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  1. Hello. Long time no see.. Anybody knows is it possible to use shaders without actually using modern GL rendering context?I mean use some shader code with for example: OpenGL 2.0 ?Confusing but i have seen some old "legit" OpenGL code with some shader stuff in it.Or its not possible because of "context" ? I mean older context can't deal with modern stuff and modern code can't affect the old 1.1 commands? Lets say my app is using 1.1 API only and i want to add shader lighting into it. Not possible? I have a 1.1 app and would like to add some shader lighting to it. if its not possible then i should rewrite my whole program using modern OPENGL? Its a 3D map editor
  2. Here was a topic about wotsit.org being down. https://www.gamedev.net/forums/topic/677585-wotsitorg/ It was a bad surprise for me when i saw the website down. I did some search and found a "mirror". If anybody needs it then its here: https://hwiegman.home.xs4all.nl/file-formats.html https://hwiegman.home.xs4all.nl/ Im not in any way affiliated with that website. Just wanted to give updated info about it.
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