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  1. Where should a beginner really begin?

    make a calculator

    I bet there are more than you think that play. But they probably play as male characters just so they don't deal with the male gender.
  3. OMG I have a girlfriend!

    I don’t know about you sometimes coldacid. Five days ago you were ready to toss a few ounces in a 15 yr old. Now you’re looking to buy burial plots. Find yourself some Charlotte’s and let the words of Iron Maiden guide you: Beat her mistreat her do anything that you please Bite her excite her make her get down on her knees Abuse her misuse her she can take all that you’ve got Caress her molest her she always does what you want
  4. The "post what you're listening to" thread.

    Alexisonfire - 44. Caliber Love Letter
  5. BBS (..............)

    Tradewars anyone?
  6. Scottish Clanmembers

    Clan Blair I am also of Irish Boyle which is said to be of Scottish stock. Toss in a little Mic-Mac Indian and you got yourself a poster child for alcoholism.
  7. NVIDIA recently released new drivers for NIX