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  1. I am planning to make a simple mario game, With my own characters. Well really its a "Mario Clone" but, thats what I want to to. I know a bit of C++ , Anysits that can give me a Step By Step how to do it, or help me get started?? Thnx in advance
  2. alexplevak

    C++ Compiler on a Pocket PC?

    Well, I want to get J2ME on it, but I know C++, Altho i wont get the same performance as I would On a Desk Top
  3. C++ Compiler on a Pocket PC? Can that work?
  4. anyone know how to install a compiler for Java or J2ME on a Pocket PC? File Size is not an issue, but were to get it is. any help please
  5. What PDAs Are Best for J2ME?
  6. alexplevak

    J2ME Cell Phones & PDA's Compatible?

    What are some PDA'S that are good for this ? So as long as they support JAVA APLICATIONS I can write code in J2ME and upload it?
  7. Can some one just gimme an explanination whats the diffrence between VB and VB.NET? I am going to learn VB.NET next semester at my school, so I want to learn it at home first, I know VB so am I ok? or do i need to learn VB.Net?
  8. What Cell Phones & PDA's are compatible with J2ME? I know there is a Motorola V600 which offers j2me programmiblity does it really matter what i get ? a cell phone or a pda for J2ME, ? or aslong as they have Data Transfer and atleast 5 MB of space I am ok?
  9. alexplevak

    J2ME SIZE and HELP

    Yeah, I have made a few simple space wars games with Java, I have changed my email :), thanks for that. What about level design, thats done with programming not gfx software
  10. What is the Maximum Size a game should be for a PDA and a Cell Phone? I have a game in plan, maybe this will help. Its a Clone of Pac-Man, but this time you are the ghosts and you have to try to capture pac-man. you get special features and for ghosts and pac-man. Also I know C++ so I can be a help if needed, I'm also a web designer if you guys need me, ill do it for free. Back on topic. thre is a book called J2ME For Beginners. is this a good book? I know Java but I am still a bignner with J2ME. So any book suggestions. I prefer one, where at the end of the book, you write your own game. Please help me out. MSN - Ill give it 2 u if you need my help
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