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  1. Hi Tom, thanks for the reply, and sorry for picking the wrong forum. I am not concerned about getting my money back, but mainly hesitant to start anew with another developer without some method of vetting him/her. Your advice on attending games conferences is a good one. Brian
  2. Hey all, recently, I tried to get a simple one-screen puzzle game for iphone converted to android through elance. The original game took me about two weeks including making the graphics. On elance, the conversion took a month, and quality of the resulting app was still really terrible so I had to cut my losses and quit. I thought making a game look exactly like the iphone version would be straightforward, but apparently it is not. Problems included button/text sizing being totally off on most devices, frequent crashes, and the fact that you can see the screen being drawn one chunk at a time. After this experience, I can't afford to spend any more money on converting the game without knowing that the android coder is up to the job. Has anyone had experience with a similar conversion that resulted in a high-quality app? Any recommendations for elance coders? If the first conversion worked out, we would want to convert several others.... Thanks, (long-time lurker) Brian