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  1. Does apache start without those lines? If so, try starting PHP from the command line (simply with 'php' without the quotes) and that may throw some errors at you. Also, and this may sound stupid, but is php actually in 'c:\php'?
  2. Ixulai

    [web] php and $this

    Just to clear up the $this stuff; $this can be reassigned within the class itself in PHP4, although it isn't generally done because it is considered bad design. In PHP5 this behaviour is no longer supported and will throw a fatal error if you try to reassign $this.
  3. Firefox automatically adds padding to a list, so you simply need to add "padding: 0px;" to ul.nav like so; ul.nav { list-style: none; padding: 0px; margin: .2em; } *edit* damn, beat :-p
  4. Ixulai

    [web] HTML - XHTML

    One point I haven't seen mentioned yet is accessibility. Screen readers and the like can't really make much sense of pages that are presented with tables because the underlying structure of the page is so mangled. When semantically correct usage of tags is applied, screen readers are given a much easier task, and hence pages become a lot more accessible to people with disabilities. Semantically correct pages also tend to be easier to read for devices or browsers that can't use images, or simply dont apply styling. This is because the underlying code is, 9 times of 10 in a logical order. Another point, only partially revealed by the mention of Zen Garden, is that if done properly, pages can be completely re-styled with absolutely no alterations to the data on the page. Only the stylesheet needs to be swapped. For the last point, the only reason CSS makes some things more difficult is because it is infinitely more powerful than tables and 'hardcoded' attributes. Much akin to how REGEX makes it more difficult to search a string. Anyway, a good rule of thumb to see if your XHTML is semanticlly correct (ignoring the use of tables for layout) is to view the page with no styles at all. If the page still makes sense with no styling, you are on the right track.
  5. Ixulai

    [web] Hexagon Tables

    Hehe, use it at your own risk :P As long as you don't hold me responsible for a loss of brain cells caused by trying to understand the JS. My native language is PHP. Breaking out in to the more interactive side is fun, even if it is only JS and HTML :P Inspired by being severly unimpressed with myself for forgetting my trig I went and found out how to do the click function properly. Now the translateTileClick function calculates the angle from the top left corner of the hexagon to the mouse click, and if it is greater than 40 degrees it cant be inside the top left corner. For the top right corner, the X is simply inverted. Anyway, use, or dont as you see fit :) If you want further assistance feel free to PM me :)
  6. Ixulai

    [web] Hexagon Tables

    Sorry for a now triple post I got bored so I added the click handler too Click on a tile and it should toggle between "lit" and "unlit". Meh, good exercise but I realised I really suck at math. Need a refresher course *edit* hehe, i couldnt help but upload some different textures :P [Edited by - Ixulai on June 17, 2005 11:02:30 AM]
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