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  1. --- never mind ---- [Edited by - Fixxer on January 12, 2009 5:50:11 AM]
  2. http://www.tmd-music.com/ How come my background image doesn't always sit at the bottom in fire fox? It creeps up. Click some links and see. What can I put in my style sheet to stop this?
  3. I do not know why this does not work. It sends the message, and the $today works, and sends, but all the other variables are blank. <?php $sender = "TMD-Music.com"; $name = $_POST['name']; $day = $_POST['dd']; $month = $_POST['mm']; $year = $_POST['yy']; $today = date("l, F j, Y, g:i a") ; $body ="This message was auto generated by TMD-Music.com on: $today \n Name: $name \n Date Of Event: $date / $month / $year"; ?> Sending Request... <?php mail("natekrygier@gmail.com","TMD Music Inquiry",$body,$sender); ?>
  4. I tried that and I get a blank white page.
  5. Can someone fix my syntax? I know it looked exactly like this... in theory, the syntax is wrong. <?php if(!defined)$id then include(home.php); else include($id.php); ?>
  6. Well I used to use this one line of code when I used to do a lot of web design but I have forgotten how to do it, it basically looked like if not defiend id then include home.php else include id.php I dont know the syntax for php. I just had a note pad with a few simple scripts I liked to use.
  7. can anyone post a php script that includes the page that id is set to in the url? If its not defined, it includes home.php, else it includes $id. And then links around the site are for example index.php?id=news
  8. Does anyone have any good resources on using DLL injection?
  9. Are there any ways at all of doing this? Its going to be impossible for me to re write the entire file.
  10. How can I change certain lines of a file using the fstream functions? Or is there a different header that makes this easier? I have a file is alsmot 2,500 lines but I only need my program to change a few specific lines when I ask it to.
  11. Fixxer

    Why only 1 window?

    It worked before. I had written the code for the window as I normally would, and then started breaking it down into simpleler functions and headers etc. Now all the user needs to do to create a windows program is include my header, create a fucntion called Fusion1Loop( ) and make 3 simple function calls. Anyway Ill take a look at the areas you pointed out. If I cannot find it, I will post the code here.
  12. Its viable if the price is right. If he offered a nice salary, Im sure he would have plenty of people looking to do the job.
  13. Fixxer


    Eventually I want to trademark my business name (when i actualy make my business) but there is a slight problem. It seems that there is a company with a similar name. The companies name, lets say is "Company Cool" I wanted to name my company "Company Cool LTD" Is this illegal? AND for the record, not that this has anylegal weight, but I thought of the name BEFORE i searched the patent office :P
  14. I made a function to create a new window. For some reason I can only have one window going at once with this code. If I call it once, it works fine. If I make another window, the 1st window it makes encounters an error in its creation, and the second window is made. The MB comes up, and window 2 is displayed while window 1 is missing. Thats why I think the 1st window makes this error. /////////////////////////////////////////// // Creates a new window /////////////////////////////////////////// int FW1CreateWindow( HWND &hwnd , HINSTANCE hinstance , LPSTR szClassName , LPSTR szWindowTitle , int ix, int iy , int iWidth , int iHeight ) { if( !( hwnd = CreateWindowEx( NULL , szClassName , szWindowTitle , WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW | WS_VISIBLE , ix , iy , iWidth , iHeight , NULL , NULL , hinstance , NULL ) ) ) MessageBox( NULL , "Error In Creation" , "Error" , MB_OK ); }
  15. I solved this by having the user set a predefined HWND to what they want to be the master window, after that have created all of their windows. The WM_DESTROY onlys posts the quit message if the window sending the message is the master one.
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