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  1. Morpheus011

    Programming a Game Engine

    any game engine worth it's weight should be completely independent of APIs like DirectX.
  2. Morpheus011

    Game Engine Logo: What do you think?

    elegant, crisp, to the point. I dig it.
  3. Morpheus011

    The flood of MMO threads

    I propose we ban any mention of MMOs all together and branch gamedev into mmodev and gamedev. That way we don't have to deal with any of this at all.
  4. you get a non-obsolete operating system. EDIT: wait, you're using vb.net and the artificial engine? Did you actually license the artificial tech? I'd be amazed if they actually support vb.net...
  5. Morpheus011

    OpenGL Function!!!!

    although if you're getting lost by reading a book, overwhelming yourself with every function in the API (not sure what you hope to gain from this) is probably not the best answer. You should focus on learning the concepts behind OpenGL and 3D graphics programming, this will help you much more then a listing of 1000's of functions and a brief description of each. Unless you already know how to do 3D graphics programming and the API is what's holding you back (which I sincerely doubt if a book is giving you trouble...by the way, what book are you referencing?) then the manual pages aren't going to do you any better.
  6. Morpheus011

    Noobish Question

    answer 1: Milkshape clearly uses a different orientation axis then GarageGames. Just transform the objects (or ideally if you have access to the exporter, do it there so you're not doing extra matrix multiplies every frame). answer 2: you probably don't have enough normals to do any decent lighting. the material settings for the object could be why it's showing. You don't have to have a light on an object for it to be visible.
  7. Morpheus011

    C++ Graded Test Help

    I'm not gonna go through and do each one for you but just glancing at the first 3 I can tell you the answers you put are all incorrect. The first one is an order of operations issue, and the second one is just knowing the proper functions. I'm assuming the teacher is the teacher for a reason and you should probably learn C++ instead of just assuming they are wrong and you are right ... especially with no real foundation for that logic.
  8. Morpheus011

    directx video tutorials

    i don't know about videos, but there are copious amounts of free DirectX tutorials all across the web. check out microsoft's website, there is more then enough there to get you started.
  9. Morpheus011

    Copying to texture in DirectX 7

    why in the world would you want to use DX7? I think render to texture is fairly straight forward in newer versions of D3D, but I'm an OpenGL guy so I'm not sure how to do it exactly. But unless you have a compelling reason to use extremely obsolete APIs, you should probably considering programming for DX9 hardware (which I'm fairly certain will make this issue go away with relative ease).
  10. Morpheus011

    Question for Christian Developers

    but Christianity, as with most major religions, has been founded on a culture of violence. Not representing this would be anti-dogmatic and misleading as to what makes this religion so wide spread. Not that this wouldn't be in line with many modern theologians wishes, it just wouldn't be very honest (didn't Jesus profess honesty?) sorry for the undertones of sarcasm, I'm just jaded with religion right now.
  11. Morpheus011

    Is the Win 32 API really needed for C++?

    you all seem to fail to understand the real issue which is that the Win32 API has absolutely _nothing_ to do with programming in C++. They are completely seperate entities. This is like asking if you have to use photoshop to do any kind of drawing, whether it be digital, charcoal based, oil painting, whatever. In this analogy, Photoshop is a tool to do a small subset of drawing, where as drawing is the tool to create visual representations of things. In a similar manner, the Win32 API is a small subset of programming, that lets you program applications for the Windows environment. C++ is a programming language, in which you can do just about anything. Win32 is an Application Programming Interface (hence, API) that is built with the C++ language and has a very limited intent and functionality.
  12. We are working on an MFC based tool (I know, I know, MFC is outdated and ugly) and we were looking at Windows Task Manager and have been noticing a consistent memory leak with the tool. We have commented out all of our rendering and logic code, and we still are leaking about 4K a second, and about 8K every other second. We have narrowed it down to a SetDlgItemText() call, which when commented out takes away the 8K leak. We have been using CStrings, but even have attempted to use a const string literal like "HELLO" and we still get a leak. So, our assumptions are that either SetDlgItemText() has a known issue (which isn't documented either in MSDN or across the web according to Google) or Windows Task Manager is a liar, or we are a couple of idiots and are using SetDlgItemText() incorrectly. I brought out some old MFC apps to see if the same thing was happening and oddly enough it was. Anyone else run into this issue before? We could use some insight, thanks.
  13. Morpheus011

