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  1. RIZAX

    Debugging shaders/sphere

    I have no way to test this as that I don't own a Radeon anymore and I'm at work but at one time I was running into a similar problem. Try making your dist in the vertex shader a whole number. At one point Radeon's wouldn't do floating point division, where as the Nvidia cards would simply round when they saw floating point division.
  2. You need a forward declaration for Potion and Weapon since Player doesnt know what a Potion/Player is; BTW this is why us use header's, as painful as they are, especially for small utility classes, they tend to make your life a little easier.
  3. If you've got an ATI card go with rendermonkey ... fxcomposer is actually better imho, but then again rendermonkey is free. The only issue you'll probably come across is possible assumptions that are made in the software that according to the SM your using should work, however as that Shader Models are loose specifications, you could run into conflicts. An example is I was writing a modified toon shader in SM 3.0 with fx composer that worked fine in the software. However when I deployed it and tried to compile/run it on my ATI cards the thing would crash, not so much on my 8800, the problem ended up being the fact that ATI cards couldn't handle runtime division in that spec which was being masked by fx composer ( which was actually performing the division before it created the assembly ), however during that time if you gave the same code to rendermonkey it would actually put out a compiler warning stating that the operation wouldn't be supported on all platforms. So maybe that'll help in your decision.
  4. RIZAX

    I give up... Generating a cylinder

    Are you trying to do this with quads or triangles? Your code right now is using quads with the way your stacking verts up. What does the draw call look like? Edit... Also your probably rotating the wrong way, when you draw, more than likely your looking at back-faces???
  5. RIZAX

    America to Canada: ease of relocation

    Jumping ship already are we? You'll get your just rewards for this treasons act of mutinous villainy ... O sorry went all RPGy on you for a second, so what prompts the move?
  6. dot(tex-test, tex-test) < 0.00001f your finding the distance between the rgb values and testing there orthogonality(right-angled'ness) to each other. So think of it like a clock, you have two vectors say one pointing at the 12 on the clock dial and another pointing at the 3, what the dot test will look for is, anything in the middle, and it will apply your new pixel colors too. (In your case your range is that tolerance of 1/316th he quotes in the code).
  7. Have you tried using finer granuality, as in doing something like 0.1 increments or even 0.001, usually when it comes down to doing something with camera movement smaller=smoother.
  8. Without more information (like a code sample from your renderer), I'm not sure where anyone can help. The only thing I can suggest is that if the texture coordinates and the lighting is off then that most likely points to something in your coordinate system isnt translating correctly. It might be one of your transformations is incorrect somewhere, but thats a shot in the dark without a code sample.
  9. RIZAX

    Win32 Wrapper window handle

    Quote:Original post by Codeka Quote:Original post by evolutional You're using a main() entry point instead of a WinMain as Windows requires. WinMain receives the HINSTANCE handle for your application that you need to use to work with windows (eg: to register your Window class and so on)That's OK, using main() instead of WinMain() implies he's creating a console application (which can still create windows, obviously). GetModuleHandle(NULL) returns the module handle of the executable, which is the same as the HINSTANCE passed into WinMain. As Drew_Benton says, the problem is returning 0 from WM_NCCREATE. But, hes not returning 0 from a NCCREATE, he's modifying the struct with SetWindowLong then sending the processing to the DefWinProc; hes controlling it with the bProcessed bool, whose default thing to do is to return True when processing NCCREATE. It maybe that the modification to the struct is causing DefWinProc to not return true. Try not setting 32-bit and see what happens.
  10. RIZAX

    Visual C++ 2008 problem

    Quick question, I havent used visual in vista 64 bit but, is anything actually compiling in vista 64bit? You can grab gcc and execute the command line string that visual uses in a term and see what happens.
  11. RIZAX

    [Solved] Compiling on Terminal

    I'm confused when you say "extra files" -- What extra files are you talking about? If you want to just create a generic Xcode c++ project then you need to select other from the templates. It'll make a default layout with no files in it. From there you simply need to only add a cpp file which automatically add a header. Do a simple hello world main. Then inside Targets create a new target and add the aforementioned cpp file to the target inside the compiled sources. This should automatically create an Executable which you can run. Youll have to launch the console to see the output -- you can do this from the run window. Aside from that a basic c++ app will build and execute in Xcode without any of the templates (cocoa/carbon/...). Edit: I did just notice that it will add the Carbon Framework as a pch, but it doesnt use it unless your project needs it. You can just pull it from the project settings and it should all still compile and work fine.
  12. Just from a quick scan through, make sure that your matrix stack applies the translation last as this could cause real awkward behavior if you perform it out of order. Scale -> Rotate -> Translate, so the stack should be Translate -> Rotate -> Scale.
  13. RIZAX

    C++ Callback Reference

    Ive never used Panda, but from what your posting, arent you redefining exitFlag within the callback, forcing local scope which means your global is never getting set to anything?
  14. RIZAX

    dynamic vertexbuffer and mesh

    I'm not a VB programmer but from what I'm reading and as far as I understand it -- at least from a c++ perspective your trying to stuff more data in a structure that you have already initialized to a specific size, which inherently isn't going to work, barring some VB magic unbeknown to me . What you should be doing is after you build the new structure is to reinitialize your mesh object to the size of the new data structures your stuffing into it, what your currently doing is causing a truncation...
  15. RIZAX

    HELP on 1333Mhz runing on 400Mhz

    at 1333mhz your running ddr3 memory. The way current memory scales isn't like a 1 to 1 comparison, the advertised speed is based on how many currents transfers can be made (ie bandwidth). So your FSB is actually running 667 mhz, with the memory operating at 133 mhz ... look at the DDR3 wiki for more info.
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