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  1. theadamSGT

    Problems with others playing my game

    go in your windows file then system or system32 file the one dlls are stored and look for that dll and put it with your game
  2. theadamSGT

    Age of empires 3?

    now i have a 512 mb ram 64 mb graphics card amd athlon xp 3200+
  3. theadamSGT

    Age of empires 3?

    that should be good i used to play the second on a intel celeron 700 mhz 64 mb ram 1 mb graphics card
  4. theadamSGT

    Someone is attacking my website...

    is there an email address on it?
  5. theadamSGT


    Fruny and Tyr you guys explained it good thanks.
  6. theadamSGT

    downloadable c++ books?

    i dont know
  7. theadamSGT

    downloadable c++ books?

    forgot i even had Thinking in c++
  8. theadamSGT

    downloadable c++ books?

    they have some but i want downloadable books.
  9. theadamSGT


    have you tried it on a diffrent computer?
  10. theadamSGT

    downloadable c++ books?

    does anyone know of free downloadable LEGAL c++ books? i have one but i would like some thing better.
  11. theadamSGT

    Vertical Shooter with Source

    nice game i got a score of 9060 i played about 15 minutes to get it but the size of your ship gets to big i think the bullets should be bigger but other then that it was a great game
  12. theadamSGT


    check out the stickey
  13. theadamSGT

    Shhhh!!!! It's Starting....

    good job on those weapons.
  14. theadamSGT

    Dev-C++: Makefile Error

    you can just reinstall devc++ but im sure theres another way
  15. theadamSGT

    Dev-C++: Makefile Error

    the packages probaly messed up the compiler or something
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