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  1. Thanks for your responses. I have been looking over several papers such as Lindstrom and older ones. I think I will try to do a full triangle strip as used by Lindstrom's paper and as some of you suggest. As you say, gpulove, test test test. I'll try and post something in my journal once I have something substantial. Thanks again!
  2. I have started to implement a mesh refinement algorithm using a quad-tree structure(i.e. removing and adding vertices, coarse to refined). However, I am unclear about what approach would be best for rendering the final vertices and wanted to draw upon someone's experience. Some approaches use separate triangle strips, some use a single triangle strip, some one primitive at a time, others use fans, etc. Which one have you found to be the best approach or what would you recommend? Thanks. Edit: Forgot to mention-This is for a 3D terrain engine.
  3. Thanks guys. Good to see you guys too! I've been reading the journals and stopping by every once in a while. I just haven't worked on games lately so I stopped everything until I finally make one. So I'm working on my hax0rs skillz0rs (haha) and making little tools for later use (file, database, algorithms -- class libraries/dlls etc.) Well, hope you guys are doing well!
  4. It's been a long time since I wrote in my journal. So hello! I was working on the tictactoe opengl and got sidetracked with learning old stuff such as MFC and DLLs and I'm now working on .Net. I getting pretty comfortable now with C++ in these frameworks. My plan is to learn some advanced techniques in these areas before I begin again on game programming. Well hope everyone is doing well and I'll speak to you again when I get a game out.
  5. linear algebra? a11*x+a12*y = c1 a21*x+a22*y = c2
  6. Well, I've been pretty busy again at work, but I have written my 3d loader. Now I just got to put together a simple game by Tuesday. I don't think I will submit it to anywhere until I can polish it up (not that they would want it LOL). Anyway, I was searching around for some fuzzy material and found this tutorial that Fuzzy Logic beginners may want to read. It's short and pretty good from what I can tell: Link
  7. Oh man, geez, thanks! I obviously missed that.
  8. Still working on my 3ds loader. I know, I know.. "Nick, too slow man, way too slow..." Hey man, it's cool, I mean, yeah, I go slow, but slow is good, and it is good to be slow. I love lamp. There's just something about getting an email from Ma. Fatima that makes me a non-believer. Maybe I'm biased. Oh well. Quote:Hi there, I just came across this new program which involves no selling at all. You don't have to attend any meetings and there are no pressures whatsoever. It's a very simple program with easy to follow steps which are designed to help anyone, newbies or experts alike, create a steady stream of income for home. Head over here to get more info. http://www.linkshield.com/c/780_1 You can use the system to help you build your existing business and/or add it to your business portfolio. Happy regards. Ma. Fatima If not interested with our proposal don't hesitate to email us with the subject "remove me" so we can remove you from our mailing list... Yeah, Ma. Fatima... whatever you say. By the way, green jelly beans give you magical powers to sell real estate. Anyway, I've got a case-based reasoning tutorial in mind since all my other tutorials got wiped. Give me a chance to get inspired. I used a poor sampling rate, but here is my future prediction of gaming fun levels.
  9. Damn, so the rumors are not true! J/K. Glad you are still breathing.
  10. It's because there a very few people who have the ability and drive to understand the difficult. Be persistant in what you love to do, I say. If others want to do other things, let them do it.
  11. LOL, nah, no pills. I did watch "The Thing" recently though so that probably brought on the paranoid idea.
  12. I don't think I will be able to make what I have in my head right now in time for the end of February deadline. I'm going to try and finish it though polish or no polish.
  13. Sorry to hear about your problems with you wife. I haven't gone through such a situation, but I bet it's tough especially when your child is involved. Keep your head up. I wanted to say thanks for commenting in my journal though. Not many people to talk to in my life right now besides work since I finished college and everyone I know is far away. I should get a dog or something that resembles a wife (or not LOL). I look forward those comments. Tomorrow is my programming day and I get to delve into more OpenGL. Hopefully I will be able to finish the TicTacToe game. My mind is wandering these days because I almost skipped that idea and went for a version of Duck Hunt starring the vice president.
  14. I've been reading up a little on 3ds loaders and there is a lot of code on the web. This has opened up a can of worms since a lot of them have loaders for jpeg, gif, etc. It's kind of fun learning about the different file formats. This has also forced me to delve into the realm of fstream and figuring that out. The "C++ Primer" was a little lacking on the subject, but with a little practice I can write small files. This again has opened up another can of worms (which are delicious with corn syrup by the way), since now I want to learn more about XML. Does it ever end? No, apparently. This is fine by me, but I need to finish up this TicTacToe game. Yesterday I messed around with Blender and trying to make a "Law & Order" spoofy startup sequence called "Naughts & Crosses" I recorded with my voice the cheesy opening, "In the TicTacToe system, the game is represented by three separate and equal parts, the board, which determines the state of the game, the X's and the O's. Use the numeric keypad." (boom) (boom) (Law and Order music) Anyway, if you are reading this glSmurf, I got your PM and intend to respond. Sorry, just been so distracted as you can see. Also seems like my old tutorials are gone from the journal. Gamedev, must have burped them up into the trash. ??? Visual translation of text above: