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    The Next Huge Leap in Computing Power?

    Quantum computing is unlikely to change the landscape significantly outside of cryptography.   There is a common misconception that quantum computers can do exponentially many computations in parallel and do something useful with the results of all of them. This is not true, or at least misleading. One can indeed think of quantum computers as performing exponentially many computations in parallel. The problem is that it is impossible to extract the result of an individual computation (or a small subset of them) in a flexible way. Instead, there is only a single overall result of the computation which arises from what is essentially a linear combination of the result states. As a consequence, the really huge speedups in quantum computers are only seen in algorithms for problems that have a lot of algebraic structure - in particular, factoring integers and solving the discrete logarithm problem, which are the building blocks for all asymmetric cryptography that is in actual use today.   In other words, quantum computers are purely bad news: If they can be made to work, they will seriously damage asymmetric crypto, but they won't actually help us in solving tough problems such as the traveling salesperson problem or register allocation in a compiler any faster.   If you're interested in some serious reading on the topic, you might want to start with the blog of Scott Aaronson, or his lecture "Quantum Computing since Democritus".
  2.   I got some observation on this based only on one thing, I can write here, I am curious what you will say   I noticed few years ago and i am saying to people sometimes that 21 June (or about) should be really treated as a middle day of the summer not the beginning of the summer, same with 21 december (longest night day) should be treated as a middle day of the winter not the beginning of the winter   this is logical for me   I say this to more than 10 people matbe almost 20 (and give explanation that summer should be 1/4 of a year with longest days, winter with shortest) and guess what, NOBODY agreed with me - I do not encounter as to today not 1 person who will be agreeing with me here,    could i maybe test some people here?;/ would you agree or disagree?     While I see your point as far as the solar cycle is concerned, at least here (Western Europe) the climate really starts being summer-like in June/July, and we basically never get snow before January. So as far as the climate is concerned, the terminology makes sense.
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