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    Teh Video!!11one!! - TGB is my Bitch

    Very cool stuff man. When I first picked up TGB, I did a match-three just to learn the engine and I had the same collision problems you talked about in this and another post. I ended up writing my own drop code using the moveTo function. You've got me thinking about dragging the code back out and trying your method.
  2. RagingHermit

    Busy, Busy, Busy =D

    That's great stuff man!
  3. RagingHermit

    Moving Along!

    It's been a week or so since my last update. That's because we've been pretty busy with our real jobs, and the game. We've made a ton of progress. The match logic, collapse logic, and gem generation is all pretty much done now. I have put in the initial match check when the game starts, nor have I put in the code to check for a new match once the gems have collapsed. I plan on having all of that in by this weekend. Gordon added an aquarium type effect in the background. One of the light beams is being a little quirky, but it looks great anyway. You can see the water movement in the background. He'll be fixing the lighting bug and adding bubble particles in the coming days. I'm putting together a new list of everything that has to be done by June 31. That day is fast approaching. Here is a clip of what we have done so far.
  4. RagingHermit

    Busy Weekend

    It was a pretty busy weekend. I was able to get most of the match logic done. I'm getting some weird things happening in the CheckMatchRight and CheckMatchUp functions. If a gem is on the top border, or the right border, it incorrectly flags one of the gems below it as matched and that one is removed. There error doesn't exist in CheckMatchDown and CheckMatchLeft, which are nearly the same logic (copied and slightly modified from CheckMatchRight actually). So I'll be cleaning that up tonight and try to get it working correctly. Once I get the match code working correctly I'll post a movie. I'm still dreading the logic that searches the entire board to try to detect a possible move so that it determines whether the game is over or not. I've put it completely out of my mind until I get to it. I'll likely do it last.
  5. RagingHermit

    More Progress

    Well, I fixed all of the problems with the mouse selecting the proper objects. Then I added the check to see if the clicked gems were adjacent to each other. After that, I added the code to animate the swapping of the gems. I'll add the match logic this weekend. Here is a little movie of what I have done so far. connexion.wmv
  6. RagingHermit


    I'm looking forward to getting home and working some more on the game. I basically want to get logic going so that I can click two gems, test to see if they are adjacent, and then swamp them if they are. I was also thinking about the match logic, which I'm not looking forward to. I drew up - in visio - the flow for checking for a match. You can see it here: This works around the moved gems first. Maybe it won't be as much trouble as I think, but it definitely has "PITA" potential.
  7. RagingHermit


    Make sure you have the version dated 11/23/2005. They updated it right before they released TGE 1.4. You can also check out the movies I've linked here and here to see what TGE is now capable of in conjunction with TSE.
  8. RagingHermit


    I've definitely made some progress the past couple of days. I wasn't able to work much over the weekend, but I did get at least 10 minutes in. I was able to get objects placed in my grid, add new artwork, and add mouse input. Right now, you basically just click the object and it removes it to test the input. The TorqueScript stuff is definitely coming along thanks to the helpful folks at GarageGames and in their community. I posted an issue with mouse input earlier and I had a response that helped me fix the problem in under ten minutes. I was pretty amazed. The same thing happened last night with a graphics issue that I was having. Anyway, here is a screenshot of what I have so far. It's not much.
  9. RagingHermit

    Dance time!

    30 pixels off? Ouch! Yeah, that's a killer. Congrats on getting all of those bugs fixed. Demo please! :D
  10. RagingHermit

