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  1. Astrofra

    Pygame - alternatives?

    Okay, thanks for your feedback. HARFANG 3D is not "3D only" actually, but ok https://github.com/harfang3d/game-winter-z
  2. Astrofra

    Pygame - alternatives?

    You should have a look at HARFANG 3D, that is a full C++ engine with a Python API (just import harfang and you take it from there) I'll let you have a look at the samples below and try it for yourself. Just feel free to contact me if you have any question, I'll be glad to help (I work for the company that develops HARFANG). A mini "ace combat" game, all done in Python : A snooker simulation, in full rigid body physics, all done in Python : and a couple of code snippets, including VR : https://github.com/harfang3d/vr-python-quickstart
  3. Astrofra

    Visual Shader Editor

    May I suggest to try this one ... http://gamestart3d.com/blog/introduction-shader-tree This engine 'includes a rather advanced shader tree editor (see shot below)
  4. Astrofra

    A choice of engine by its package size

    In my opinion, GameStart is one of these. The editor itself takes around 20Mb, but the the full standalone engine binary fits in 1,8Mb (in Windows format). The engine comes with most of the modern features you need (physics, audio, deferred shading, resource management), and is platform agnostic (it compiles and runs on Windows, Linux, Wii, and the Mac & Android ports are on their way). The engine is C++ but the projects can either be made with Squirrel (close to LUA) or with C++. Might be worthwhile to give it a try :) http://www.gamestart3d.com
  5. You should try to read & test the import options of 3dsmax's obj import plugin. There's a "float precision" spinner that might help you, because the imported geometry looked "snapped" :p
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