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  1. I had this error the other day and solved it by removing the D3DCOMPILE_SKIP_OPTIMIZATION flag from my call to D3DCompile2. I have no idea why it solved it but it did.
  2. I noticed you have spaces in your path (from the linker error). In your post-build event, did you forget to put "" around the path ("$(ProjectDir)Some\Path")?
  3. benstr

    Map a cd drive to a C:\ folder?

    Or just use "Computer Management -> Disk Management" and right click the CD drive and "Change Drive Letter and Paths..."
  4. benstr

    [web] IE 7 Not Loading Script

    In newproject.js on line 176: remove the ',' and it should work. At least that file. - Benny
  5. benstr

    Your favorite fantasy book series?

    Currently I'd have to say that my favorite is Malazan Book Of the Fallen (Gardens of the Moon, Deadhouse Gates, Memories of Ice, House of Chains, Midnight Tides and The Bonehunters) by Steven Erikson. Other than that: Robert Jordan, Tolkien, Katharine Kerr, Raymond E. Feist, George R. R. Martin, David Drake, Tad Williams plus much more. They're all good. - Benny -
  6. benstr

    Will I ever be able to do indie development again?

    Living together with your girlfriend, having a job and having a band does put some limitations on the amount of time you get to spend on your hobby projects. But it's not really that bad. And to answer the OP take a short (or longer) break from the programming bit at home. When I feel the way you do (which I do now and then) I usually solve it by researching stuff in the industry that I find interesting. After a while that usually makes me hungry enough for programming to dive right back into it!
  7. benstr

    Embedding Python/LUA

    Try this. There's a section about the C-API in there. And you can also check luabind out. - Benny -
  8. if(FindFileData.dwFileAttributes & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY) { // This is where your problem is. temp will be destroyed when exiting the // scope. So the string pointed to in the array is no longer valid. char temp[256]; strcpy(temp, FindFileData.cFileName); // You are not storing a copy of temp here but a pointer to your // temporary array that gets destroyed. directories.push_back((char*)temp); // store the name of the file in the vector } Try to use: vector<std::string> directories; instead of: vector<char*> directories; perhaps?
  9. benstr

    Recent photos of yourself - let's see them

    A couple of pictures of me from my current non-gamedev project (takes up just about all my time at the moment so there's not too much gamedeving going on.) You can check it out at if you wish.
  10. benstr


    I need an ADD (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, for the 0.1% of you that didn't know) revolution where the stupid level system is replaced with a skill system and the stupid armor system is changed so that armor absorbs damage instead of making your opponent miss you. The reason I want that is that I had a discussion with a friend at work and we decided we hate levels and that the reason every RPG uses them is Dungeons and Dragons. From there we discussed DD and decided that the armor system also is pretty crappy. So even if I haven't played in years I now feel there is a need for a revolution there! - Benny - EDIT: Yes, it would make me happy.
  11. benstr

    Who else is spending valentine's day alone?

    I will eat at Burger King after work and then after that I will go to the studio and continue recording our new album. A perfect valentines day! I've always made a point of not doing anything special or giving away gifts to girls on Valentine's Day. If they don't like that, too bad for them. I show the girl I love I do so whenever I feel like it and not just because it is Feb. 14. - Benny -
  12. benstr

    what do you all do? (passtimes)

    When I don't code (which I don't have time for now) I ... ... reherse with my band ... record our new album with my band ... hang out with my band ... read books ... am writing a song for a TV show ... do my finger exercises ... go swimming three days a week ... dye my hair Yeah. That's about it at the moment. I used to travel too but I don't have time for that anymore. - Benny -
  13. benstr

    Does God hate me?

    It came from when a priest received a sentence because he was preaching against homosexuals if I remember correctly. So the "God hates fags guy" then decided that all swedes are to blame. - Benny -
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