or incomming via Winpcap? In my call back function, i can only get IP_HEADER which only includes Source/Destination IP/Port, therefore, it's hard for me to set up some filters.
  9. KevinLee

    How's my packet architecture

    This is so called TLV. --------- TLV --------- Type Length Value --------- So, read/send your TLV to a chain, then dispatch this TLVs into your program. Like a message chain.
  10. Originally, I want to use these IP addresses defined in RFC Standard. But, as u know, that's just a standard, user indeed can use whatever IP address, cann't they?
  11. Hi, all, I have been writting a package capture software which based on Winpcap. Usually, within my capture function, i can capture all packages, via the IP Header, i can get the source IP and destination IP, but, how can i know, which IP belongs to a local lan? For example, if my software installed on a gateway, there are three sub lan in this network, besides, some of them are not 192.168....,for example, maybe some of them are So, how can i determine a address belongs to this local LAN by programming language?
  12. KevinLee

    About COM interface

    no idea abou it?
  13. KevinLee

    About COM interface

    Yes...u are right...but, you know, i just want to show a interface here, it's not a complete program, just Pseudo code. I mean, if you were asked to provide such COM interface, interface IRectangle { HRESULT GetArea(LONG* pArea); } interface IRectangleList { HRESULT Count(LONG* pCount); HRESULT Item(LONG nIndex, IRectangle** ppRectangle); } How will u design com classes for this two interfaces? That's my original question.
  14. Imaging the following PCode... //Cause it's PCode, just ignore all error checking. interface IRectangle { HRESULT Show(); } class CRectangle : public IRectange { } interface IRectangeList { HREUSLT Count(LONG* pCount); HRESULT Item(LONG nIndex, IRectangle ** ppRectangle); } class CRectangleList : public IRectangleList { HRESULT Count(LONG* pCount) { *pCount = m_arrRectangleList.size(); return S_OK; } HRESULT Item(LONG nIndex, IRectangle** ppRectangle) { //What should be here? } public: vector<???> m_arrRectangleList; } what is the correct way to implement such com interface? if i choose: vector<CRectangle*> m_arrRectangleList; HRESULT Item(LONG nIndex, IRectangle** ppRectangle) { *ppRectangle = new CRectangle(m_arrRectangleList[nIndex]); (*ppRectangle)->AddRef(); return S_OK; } I will get a compile error, cause the CRectangle is a coclass, e.g. it's an abstract class that cannot be created by operator new. So, shall I use vector<IRectangle*> ? If the answer is yes, what's the correct way to do this? And whether i just directly return the interface in my vector or make a copy? Who will manage the object? What's should i do in my destructor function? The reason that why I ask this question is I am really confused by COM interfaces. If there is a single COM interface, it would be very simple, just create it and invoke its functions. But sometimes, when using other libraries, such there are always such Obj List, what would be the correct way to write such COM Server? Thanks in advance!
  15. KevinLee


    sorry, i don't know. I am a newbie here...So sorry about it.
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