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  1. Daglamier

    C++, checking if file exists

    You may also need to add this to the top, below where you added the include line using std::ifstream;
  2. Daglamier

    Unzipping files

    Actually I use zlib on .zip files. I create the zip files with winAce or winZip... Just completed a game for school and it works like a charm, got the project size from 27 megs to 7 megs required hd space.
  3. Daglamier


    it can be done like this... int boardarray[3][3] = {{0,0,0},{0,0,0},{0,0,0}}; right idea, wrong syntax Dag
  4. Daglamier

    dll problems

    That IS perfectly normal output, the problem must be somewhere else in the program. Dag
  5. Daglamier

    Physx error

    Ok, just incase anyone was curious or having any similar problems I discovered my problem, I have both versions 2.3.3 and 2.4.4 installed on my computer, and for some reason i had the compiler setup to use v2.4.4 include files as well as the v2.3.3 lib and dll files, which is why things didn't add up. So in short, don't do stupid thing. :) Fixed it up and its running now, thanks for the help, Dag
  6. Daglamier

    Physx error

    Sorry, here we go: m_pPhysicsSDK = NxCreatePhysicsSDK(NX_PHYSICS_SDK_VERSION); assert(m_pPhysicsSDK && "We expect m_pPhysicsSDK to not be NULL at this point"); if( !m_pPhysicsSDK ) return false; m_pPhysicsSDK->setParameter(NX_MIN_SEPARATION_FOR_PENALTY, -0.05f); // Create a scene NxSceneDesc sceneDesc; sceneDesc.gravity = m_DefaultGravity; sceneDesc.broadPhase = NX_BROADPHASE_COHERENT; sceneDesc.collisionDetection = true; sceneDesc.userContactReport = &m_ContactReport; m_pScene = m_pPhysicsSDK->createScene(sceneDesc); if( !m_pScene ) return false; m_pPhysicsSDK seems to be correctly initialized but m_pScene is always 0. I have tried to zero out nxscenedesc before using it and that wasn't the problem and I have moved the needed dll files in to the working directory. Main problem is that the documentation doesn't even mention why the function would fail or what it means, so I'm at a lose... Dag
  7. Daglamier

    Physx error

    Ok finaly got the physx sdk downloaded and installed, but having problems. Everything is fine until this is called: m_pScene = m_pPhysicsSDK->createScene(sceneDesc); This function always returns 0 no matter what, very confused... I would appreciate any help please, thanks Dag
  8. Daglamier

    trouble getting physx sdk

    I submitted for an account for the physx sdk several days ago and havn't heard back from them yet, all I've gotten is an e-mail saying that they would send me another e-mail once the account is set up. Just curious if anyone else that has gotten this sdk knows if the account setup usually takes this long or if something is wrong. Thanks for your input
  9. Daglamier

    2d textured quads leaving trails

    Just tried my code on a second computer and it doesn't seem to have the problem at all. So it appears to be hardware based(probably vid drivers). Though I have heard some problems with lcd monitors, maybe there is something there i should fix... The comp it works on has a crt and the one it doesn't has an lcd. Will drivers likely fix it or will there be something with the lcd monitor? daglamier
  10. Daglamier

    2d textured quads leaving trails

    currently using 2 backbuffers with: d3dpp.BackBufferCount = 2; d3dpp.Windowed = TRUE; d3dpp.SwapEffect = D3DSWAPEFFECT_FLIP; d3dpp.PresentationInterval = D3DPRESENT_INTERVAL_ONE; have also tried D3DPRESENT_INTERVAL_IMMEDIATE and get the same problem. daglamier
  11. Daglamier

    2d textured quads leaving trails

    I am clearing the back buffer every frame, and when I try to take a screen shot, the problem doesn't show up. Daglamier
  12. in my program i have a vb full of textured polygons that represent my map and i have another vb used for characters that holds a textured quad. when everything is still all is well, but when you move the screen around, everything leaves a little ghost on the tile behind it. for example: with all objects moving to the right, a red square leaves a dark red "ghost"(a couple pixels wide) behind it on the green square to its left until you stop moving, then it goes away. i have messed around alot with the presentation paramters, and no matter which i choose i get the same result. very stumped and can't even seem to find any other messages on the forum with the same problem so i thought i'd ask myself thanks for the help, let me know if you need more info daglamier
  13. Daglamier

    Just saw the funniest thing...

    If it changes around 32768, then it probably is overflow
  14. Daglamier

    Global Memory

    This might not be the answer your looking for, but you could save the data to a temp file that both programs are aware of. One program opens the file and saves the input in it and closes it, the other file opens it and uses the input for its own purposes... Not so sure that any other way is safe, but i could be wrong.
  15. Yea, its all the same language, just different compiler and different IDE. Just a matter of setting up the project correctly and the same code will run.
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