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    [java] chess gui

    I'm not sure if a large image would be best or not. It may get to be a hastle when it comes to resizing and drag-and-drop. Would it not be better to keep them seperate and just simply use listeners for them? or I suppose maybe a combination of both would be best. Have an image with hidden panels behind it for detection?
  2. I'm looking for suggestions on going about a chess board gui. I want this to look very nice, not cheaply done, since it will be used with several different side projects I am beginning to work on such as an correspondance chess client and notation converters. I would prefer the pieces to be "drag and drop", all ideas are fine with me though. Resizeable is also desired. I wasn't sure what the best way to go about it was as far as having many panels, or one big canvas, etc, etc. I haven't dealt with drag and drop with java before, so i'm really not sure what the best things to use are as far as the inner work or even the best type of images for it. Any suggestions will help. A board functioning much like the one from games.yahoo.com/ch would be best. It needs to be able to have custom positions built as well, and scroll through to earlier parts of the game, and possibly through different branches. Any GUI experts out there know a good way of tackling this side of the project?
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