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  1. Are older games allowed to take part?

    It's not thrown away. Actually, that screenshot above was a fun version only, putting lots of different locking enemies in there. The project is still being developed, but without Pirates, Ninja, Zombies and Robots. Only soldiers and aliens :( Well that one alien type could be considered as a zombie, but ... You can have a look at it and download & play it if you want => www.walkover.org
  2. Are older games allowed to take part?

    Ok, since most of your responses are negative, I won't enter it then.
  3. I'm new to this forum so first of all: Greetings everyone! I wrote a game a few months ago that fits somehow in the requirements of this contest. The average gameplay situation looks like this: http://rochel.s83.deinprovider.de/temp/walkoverfun.jpg The sprites are from free resources and I wrote a converter for my game. I've never actually looked what's in there. But I have seen a Ninja and a robot by myself, but the other types are probably also in there, as well as a lot of other things :) Is it allowed to enter? Or are only new games allowed that have been specifically written for this contest? Oh it's freeware but not very well known. Marc