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  1. smartus

    Shadow Mapping in shaders

    Does anybody know about any forum focused directly on RenderMonkey or HLSL programming?
  2. smartus

    Shadow Mapping in shaders

    My code, written in RenderMonkey 1.6 and exported to .fx file: Original RenderMonkey project with model included: As I said, can't figure out, what am I doing wrong (cause I am 3D n00b :))
  3. Hi, I am trying to learn how to work with those vertex and pixel shaders. I am using RenderMonkey 1.6, cause it seems so easy. Because my primary field of interest is in 2D graphics, I found some things quite dificult... Now I am trying to write something like a shadow mapping completely in shaders using RenderMonkey IDE. I understand the idea of rendering first the scene from the light's point of view to some texture and then rendering the scene again from my view. But I can't get it to work... Can anybody point me to some shader tutorial with such example? I spent a day messing with it and it's driving me mad. I will post my code here when I get to my computer at school.
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