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  1. alexokita

    Questions about making it as a 3D Animator

    you'll need to know the software they use; usually. In most cases a studio will animate in something like Maya, once in a while i've seen max, but usually maya, the rigs and controls and in many cases extra modes for things like weapon placement in-hand or on-back will be in the rig itself. that extra data is something a tech-artist would have setup along with an engineer. c4d is usually used for motion graphics, not too often used in game design. That said, knowing the UI and how to use a rig in maya is important, even the less expensive version from steam LT is useable to learn. Usually games require faster timing, like punches are irregularly fast to get to the hit, jumps have very little wind up and usually go right into the falling part of a jump. Animations like runs have to start and stop with the exact same pose, most of the time you'll also want to take _out_ the "character" of a run or walk cycle. As a player watching a "stylized" run or walk cycle gets annoying. Learn Maya, remain persistent, learn about rigging in maya, learn more than just animation, learn texturing and modeling, learn technical stuff, don't stop learning. To keep working and to stay employed you should be that guy that knows how to do a bunch of stuff, not just one thing. good luck.
  2. alexokita


    Starting things off with some debug GL lines in Unity. I'll post some code for that since it's all being done in a single class. I started this project about a year ago, if not more. It's a puzzle game I've been chipping away at just a few lines of code at a time, and it's been there just as an interesting side project. Today I decided that I'd start posting here since I've so much free time (not) Anyway hope you find something interesting here somewhere along the way.
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