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  1. Doom-Box

    tools of the trade

    Both may I say are great tools to use though gimp may take some getting used to.
  2. Doom-Box

    [web] Logging in system

    Im not quite sure what that means..If you are wiling to look for me and then tell me if it will work. www.tripod.com Thats who i use. YOU can get a free account there and then look. (I know im using a free acount at the moment)
  3. Doom-Box

    [web] How would I make this?

    Quote:Original post by JimPrice Haven't actually played it, but a look around the site, and the fact that it's turn-based, suggest the following things are being used: HTML (obviously), for the website generation A server-side language, such as PHP or Perl for the content generation Possibly a client-side language, although first look suggests there isn't (my turn-based browser-game uses javascript) A database backend, presumably an SQL of some type Something to process each turn on the server - take your pick of language They are presumably also using their own server-program (Apache?) to test things before downloading them to the active servers. Just an informed guess based around what the site looks like and the description of the gameplay - if you're really interested, you could always ask on their forums. Jim. The forums part pure genius
  4. Doom-Box

    [web] Logging in system

    Me have no clue what that means...register gobals?
  5. I saw this game called Kingdom Of Loathing And I thought it would be cool to make my game like that. I was wondering what languages and other things I would need to know in order to make a game like that. Thanks Db
  6. Doom-Box

    [web] Logging in system

    Dosent matter as long as it works on a website :) You are thinking the same thing as me I hope. I want the visitor to be able to register and view pages non registered users cant see. Hope this helps db
  7. I need a logging in system. I thought about learning how to make one but ya know i didnt really get very far with that so I gave up. I have searched and cannot seem to find one anywhere. I just need the code i dont realy wanna learn how to do it. If someone could give me a link to a website with it or just giving me the code in generall. I would be very apreciative. Thanks DB
  8. Doom-Box

    [web] web host

    I just looked and if at all possible i tink i may start to use 1portfolio.
  9. Doom-Box

    Best free animation program

    I really like g-max for animation. Its not my favorite for modeling. Then I will have to fall back to blender. But for animation I would go gmax all the way. Very simple. You have a model in frame 1. Then you move it around in the screen a bit and cal that frame 2 and wallah animation. (Well its not exactly like that but you get the gist of it.)
  10. Doom-Box

    S&S my rpg

    Ill fix the download as soon as I can. I plan to fix the story later today. If there are any other opinions or ideas than please let me know.
  11. Doom-Box

    S&S my rpg

    I see very honest and straightforward. O well I guess ill have to work on it some more.
  12. Doom-Box

    Making a game online..

    Quote:Original post by Drew_Benton Quote:I need to know these things! We need to know: What language proficiencies do you have? What language do you plan to use? What type of game are you wanting to make? Have you any experiences in game design? Why do you want to make a game online? Just some starter questions that would be best if you could provide some informaion for. Otherwise the replies will be very vague and random ramblings that will go nowhere. Sorry about that..ok.. 1.Semi proficiant in C++ (working on it) 2.C++ 3.(Already making) a text based rpg 4.Depends how you define gemd design 5.Well partially for a learning experience, just think it would be cool to have a game i made online with people playing it with me..
  13. Doom-Box

    need 2 chars.

    im a little confused...(not hard to do) ok im gona put up my code and someone take that code copy it repaste it (with the loop) and explain ....please... #include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { bool player_win = false; cout<<"Hello and welcome to my Number guessing game\n"; cout<<"Please select a number 1-25 when asked to\n"; cout<<"I will then tell you when you get too low or too high\n"; cout<<"If I say too high then say a lower number\n"; cout<<"What would you like to do?\n"; cout<<"1.Begin\n"; cout<<"2.Quit\n"; int player_choice; //define the player_choice (now a int) cin>>player_choice; //include the variable thingy :) if (1 == player_choice) cout<<"Please say a number\n"; else exit(0); int number; // the choice for the number (now also a int) cin>>number; if (number >= 14) cout<<"A little too high\n"; if (number <= 12) cout<<"A little too low\n"; if (number = 13) cout<<"Congradulations you win!!!"; if (number = 13) player_win=true; else cout<<"Nope\n"; system("PAUSE"); return EXIT_SUCCESS; }
  14. OK totaly new to this and i have no clue what im doing..Please dont exit out yet!! OK good you havent. I was wondering how I would make a game online? What do i need to learn to do this? Where do i go? What do i search for? I need to know these things!
  15. Doom-Box

    S&S my rpg

    just an idea i had wondering what other ppl thought heres a link just navgate around the website.. http://ganlord.tripod.com/swords_and_spellbooks/index.html how do you link here again?
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