    SetDlgItemText memory leak?

    there's no GDI stuff going on in this project at all, and the SetDlgItemText is just sending a short string to a standard EditControl. We're also not overriding OnIdle, only OnTimer. We do call the base class OnTimer . I would definitely tend to agree that an issue such as this would generally be in my code and not in MFC or any other MS code. The problem is I'm not doing anything other then handling the OnTimer event and updating the EditControl with the SetDlgItemText call. Inside OnTimer I call the CDialog::OnTimer() and then call my function UpdateEditControls, which currently only calls SetDlgItemText. This is the only code running in the app and the issue persists. I'm banking on Task Manager not being accurate, or something similar, as it would make no sense that these fairly standard MFC calls are causing leaks. I'm not handling messages like that iMalc as this is an MFC dialog based app and we're not in Win32. Thanks for all your replies, I'm thinking a more accurate memory tracker is in order. I think a memory manager would be overkill for this tool as it's real small scale, and there's absolutely no dynamic allocation going on. The memory manager would take longer to write then the tool itself :) Again, thank you all.
  14. Morpheus011

    SetDlgItemText memory leak?

    ok, I'm assuming this issue is unique, but I'll give it one last bump.
  15. Morpheus011

    SetDlgItemText memory leak?

    I wasn't trying to say SetDlgItemText wasn't documented, I was saying there was no documentation pertaining to any potential memory leaks concerning the use of the function. The sending a non-null terminated string theory isn't correct because I've been using either CStrings (automatically taken care of) or string literals a la "Hello" which is implicitly null terminated. I've been using the (EDIT: CWnd::SetDlgItemText) function, and I'm beginning to believe there may be some other issue here, especially since the larger memory leak only occurs when SetDlgItemText is commented in. I've commented out all code that even remotely relates to rendering or logic, and there is no dynamic memory being used anywhere in the program currently. Pretty much all I'm doing is handling an OnTimer event and updating all the edit controls in the dialog box. Another strange occurance is that the Task Manager is showing jumps in my memory footprint when I do nothing but move the mouse inside the client area. I'm starting to wonder if these two issues may be related in some way, has anyone else noticed strange memory leaks in MFC Dialog based apps before?
  16. Morpheus011

    SetDlgItemText memory leak?

    anybody have any ideas?
  17. Morpheus011

    New to the forum & some feedback wanted

    welcome to the forums! Two things I see right away with your code: First, your main function should be returning _something_ either void or int (preferably an int, just return 0 at the bottom). Second, you're assigning y = x in the second loop which means you're comparing a value against itself every time through the loop. Why not start at y = x + 1 instead?
  18. Morpheus011

    Help Wanted question

    if, after a few days you're not getting any replies, it's usually custom to reply to your own post (commonly referred to as a bump) so that it shows up in the 'recent posts' on the front page. Not sure if that's frowned upon, I know I've done it a few times :)
  19. well you'll want more then one bounding volume for a mesh like this. You should use one all-encompasing bounding sphere, that way you can simply see if something is colliding with the bounding sphere, if not you're done, if so, then do more refined tests with your other bounding geometry (maybe more, smaller spheres, that approximate the shape of the object).
  20. Morpheus011

    Budget of making a game

    your question is way too broad to answer correctly. Some games cost nothing to make, such as the games I'm sure you'll make throughout your education, and some games cost more then 10 million (USD) to make, so the spectrum is obviously grand. Maybe you should be more specific, how much does an average indie game cost? How much does a standard AAA console title cost? These numbers will vary greatly.
  21. those aren't really errors... "The program '[2456] C++ Lessons.exe: Native' has exited with code 0 (0x0)." means it hit your return 0 in main() I believe. To answer your other question, try putting a cin.get() after the last line of output, this will wait until the user hits a key before executing the return statement, however, artificially halting execution of your console app is generally frowned upon.
  22. Morpheus011

    huge terrain (flightsim style)

    there is a technical article that just came out on Gamasutra talking about this very thing. head on over and check it out.
  23. Morpheus011

    what mean: const A&a = A() ?

    you're right, A is a type name, and this code is calling the A type's default constructor.
  24. Morpheus011

    Release application doesn't run!

    are you running the .exe from the debug/release folders? If so, move it up a directory and give it a shot ;)
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