    Art, Code, and WoW

    Once again, last night, my ten minutes turned into three and a half hours. I finished the art that we'll need for the prototype match-three game. Once that was done I was finally able to dive into some code. Once you figure out how TorqueScript works, and the order of things, it's very easy to get something up and running. I was able to create a grid image, display it, and create an empty tile map and lay it over the grid. This tile map would house the game objects. I need to learn a little about simsets and simgroups before I can move forward. We should have something up and running by this weekend. I also opened Visio and created a diagram of how the match logic would work. Unfortunately, Thursdays and Fridays, my ten minutes may actually be only ten minutes. I'll probably spend that time updating the wiki documentation to reflect the design changes. Those are raid nights in World of Warcraft. Those are pretty much the only times I play WoW anymore. But that leaves Saturday and Sunday open for development. Speaking of World of Warcraft, the design of that game has intrigued me. Before World of Warcraft, Everquest held the highest membership with about 500,000. World of Warcraft eclipsed the five million mark several months ago, and may even have hit the six million member mark. I've seen estimates for 2006 at nine to ten million members. This is quite an accomplishment and suggests the designers have created a very compelling and rich game. But, if you navigate the forums, or listen to guild chat, or general chat in the game, all you hear are complaints about design decisions, yet no one leaves. They just complain. So, is it the game that keeps the players, or the community? Is the game the reason people can't stop playing, or is the people they meet in the game? I can only answer for myself. If I didn't have the friends that I've made in my guild, I wouldn't even log on to raid anymore. That being said, I've tried to quit before, and did for a few months at a time, but I always came back and game-play possibilities were what coaxed me back. A new patch; more features; things I wanted to accomplish. Maybe it's a mixture of both community and the game. Perhaps the people complaining just want everything and want it now. Who knows? Whatever it is, it appears to be working in Blizzard's favor.
  11. RagingHermit

    Happy Anniversary To Me And Danni

    Happy anniversary!
  12. RagingHermit

    Another 10 minutes

    My ten minutes a day mantra has been working pretty well. I set down to finish one small thing and end up working for a few hours. My friend, who happens to be a great programmer has decided to join me in creating a game. We were brain storming about how to make Connect Four a fun and more competitive video game. What we decided was to change directions a little bit. We've decided on a networked match-three game that plays kind of like tetrinet. I'm changing all of the design documentation on our wiki, and we're currently brainstorming ways for you to screw your opponent. The last couple of nights we managed to tinker around with with Torque some more. I also managed to finish quite a few photoshop tutorials and managed to create most of the prototype art that we're going to need. Tonight I plan to finish the last of the prototype art and begin working on a single player version of the prototype which will be just a basic match-three game.
  13. RagingHermit

    Purchases Galore

    Be prepared to redo some code. There were big changes in beta 2 and I'd be suprised if GC is not affected in some way. Just remember setGroup and getGroup are now setGraphGroup and getGraphGroup. Good luck. Can't wait to see more on GC.
  14. RagingHermit

    Ten Minutes a Day

    Why did Oblivion have to be so damned good? :) I've been following your journal, I'm anxious to check out skirmish, so get coding already! :P
  15. RagingHermit

    Ten Minutes a Day

    Motivation is a strange thing. Beginning the work is always the hardest part. It seems to be the same with everything. I dread getting up in the morning to go to the gym. But once I'm there, I'm thankful that I went. I dread preparing 36 meals for the week (6 meals a day, 6 days a week), but once I begin preparing them, I'm thankful that I did. It's the same with my homework. Once I get started on an essay or paper, the words just seem to flow out of me, and I wonder why I waited to get started. For project work, it's the same thing. I know that I have things I want to get done, but sometimes it's just hard to get started. So basically, I've just said to myself, I want to work at least ten minutes on the project, every day. Ten minutes usually turns into 30, 30 into an hour, an hour into two, and so on. Some would say you shouldn't have to coerce yourself to do what you love, but is that really true? How many times have you wanted to do something, but you just sat on the couch and watched a movie because it was the "easier" thing to do. That's the thing. People usually take the path with less resistance. Is it easier to continue watching that movie, or to learn to use that new game engine? Well, no more for me. Ten minutes a day. That's my new motto. With that in mind, I opened up the TGB level builder yesterday with the idea of taking ten minutes to create a new level with scrolling clouds and mountains and a player ship placed in the level. By the time I was finished, I had loaded up Torsion - a fantastic IDE for TorqueScript - and began adding player movement and projectile code, enemy spawns, and collision. I only stopped when I encountered a problem I didn't know how to fix. I made a post about on the TGB forums, hopefully they get back to me soon. I have to put in my ten minutes today.
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