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  1. It's highschool, she's probably not as great as you think, and if she is, then stop your bellyaching and do something about it. Crying over what "could have been" isn't going to solve anything. You can still try, she's not locked away in a maximum security prison (you could even try then, to be honest). My advice? Let it go, move on, keep busy. The worst thing you can do right now is just sit and wallow in despair. Over half of the world population are women, so there's plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of more fish left in the sea for you. Don't sweat it, this is really not that big of a deal. Wait until you encounter some of life's REAL hurdles, and you'll look back and laugh at how hard you took all of this. Good luck. [Edited by - Yosh on February 13, 2006 9:15:11 AM]
  2. Yosh

    Denmark cartoon controversy

    I think this is all fairly silly. These Danish cartoonists aren't harming anyone by doing this, and I'm sure it's not in bad taste (although I'm saying that out of my ass, so to speak, as I haven't seen the cartoon in question). I still think, if Christianity is going to survive another millenia, it has to be seriously overhauled, or it will eventually become (besides obsolete) illegal.
  3. Yosh

    Happy Birthday, Me!

    Happy Birthday, good sir, and may you have many more! [grin]
  4. Yosh

    Magic trick!

    I really get a kick out of how the first result is a "clown tutorial". [lol] Anyway, pick up a book on coin tricks at your local library. They're easier to pull off than you think.
  5. Yosh

    Chuck Norris - my all-time hero

    CHUCK NORRIS TRIED TO BRAIN WASH ME INTO BUYING HIS BOOKS! What a crafty man you are, Norris, but I win this round!
  6. Yosh

    Anime Style!

    Haw haw, now I can finally gloat about my naturally white hair! *gloats* ... Lots of peroxide, I can guess.
  7. Yosh

    There is no good and evil...

    The 10 Commandments are actually a very good baseline for the laws of a society. Think about all of those things, and what do these sins do - to a society, long term? They deteriorate it. So, since a society is too stupid to realize that killing only leads to more killing, tell them not to do it, give them an ultimatem (heaven / hell), and set them free.
  8. Yosh

    There is no good and evil...

    Good and Evil are subjective, since they very from person to person. What forms the feeling or "sensation" behind the word Evil is different for every person, since each "sensation" of Evil per person is built upon from personal experience. Considering we all experience unique lives individually, then you can see my point. This goes for any emotion as well - love, hate, fear - anything. Also, Good and Evil change a lot dependong on location, the topic of discussion, religion, ethnical background, etc. For example, in some far East countries it is a delecacy to eat dogs. In North America, some see this as barbaric, even Evil, but it is seen as the norm, or at least tolerated, and is thus considered Good in these far East countries, at least. It's all about point of view.
  9. World of Warcraft. Have fun not having a life.
  10. Yosh

    Cartoons and annoying stupid children

    Quote:Original post by Witchcraven Quote:Original post by Colin Jeanne Shut your noise hole, taco human. I will accept that as a big fat yes. You are a prime example. Nonsensical combinations of random words in a pathetic attempt at wit is very common in modern retarded youth. Yeah dude, you're just REALLY fucking bitter. You too were a retard at the age of five, so cut the kids some slack.
  11. Yosh

    I like beef.

    Omfg... So much good food in this thread... @_@ ... *foams at the mouth*
  12. Yosh


    If all goes well, I should be going to this girls 19th birthday party soon enough - in about 12 days, so says her daily updated MSN personal message. Anyway, wish me much luck, Gamedev. Because like... She's, well, very hot, and she's wierd too, like me, so it's all good in the end. Yay. Alright well uhm... I'm hungry. ... I think my butane can is fucked. I kind of forced it the wrong way or something one time, now it leaks butane into the air (MY AIR) instead of into my lighter. I am disappointed. Well, munchies.
  13. Yosh

    Off to a party soon.

    UHM... UHM... I WOULD... I WOULD UHM... ... I don't know. I, uh... Hmm... Give me something to work with you bastard! D:<
  14. Yosh

    Off to a party soon.

    What the title says. Don't you hate it when you sleep on your !beer, and it gets squashed? I sure do. [sad] Anyway, my brain is still trying to recover from last night. I feel somewhat retarded now. What's simple arithmmatic? I don't know what that is. Rawr~
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