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  1. theadamSGT

    Shhhh!!!! It's Starting....

    good job on those weapons.
  2. theadamSGT

    Damn you Hollywood!!!!!!!

    what about planes to help you? like 2 good planes.
  3. theadamSGT

    Space Station - Retextured.

    Quote: I'm trying to troubleshoot some of these issues now. i can help troubleshoot im pretty good at computers i posted something in GDnet lounge about fixing computers and now i cant find it so i cant reply to it but im pretty good just tell me if you want a troubleshooter
  4. theadamSGT

    The Update Is Here!!!!!

    would you like me to tell other people about the game? and i hope you put multiplayer on the next version i was really expecting it on the version out now. if you put multiplayer on that would really get lots more people playing your game.
  5. theadamSGT

    The Update Is Here!!!!!

    i thought there was multiplayer but its great! i like how the enemy guns fire faster and the vapor trail i cant wait for the next update do you have any idea when it comes out
  6. theadamSGT

    Vapor Trails!!!!

    i have an idea i dont know if you all ready did it but what about two player campaign and i hope the game is good you said it could come out tommorow
  7. theadamSGT

    Effects Time!!!

    those things look cool it would look cooler if ou could see flames coming out the back you dont have to just an idea can you do internet multiplayer
  8. theadamSGT


    what exactly do you mean by hacked
  9. theadamSGT


    thanks Sir Sapo are you getting blank private messages from me if you are tell me because i pushed back then foward on accident and it said message sent or something
  10. theadamSGT


    cool screenshots but what advanced controls and how many levels is on the 0.8 version because after i beat the first level the game turned off
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