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  1. ProgrammingNerd

    borland vs visual c++

    Which is better?
  2. ProgrammingNerd

    another question on d3d sprite

    Depending on what version of the sdk you are using, it could vary wildly. Basically you have two approaches. First you can preload each piece from a file, or you can load the basic texture to a surface edit it. If you don't know about surfaces etc. buy a book, as the other question you posted could be answered easily if you owned a book. Check out the book section on this website.
  3. ProgrammingNerd

    Sprite in D3D

    What version of the sdk are you using?
  4. ProgrammingNerd

    Does anyone know of a good C++ Complier?

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition is free, blows Dev-CPP's IDE out of the water in terms of usability, and IMHO is nicer than Code::Blocks (though it's more of a tossup between the two than with Dev-CPP). He wanted something he could download off dialup. Of course VC++ 2005 is better. Here's a link to a tutorial. Also, a google search will give you more info than you would ever need. Here's a book straight from the inventor. I haven't read it, though.
  5. ProgrammingNerd

    Does anyone know of a good C++ Complier?

    Dev-cpp is a great free compiler. here's a link. It is only 9 mb, so it shouldn't take long. Hope this helps, ProgrammingNerd
  6. ProgrammingNerd

    English bashing rant, human languages

    Actually, english derives from west german. Which is quite ironic, considering that speaking german is quite a bit more difficult than english, with declinations and nouns with gender, which are nonexistant in english. However, writing flawless english it one of the most difficult things for a person learning english.
  7. ProgrammingNerd

    How to do a risk-like map?

    Make sure that you use an orthogonal projection to show the map. Also, be sure to search the search the "Isometric Land" forum on this site to find a lot of info regarding rendering the screen. Sorry I couldn't help more, but I program 3d only. ProgrammingNerd
  8. ProgrammingNerd

    simple squash in C++

    Neat dos game! Ran kind of slow though. ProgrammingNerd
  9. ProgrammingNerd

    What to #include for rotozoom?

    A quick search on filext.com says that it opens with dev-cpp.Here is the link to the original search. Here is a link to the program. hope this helps, ProgrammingNerd
  10. ProgrammingNerd

    I think I have a problem

    If that's a problem, then I must be totally screwed up. Also, giving blood does that to people. I know that from experience.
  11. ProgrammingNerd

    check out my new comp

    Quote:Original post by zer0wolf Well, my computer is better than all of yours because I have a bigger e-Penis. Too bad it is electronic and not Real.
  12. ProgrammingNerd

    check out my new comp

    Quote:Original post by ChemicalImbalance Not to make EITHER of you feel bad, but Bill Cosby pwns you. Retailing for only $525! Beat that. LOL:)
  13. ProgrammingNerd

    check out my new comp

    Depend on what you do with it. Does $450 justify for a dual-core cpu and a graphics card that most games can't take advantage of? Besides, my parents bought it for me, which brings my cost down to $0!!!!!!!!!!!! Still, you computer is f***ing awesome! Good Buy!
  14. ProgrammingNerd

    check out my new comp

    not to make you feel bad but... Pentium 4 3.2 ghz with HT and EM-64 1 GB DDR2 250 GB SATA HardDrive 17" Flatscreen 256 mb ati radeon x850 DVD-R(W) drive $850 NEW
  15. ProgrammingNerd

    Since when did games need EXTRA HIGHT performance to run?

    Not to mension that xbox live costs cash when you need to pay for their service plus a high speed connection. Most pc games have free online play plus you can get all of the addons free from the manufacturers website.
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