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    Research Project

    I'm doing a research project and for school and I need to speak to at least 3 people who work in the following industries (3 from each industry) who dont mind answering a few questions, if you work in one of these industries please contact me either in a reply here, in a PM or on AIM at: Virii XD. Industries include: Game programming, software programming/engineering, Technical/Computer repai, PHP/Web programming/designer
  2. Virii

    Careers in Game Development

    I already have my plan on what college I want to go to, but the only problem is I dont know what I want to major in, thats where this comes into play since I need to decide where I want to head in life..if I major in web development, I would start heading towards that as a career, if I Majored in computer science or software engineering I would lean towards game development.
  3. Virii

    Careers in Game Development

    What exactly do database engineers do and why are they so sought after? Also, what kind of major should I take in college? Major in computer science, minor in software engineering? That would ensure me to work as a systems administrator, or as a computer programmer for a game or personal company, wouldn't it?
  4. Virii

    Careers in Game Development

    Is it a common thing to need to look for a new job or is it once you get in your there to stay for the rest of your life? Not only do I want a good secure job, but I dont want to go 10 years and go back to college for something else. Does a Software Engineering degree give you the need knowledge to not only create, program, maintain and develope games, but to also create websites? Im 19 years old, I love video games and I would love to develope games for a living, but how can I do this and keep a GOOD job making good money? What are the chances of me starting the next big game? The next big company? What are the chances that I get a job working for someone making more then 100K a year? What are the chances that I cant find a job once Im out of college?
  5. Virii

    Careers in Game Development

    So, pretty much from what people have told me this industry will make you leave, and make you keep looking for a new job every year... so the chances of making a lot of money in it are slim to none, is this correct?
  6. Virii

    Careers in Game Development

    I'm getting mixed signals from everyone. In one case, people say it's easy to get into the industry if I am good at what I do but then others say that there isnt a good form of money in it,and I won't be owning my own house or any nice car anytime soon. Can someone clarify this for me, as to around how much average money people make. (Im looking at the 2003 gamasutra salary listings and it states that a programmer after 6 years of experiance can make anywhere from 85K to 120K depending on what they major in (general, lead programmer, director) does this sound right or out dated? Also, you say that you own your own company and whatnot, is it a major company that's created any games I might've heard of or do you do something small? My main goal isn't for money, but I do intend on having a family to support and I want to be able to give them the best, not give them whatever we can afford.
  7. So, I have three choices ahead of me, and this is going to decide pretty much where I head, career wise for the next few years. My three choices are as follows: 1) Web designer - I have experiance in web design and programming, mostly HTML and a little PHP with very small graphical work and no flash work at all. I live in a small town (roughly 5,000 people) and we have a ton of small businesses here, all of which don't have a website and I'm sure I could convince them to allow me to make them one, thusly starting my own business. 2) Film Director/Editor - Ever since I was 9 years old I wanted to be a movie director, when I turned around 15 that changed into web programming and whatnot since I spent most my time on the computer. The editor job comes into play since I can do that on the computer and I am good at it (I make movies for my CS team). My uncle and uncle in law both work as grips for Universal, so I have some "in" into the industry if I decide to go this way. 3) Game developer - I have been studying game development, C++, SDL, OpenGL and Direct3D for game programming. If I decide to do this, I could get good at it and apply for jobs at activision, ubisoft, EA, etc since I live within 20 minutes of all those places. No matter what career I choose, I want to make a lot of money doing so, as I intend on owning my own large house and being able to live comfortably. I will have to go to college no matter what career I choose so that's not a matter either. Pretty much my question to you is: What would you advise me to do (not "test them all" cause I can do that, but I dont want to waste time.) but which direction you think I should go based on my location, and current skills (I live near LAX Airport by the way.) Also, here are more questions for you who are already working in this industry: 1 - How much money do you make roughly? Is it fixed income ot pay per job? 2 - How many hours a week do you work and do you have a set schedule or do you just work as much as possible? 3 - What did you major in in college? 4 - How hard is it to get into the game developer industry and where do you see it headed? Any advice is welcome.
  8. Virii

    Next step

    Hello, World! Random Number Guesser Text RPG Pong Tetris Beyond...
  9. Virii

    2D Arrays

    How do you declare 2d arrays? I know you start with this: string myArray[2][2] = But from there, how do you assign all the variables inside of it.. I can get the first line [0][0]-[0][2] but how do I get to the next line?
  10. Virii

    Best way?

    Thats a possibility. That way I could have enviorment 1 = location is forest. Env_2 = cave. Only thing is, can you do an if stateent for the first part of a2d array? Also, it might make things difficult having large areas.. could lose track after a while if you just have an increasing single nujmber. By the way, what I meant by 1-20 and 90-100 was, it generates a random number, if the number falls between 1-20 or 80-100, the player is attack and MonsterAttack() is called. If it falls outside of those numbers, the player is not attacked. Make sense?
  11. Virii

    Best way?

    I have all the text outlined, user input outlined and everything now I'm just working on movement. What I want to happen, is that when the player is out in the open, like a forest or cave.. I want it to have a 50% chance of being attacked by something to fight. If they are inside theres a 10% chace (I've figured I would just make a random number generator generate a number everytime they move, if the number is between say.. 1-20 and 80-100 then they get attacked, otherwise they dont. So the need for being able to make small movements on an outside level.
  12. Virii

    Best way?

    Zahlman: The only problem with that is that I dont have just seperate rooms, I'm trying to make large areas out in the open (well, large for 9x9) and with making an array of rooms, wouldn't I limit myself to one room per array?
  13. Virii

    Best way?

    Well I understand 2d arrays now but I dont entirely understand how I can use them to use something like myMap(); as stated above.
  14. Virii

    Best way?

    Could you link me to a good tutorial about two-dimensional arrays? I went over them a little but don't quite understand them to the full potential.
  15. Virii

    Best way?

    Right, I'm trying to develope this to help me learn C++, so I can't use a lower language. Here's an idea I had on the way to Disneyland tomorrow: Have a pattern like this: 10 11 12 13 20 21 22 23 30 31 32 33 40 41 42 43 50 51 52 53 Then have the following functions: north(); south(); east(); west(); You start on int pos = 10; North = -10 South = +10 West = -1 East = +1 Each time the user says they want to go a direction, the function is called and inside the function it alters int pos to reflect the above. Then each time it's called, we check what int pos is, and place the character on that. Then have preprogramed switch-case loops programmed to see what each location holds. Is this a good way to do it? The only problem with doing it this way is that I limit myself to only having 9x9 rooms.
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